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    6 Serious Disorders The Mobile Phone Can Trigger In Your Child
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    18 July 2016

    6 Serious Disorders The Mobile Phone Can Trigger In Your Child

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    About Envirochip
    Children today spend a lot of time with screens and wireless gadgets, thus exposing themselves to unchecked radiation. That's why we partnered with EnviroChip for this post, to keep you and your child safe from the harmful effects of radiation.
    Most of us put the cell-phone down to a modern world trend – something indispensable, brilliant for entertainment, and a device to be always kept close. To be honest, the fact that the mobile phone can be dangerous for kids (and adults!) is nothing new to us. It can make kids less attentive, waste their precious study time, and also damage their eyes. But what if we said your child is at risk for a whole host of problems even more serious than these?


    After spending long hours staring into the phone, we are left bleary-eyed and tired. Our phone also feels hot to touch. This has got to be the dangerous part, right? Hardly! Scientific research has proved that it’s not how your phone heats up after a call that is dangerous. This has set standards and is regulated by your mobile phone maker. What we are referring to is the non-thermal aspect of wireless radiation. The Indian Council of Medical Research has confirmed that though you cannot feel this, it can cause many harmful biological effects in human beings!

    Here’s a list of severe conditions that can be triggered in your child due to excessive mobile phone usage. Consider this a warning note so you can get started on limiting their usage immediately!

    1. Cataract :

      Your child’s eyes– they are the first and most obvious victim of mobile phones. Using wireless devices like these for long periods of time exposes their cornea to radiation – something that it may not be equipped to protect against. ||
    2. Stress Related Problems :

      This is the biggest problem of the modern world but also one that is often overlooked. Growing kids have school issues, peer pressure, extra-curricular activities, and so much more to handle. Stress is bound to be a part of their lives, right? Well, not if you can help lower it! Mobile phone usage for long durations can compound this stress manifold and it then presents itself in the form of headaches, irritability and fatigue.
    3. Brain Tumour :

      This has been confirmed by a Swedish study published in Pathophysiology that linked brain tumour to excessive cell phone usage before the age of 20. This puts your children in an especially threatening zone! The World Health Organisation (WHO) too has observed that the likelihood of developing a malignant tumour is higher in people who use mobile phones for ten years or more.

      Find out why France banned Wi-Fi in its nursery schools >>

    4. Cancer :

      The C-word continues to haunt and traumatize millions across the world. While no one cause of cancer has been delineated, there are several factors that can aggravate it, one of them wireless radiation. This makes it critical for us to understand and change the harmful nature of radiation we’re exposing our kids to. A simple way to do this is to use a radiation protection device such as Envirochip that can be easily attached to your phone. It changes the waveform of radiation in such a way that it is no longer harmful for the human body.Envirochip
    5. Behavioural Disorders :

      Has your child been more hyperactive and less focused than usual? Well, before putting it down as a “kids will be kids” situation, you need to analyse if there could be a deeper underlying reason. Medical research has linked cell-phone use to attention deficit hyper-activity disorder (ADHD or ADD) in children. This is attributed to the overstimulation that kids receive from mobile phone – something that dulls their senses and attention span in the long run.

      Find out more about ADHD in kids here >>

    6. Nervous System Disorders :

      It is not just behavioural problems that have been connected to mobile phone usage. Exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) can seriously interfere with your child’s nervous system as well! Conditions such as autism and asthma have been known to be aggravated due to EMF. Worse, these are conditions that usually have no cure but life-long therapy.
    If this has left you feeling anxious, don’t worry. While it is unreasonable to eliminate cell-phone usage, what you can do is limit exposure. Use this guide to manage your kids’ screen time and introduce them to the natural, healing world of outdoors. Also safeguard all your wireless devices – yes, not just the phone – using a quality radiation protection chip to nip the problem in the bud. Stay safe!

    Does your child use a mobile phone? How do you limit his usage and keep him safe? Do share your mommy tips in the comments.

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