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    7 Bread Recipes for Kids
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    Bread recipes for kids
    07 January 2016

    7 Bread Recipes for Kids

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    Have you employed bread as a savior in your kitchen yet? It can lift ordinary recipes into extraordinary and be the magic base for lots of kitchen delights!


    When it comes to recipes using bread, a lot of us stop at toast or the occasional pairing with omelette. However, there is a whole world out there to be explored when it comes to kids' bread recipes!

    We bring you 6 bread recipes that your kids are sure to love. In fact, they have the potential of becoming a family staple. As a lunchbox item, an afternoon treat or an evening snack, these recipes can sneak into your family's dining table merrily!

    Delicious And Quick Breakfast Recipes For Kids

    1. Potato Bread Patties:

      These delicious smiley faces are made of bread! Stuffed inside is a mildly spiced potato filling that you can whip up in a blink. Served together with green chutney or ketchup, these patties are an eternal success with little children (and their parents too!). You can make this recipe healthier by using an air-fryer or shallow frying the patties till crisp.

      Potato Bread Patties Recipe[ Potato Bread Patties Recipe ]
    2. Nutella Cinnamon Bread Rolls:

      Bread is a versatile food item. If you have used this only as a regular breakfast item with jam or butter, here is an interesting, sweet variation. The cinnamon in this recipe imparts a delicious flavour, making it a perfect item to serve at your kids' parties or a get-together.

      Nutella Cinnamon Bread Rolls Recipe[Nutella Cinnamon Bread Rolls Recipe]
    3. Cheesy Animal Shaped Bread:

      What if bread itself could be more interesting? This animal shaped bread is fun to make, cheesy, and also doubles up as a play item! If you have young kids who love playing with household objects and things on the dining table, this cheesy delight is your best bet. No worries if they end up trying to eat this!

      Cheesy Animal Shaped Bread Recipe[Cheesy Animal Shaped Bread Recipe]
    4. Bread Pudding:

      Didn't we say bread is versatile? In this dessert recipe packed with the wholesome nutrition of milk and raisins, bread doubles up as pudding. This dish is soft and creamy and perfect to use as a treat if your children complete their homework on time.

      Bread Pudding Recipe [Bread Pudding Recipe]
    5. Stuffed Bread Dahi Vada:

      The very sight of tangy dahi vada is enough to get your mouth to water! This innovative twist on the traditional dahi vada uses paneer and sprouted moong in the stuffing. The next time your kids demand a new evening snack, we know what you are making!

      Stuffed Bread Dahi Vada Recipe [Stuffed Bread Dahi Vada Recipe]
    6. Coriander Pesto Bread Pizza:

      Pizzas are no longer an order-from-the-store item! You can combine the goodness of cheese and nutrition in this yummy, homemade pizza. Yet another delight that bread is capable of bringing home to you, and also a frontrunner in our list of healthy bread recipes for kids.
      Coriander Pesto Bread Pizza Recipe[ Coriander Pesto Bread Pizza Recipe ]
    7. Bread Pakora with Potato Filling:

      No list of simple bread recipes for kids can be complete without the classic bread pakora. Your best friend for dull and rainy days, it's also a kids' favourite item. You can pair this with a sweet sauce, a tangy chutney or spicy fried chillies. The occasional deep-fried snack, after all, is fine when you and the kids are getting abundant physical exercise.

      Bread Pakora with Potato Filling Recipe [Bread Pakora with Potato Filling Recipe]

    How have you used bread to cook an assortment of meals for the family?

    Share with us your easy bread recipes for kids and we'll feature you!

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