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    8 Foods To Encourage Weight Gain in Toddlers
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    Weight gaining food for toddlers
    19 November 2015

    8 Foods To Encourage Weight Gain in Toddlers

    3 mins read
    for Toddlers
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    If your child is too thin it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s unhealthy. He could very well be on the brink of good health. If your doctor gives you no reason to believe otherwise, you could try these healthy foods for toddlers to gain weight and lay your worries to rest.


    Some parents worry about their children being overweight while others find the reverse more worrisome. If your baby is too thin, genetic and environmental factors could be to blame. Try these foods to help them put on weight.

    8 Best Foods for Toddlers to Gain Weight

    • Whole fat milk :

      Whole fat milk with cream is loaded with calcium and calories to help your toddler put on weight. Begin their morning with a full glass of whole fat milk and add it to their porridge or pudding later in the day for an extra calorie boost.
    • Dry fruits and nuts:

      Dry fruits are a healthy source of extra calories while nuts like walnuts, almonds, cashews and peanuts are packed with vitamin E, proteins and fats that aid in a child’s weight gain. They are considered one of the most nutritious food for toddlers and are best eaten when added to milkshakes.
    • Full-fat dairy products:

      Full-fat dairy products like yoghurt, butter, cheese, cottage cheese are all high-calorie foods for toddlers weight gain. Slather butter and cheese on their sandwiches, add yoghurt to their milkshakes or smoothies and incorporate paneer or cottage cheese in their daily diet for fast results.
    • Avocado:

      Avocado is high on vegetarian fat making it a healthy choice when you want your toddler to gain weight. Its pulp, which is buttery in texture, is ideal for making mashes, dips and salads and even goes well with milkshakes and smoothies.
    • Potatoes:

      Potatoes are the best-known source of carbohydrates which translate into one of the most well-known weight gaining food for toddlers. It's soft consistency makes it a superb choice for mashes that can be mixed with rice and butter for an ideal lunch regime.
    • Bananas:

      Bananas are the best fruit for weight gain, rich in carbohydrates and energy. Most children love and relish them when applied to milkshakes, smoothies, puddings and pancakes.
    • Ghee:

      Ghee just like butter is high in calories making them one of the best foods to increase weight in toddlers. Add it to your toddler’s morning porridge, throw in a dollop to their lunchtime meal, or smear it on their sandwich for an evening snack. Either way ghee works just as well.
    • Olive oil :

      Olive oil apart from being the healthiest of oils is also known to contain healthy fat. Prepare your toddler’s food with olive oil or add it to their pastas, pizzas, and salads for some extra calories.
    The aforementioned healthy food for toddlers to gain weight beat the nutritional value of ice creams and chocolates any day. But don't see these foods as a milestone to overcome underweight issues in children. If your child is healthy, that should be more than enough to be happy about. If your toddler is able to stomach these foods, congratulations. If they are unable to, go light on them and consult a nutritionist.

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