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    6 Hobby Ideas Your Toddler Can Pursue at Daycare
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    Hobby ideas for kids
    24 February 2016

    6 Hobby Ideas Your Toddler Can Pursue at Daycare

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    If your child goes to daycare, he probably spends a large chunk of time there everyday. To ensure this time is utilized optimally, discuss hobby ideas and activities with your daycare provider. These ideas are also great for home-based weekend fun you can have with your little darlings!


    The best daycare facilities today strive hard to train the kids for future schooling and careers. Lessons learnt and habits developed early in life stay with them forever. This makes the role of your daycare provider an extremely crucial one, and certainly not to be whiled away watching television! While picking a daycare, check their provisions for hobby ideas for kids. The best ones don't need expensive equipment; they need a dedicated team, lots of creativity and an inclination to see the kids shine.

    We present a list of hobby ideas for daycare that help boost your child's physical cognitive, social and emotional development. At the next parent interaction at day care, make sure you bring these ideas up. After all, the early years are when minds are most impressionable, thus making this the best time to get busy and creative!

    Daycare Hobby Ideas Children Will Love

    1. Art & Craft Activities

      Easily the most popular, art and craft are favourites with most young children. They are learning to identify colours, shapes, animals and birds. It is sheer magic for them to finger-paint, draw random lines on paper, make shapes using play-dough, and help their teachers to make snowflakes, bouncy balls and bobbing dolls. Check whether the daycare provides crayons, sketch-pens and felt paper to get the kids started.
    2. Playground & Water Sports

      Along with mental development, it is also essential for your kids to develop physically. Their muscles and bones need exercise to grow strong. Through the day, the daycare must schedule some time for sports. This can be as basic as catching the ball, skipping or playing on the swing, to organised sports like football and swimming for older children. Sports are also a brilliant way to teach endurance, team spirit and perseverance. Leading daycare providers like KLAY Schools have outdoor play, exploration time and free play in your little tot's daily routine!
    3. Letter & Card Writing

      Mamma misses the kids when she's away! Why not write her a nice letter or make her a card she can use to decorate her night-stand? Young kids pick up literacy skills quickly, especially when they have colourful cards to draw and big fonts to write in. A regular writing session is a terrific hobby idea that boosts language skills, creativity, speech and interpersonal relationships.
    4. Music & Dance Lessons

      If your child is a musical prodigy, the early years are when you must nurture this best. Even otherwise, musical hobby classes for children can teach them the crucial concepts of melody and harmony, while dance helps fuel expression. Watch out as your kids hum and groove to “Pop Goes The Weasel” after they get home!
    5. Language Classes

      For your munchkin to grow up to be a little conversationalist, language development must begin at an early age. Reading, storytelling, conversing with other kids and teachers, nursery rhymes and learning to talk in small sentences are great starting points. Discuss with your daycare about incorporating these into the regular routine.
    6. Martial Arts

      Why not teach your child to defend himself and get independent while he is still young? Even though you love your kids more than yourself, sheltering them too much is not a good idea. In fact, basic martial arts training such as Karate and Taekwondo is not only useful but also so much fun to do! Your kids will love jumping, kicking and hitting out – all for constructive purposes!

    What hobby classes for kids are available at your child's daycare? Do you have any more suggestions to add to the list?

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