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    6 Facts About Janam Gutti You Must Know Before Feeding It To Your Baby!
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    janam gutti for baby
    06 January 2017

    6 Facts About Janam Gutti You Must Know Before Feeding It To Your Baby!

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    If you are a new mommy, you will definitely understand when we say that parenting and child care tips will come pouring down on you, especially from the elderly members of the family. And a popular advice to calm the tummy of your little one would be introduce him to the world of Ayurvedic remedies, especially ‘Janam Gutti’. According to popular beliefs, Ayurveda has low risks of side effects and since it is made from natural ingredients, it is excellent for your baby. But is it really safe to give Janam Gutti to your baby? Take a look at these important facts about this popular remedy before you feed it to your delicate little baby!


    What is Janam Gutti?

    Janam Gutti is multi herbal Ayurvedic tonic especially formulated for children aged between 0 to 5 years of age. It is an amalgamation of approximately 15 herbs such as amaltas, saunf, vach, tankan and vidhang. It is supposed to be an effective remedy for the following conditions in babies:

    • Stomach related problems and ailments such as constipation, diarrhoea, gastric and colic, and vomiting
    • Known to increase appetite
    • Purify blood in human body
    • Help in preventing cold, cough and fever
    • Relieve discomfort occurring at the time of teething
    Whew! That's an impressive set of benefits, right? However, here's what you should also know before administering janam gutti to your baby:

    FACT 1: Babies Need To Be On Exclusive Breast/Formula Milk For The First Six Months

    According to doctors, you shouldn’t feed your baby anything except breast milk for at least a year (or formula, in case you are not breastfeeding for some reason). They should not be fed anything else at this time, not even water. Yes, in the first few months, your baby may not pass stool regularly as the body uses up all the milk. However, this is normal and doesn’t indicate digestive irritations. In case there are any concerns with their stools or inadequate appetite, consult a paediatrician to see if your baby requires medical attention.

    FACT 2: Janam Gutti May Contain Honey

    Some of the janam gutti tonics available in the market may contain honey which isn’t advisable to administer to babies under the age of one. In fact, honey may lead to food poisoning in little babies due to their risk of a condition called infant botulism. It may also interfere with their developing yet highly sensitive digestive system.

    FACT 3: It May Develop a Sugar Craving In Your Baby

    Who doesn't love sugar, right? But it is unhealthy and especially so for little ones! It has been noted that many children who are habitually given janam gutti tend to develop fondness to the sugary content in these syrups. This can result in further addiction which isn’t advisable for your little one's developing body.

    FACT 4: The Sugar Can Harm Your Baby's Developing Teeth

    Some formulations of janam gutti use additives or ingredients that may not be suitable for babies. They also often contain sugar to hide the bitter taste of other ingredients. Since your baby's teeth are developing at this age, the excess sugar could prove to be damaging.

    FACT 5: Your Baby May React To It Adversely

    Although many of us believe that Ayurvedic herbs are extremely reliable and effective, there are sometimes no scientific facts to prove that. These tonics are herbal but they still may react with different babies differently. This means there are chances that it might have worked for your sister’s son but may not work for your little boy or girl.

    FACT 6: The Right Dosage Is Important

    The exact dosage of Janam Gutti depends on the age of your little one and usually varies with different babies. The guidelines of these doses are usually mentioned in the boxes of these products and should be strictly adhered to. Do not be tempted to over dose no matter how effective it seems to be.

    The Final Word

    Although many paediatricians refute the claims of medication such as janam gutti, the fact is that there are reasons many mothers across the country have given it a try. Your grand mothers and mother might have also given these tonics to you and that’s why they suggest you do the same. While making a decision for your baby, remember that for the most part, the instances of side effects are really low. If you do not want to go for chemical based medicines all the time, to treat your baby's gastric problems or teething pain, you could consider this an option. However, you must make sure you pick a tonic devoid of honey and excess sugar. Only pick a product that has been thoroughly tested for safety and other health risks or side effects.

    Have you ever used Janam Gutti for your little one? Do share your experience with other moms by leaving a comment below!

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