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    6 Genius Ideas To Give Birth To a Smarter Baby
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    how to have a smart baby while pregnant
    08 February 2016

    6 Genius Ideas To Give Birth To a Smarter Baby

    4 mins read
    Prenatal Health
    for Pregnancy
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    All through your pregnancy, you are hyper sensitive to the needs of your child. You cannot wait for him to be born so you can tell him lots of stories and raise him to be a big, bright, young adult. But is there something you can do to make your baby smarter even before he comes into the world?


    Science has proven that there are some simple ways to boost your child's brain development during your pregnancy. These are easy to implement in your daily routine, and hey, when it's your little one's brain prowess that's being discussed, everything is quite worth it!

    Check out these research-backed tips for smart baby during pregnancy. Even at birth, your magical bundle of joy will be better prepared for the challenges of the world he has come into.

    Watch: How your Baby Grows Inside The Womb - From Conception to Delivery!

    Simple Fetal Brain Development Tips for a Smarter Child

    Your baby's brain starts developing when he is in the womb. As a mom-to-be, there are a couple of simple fetal brain development tips for a smarter child that you should follow in day-to-day life. This will help make your baby smarter even before birth!
    1. Make Sure You Eat Some Of These

      The easiest and most effective solution for a smarter child is the right diet. During pregnancy, make sure you consume some or all of these foods:

      These are excellent sources of vitamins, omega fatty acids, protein and iodine – nutrients that boost your baby's brain development. Also, you must stay away from tobacco, caffeine and alcohol. A healthy mom means better baby development in womb and hence a brainier baby!

    2. Have a Talk With Your Baby

      Baby in the wombRemember Abhimanyu from the Mahabharata who learnt the art of warfare while still in his mother's womb? But hey, your baby can't really hear or understand you now, can he? Turns out he can. Research has proven that the baby in your belly can actually sense it when you're talking to him. Having conversations with him on a day to day basis will help him develop a strong vocabulary early in life.

      Try reading books aloud and listening to soft, lilting music. These may seem like trivial things to do during pregnancy to have a smart baby - but they have the potential to work wonders for brain development in the womb.

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    3. Exercise Really Is Key

      If you have been thinking exercise is a thing of the past now that you're pregnant, it's time to change that! Regular exercise is essential to keep your placenta healthy and give it the capacity to transport oxygen and nutrients to your baby. This in turn is good for brain development during pregnancy as it makes sure the baby's brain and vital organs develop properly. You can try basic exercises like prenatal yoga, aerobics or good old walking. This is among the most effective ways to make your baby smart during pregnancy (as well as for his mom to maintain a healthy weight!). ||

    4. Omega Fatty Acids Are a Must

      Omega Fatty AcidsFor your baby's brain to develop fully, he needs ample amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and DHA. Fish is a great source of this and you can incorporate a serving in your daily meal. If you are vegetarian, you can consume walnuts, beans and salads tossed in olive oil. You can also discuss with your doctor about starting an omega fatty acids-based supplement for fetal brain development.

    5. Explore Prenatal Vitamins

      What? More medicines? Well, these may be just what will keep you and your baby away from medicines! Prenatal vitamins prevent neural tube defects in your child's brain and spinal cord. This means a healthy, developing brain for your kiddo, even when he's still resting in your womb. Have a discussion with your OB/GYN about starting additional nutrition supplements, especially folic acid and Vitamin D.

    6. Throw Stress Out The Window

      ...and straight into the garbage dump! Dealing with your bodily changes and hormonal swings is hard enough! Maternal stress has been known to affect your baby's environment and could even lead to premature birth – your baby's brain still undeveloped. Your bundle of joy cares about his Mamma and hates it when she's stressed.

      You can try some of these stress-relieving projects to ease your pregnancy.

    Pregnancy Eating Habits to Make Your Baby Healthy and Intelligent

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    Did you try any of these ideas to improve your baby's brain power while you were pregnant?

    Share your tips and experiences with us!

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