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    7 Precautions You Should Take While Cuddling or Kissing Your Baby
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    kissing baby
    13 February 2017

    7 Precautions You Should Take While Cuddling or Kissing Your Baby

    4 mins read
    Health & Safety
    for New Born, Baby
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    What is the first instinctive thing that you do when you see a cute baby? You coo a little, try and make the baby laugh, perhaps even play with it, and then you do the single most affectionate thing most women do – you plant a kiss on the baby. Indian parenting is all about lots of attention, attachment, and a high dose of love. And what better way to express your love than by cuddling or kissing. But did you know that kissing a baby, especially around the mouth, can be hazardous to the baby's health? Doctors around the world are warning moms about it...


    Kissing your baby comes as an instinctive thing to you. It is a mother's way of showing her love and affection. Family members, friends and neighbours also often show their affection by kissing the baby on the cheeks, forehead or near the mouth. While this is just an act of love, it can prove to be very dangerous for the little one. New medical research has found a big reason we as moms must prohibit anyone from kissing our little babies.

    Kissing babies around the mouth can cause the spread of the Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 (HSV-1) - one of the common germs found in the mouth of human beings. This is the virus that leads to the common phenomenon called cold sores, or fever blisters, that show up typically on the lips, or even inside the mouth. While this is fairly harmless for adults, it can cause severe infections in little babies, including the following:

    • Encephalitis
    • Brain, lung and liver disease
    • Skin and eyesores
    The first few signs and symptoms of an HSV-1 infection you will see in your baby include mouth sores, fever, and tenderness in the lymph glands. If you spot any of these, please see the paediatrician at once. Sometimes, the infection can also require your baby to be hospitalised.

    DO THIS Before You Let Anyone Kiss Your Baby

    Each human body part is home to bacteria and viruses. In normal healthy adults, these bacteria cause no harm. So, why is something as common as cold sores so dangerous in babies? The reason is sImple: a newborn's immune system is not as strong, efficient, or developed as that of an adult. This is why even common oral germs that cause no disease in grown-up human beings can give your baby serious health complications.
    Here are some critical precautions you should take while cuddling or kissing your baby:
    • Maintain a high degree of personal hygiene, including oral.
    • Wash your hands clean before handling the baby.
    • Maintain a high degree of oral hygiene for your baby too. This is especially important as babies salivate a lot!
    • Give your baby regular baths.
    • Use baby wipes – especially around the mouth and on the face – to keep your baby fresh through the day.
    • Educate your family, relatives, and friends about this and urge them to follow these precautions too.
    • Keep baby utensils (spoons, glasses, etc.), and personal products (toothbrush, towels, toys, etc.) separate from personal belongings of other people in the house.

    Keep Germs At Bay

    Finally, there is one more important thing we must remember to keep our babies safe from germs. There are a lot of unexpected places in our house that could be loaded with germs and we don't realize it. Doctors recommend that whenever you have been in contact with these possibly germ-infested objects, make sure you stay away from kissing or cuddling your baby immediately after:
    • TV Remote Controls – Yes! Those innocent little gadgets are full of germs. Don't believe it? Here's an activity to make you believe it – observe how many different times in the day you touch a remote, and after doing precisely which activities!
    • Dish Towel – Every kitchen has one, and they are full of germs! Make sure you wash your dish towel every day. Also, use a separate dish towel to wipe your baby's utensils.
    • Car Dashboard – This one surprised us too. If you travel with your baby often, make sure you keep the insides of your car really clean.
    • Cell Phones – Cell phones go with us everywhere – kitchen, bathroom, meeting rooms in office, autorickshaws, restaurants... they pick germs from every single place we visit.
    • Handbags – Women's handbags are surprisingly layered with germs too! Try and use washable handbags, and make sure you clean them regularly.

    So, now that we know kissing can be hazardous, it is still impossible to not kiss a cute little munchkin when you see one! Plus, as mothers, we have been kissing our babies for years at end! However, we must also remember that our world today is far more germ-infested and dangerous than it was years ago. So, the one thing you must definitely follow as a mother is – do not kiss your baby on the lips, and don't let anyone else do it either!

      Via AHC HealthNews

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