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    6 Annoying Habits of Your Husband You Wish You Could Change
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    25 September 2018

    6 Annoying Habits of Your Husband You Wish You Could Change

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    You love your husband and feel proud to have him in your life. But there are certain habits of him that annoy you to no end. What are these habits? Find out, ladies!


    You adore your husband...don’t you? He cooks and takes care of you when you are sick, he picks you up from work when you get late (even when his favourite club’s football match is going on television), and most of all he loves you for all your flaws and is pleased with the fact that you ask him (only him) to take you out at midnight to satiate your waffle cravings.

    He is really, is he? Remember the times when you asked him to not wear sandals inside the house or throw his socks under the bed after coming back from office? Yes, you love him with all your heart but that man can annoy you to no end too.

    On days like these, you reminisce those times when you had just met him and your days and nights would revolve around phone calls and constant texts. You even loved the honeymoon phase of your marriage when your husband listened to all your complains and vowed to improve when you pointed out his (small) flaws, but now - two years down the road his habits are still the same, maybe worse. Now, you are so comfortable with each other that he doesn’t bother to change himself and it just irks you more. But, what are these small habits that all wives complain about? Does your husband do these too? Let’s find out!

    Annoying Habits You Wish Your Husband Would Give Up

    We know that marriage doesn’t give us the right to control or change our partners and God knows we aren’t perfect either! But don’t you (secretly) wish that you can change a few annoying things your hubby does habitually? Let’s find out what some of the common complaints are that women have about the men in their lives.
    1. Leaves the toilet seat up - ALWAYS!

      You must have told him time and again to put down the toilet seat after use, but he isn’t a puppy to obey your every word, he is a husband. You even shout from the living room reminding him to put down the toilet seat, as soon as you hear the click of the bathroom door. To this, he rolls his eyes gesturing an affirmation of the task, only so you find later that he most certainly did not. You slam the seat down again, trying to find one good reason to love him. Can you fix this habit of his?

      Sure you can, here’s how:
      Old habits die hard, and there is not much you can do that will work quick. However, there is a secret tip that we came across, which you can certainly try. Print out a sticker of a cute emoji with a funny relevant statement underneath, like ‘Close me once you are done, I’ll never share your secrets with anyone’. Cheesy, but you never know what may work with your hubby!

    2. Leaves the dirty dishes next to the sink - NEVER IN IT

      You have a beautiful house with a kitchen that you always dreamed of. All the fixtures and fittings in the kitchen are as per your requirements, the platform is made according to your height and the sink is large and deep. But then there is your husband, who, by the way, does not care about your activated OCD in the kitchen and leaves the dirty dishes and cups next to the sink and NOT IN THE SINK. It just marres the beauty of your kitchen. You spend hours cleaning it so the sight of one dirty dish on the platform can really annoy you. Well, before your blood boils more...’s what you can try

      We suggest that instead of being accommodating and understanding all the time, you turn mean (only a little). For a few days, don’t wash those dirty dishes or cups that he keeps near the sink. Ask your maid to do the same. When your husband finally notices the heap of dirty dishes, he will understand on his own, hopefully. An additional tip, if you want this to work – put your OCD to rest and refrain the urge to give in. Only give in if you notice mold growing or you see pests lurking, in which case, get your husband to tackle these. Hopefully, the situation will not reach this disgusting point.

    3. Snores like a chainsaw

      During your courtship, you may have joked about how you get disturbed with the slightest sound while sleeping and your hubby may have joked back that he snores a ‘little’. However, being in love makes you want to adjust and so that fact must have gone in your secret ‘to adjust’ list, but now after a couple of years into your marriage, you know well to never take a man’s off-hand responses seriously. You try to sleep next to him as he falls asleep and snores continuously but all you want to do is push him off the bed and into another room! Although you do love the proximity, some days you might want to trade it in for a peaceful sleep. You tell him the next morning about his snores, and he gives you the ‘I don’t know what you are talking about’ look, which infuriates you even more.

      A man snoring

      What can you do?
      If your husband’s snoring habit is getting worse and louder with time, it’s time you take serious action. Get him snore strips and ask him to do nasal saline rinse before he sleeps. If the problem still persists, take him to an ENT specialist without fail.

    4. Leaves shaved facial hair in the sink

      You don’t like it when your husband looks like a caveman because of his out-grown beard and you nag until he decides to finally shave it or trim it. When he does, you have another reason to complain - he does not clean the sink and bathroom counter! So, you casually walk into the bathroom, ready to brush your teeth and nearly gag at the sight of his coarse shaved facial hair sticking to the sink and the floor. Gross! We understand your pain and know what it is like. But don’t you worry ladies we have a trick to get him to clean up the next time.

      Try this trick!
      Leave a few strands fallen hair or a big hairball on his side of bed and watch his reaction when he wakes up. Do the same in the bathroom after washing your hair. There’s nothing more icky than having to pick up a wet hairball and dispose it. Maybe, he will understand how you feel when he does not clean the sink after shaving. Men often complain about finding long hair all around so it will most likely bother him enough to speak about it. That is when you tackle your problem too!

      If you are a cleanliness freak, we know you hate the above idea, but it’s worth a shot.

    5. Throws his clothes and the wet towel - on the BED

      You get all dressed up for a party that you have to attend with your husband and he comes out from shower and says, ‘I will be ready in a minute’. However, this ‘minute’ is longer than you’d imagine.
      “This is too flashy, this shirt is not ironed; this is old and that is tattered!” He can never decide in one go, can he? While this type of husband is rare, it is not the time he is taking that is bothering you but the wet towel and the pile of clothes taking up space on your bed. You cleaned the bed an hour ago and now it is a breeding ground for fungus! You wait for the angry tears to come and stomp out of the bedroom to save an argument before a relaxing evening out.

      Don’t lose your cool - you could try this!
      Before going to bed just push aside his clothes and the wet towel on his side of the bed and go to sleep. For a few nights, he will put them on the table or couch, but eventually, he will get your silent signals.

    6. Pretends to Listen But DOES NOT

      There is no better place in the world than home, where on returning from work you vent out all your frustrations to your husband while he is watching a game. He looks at you as if he understands but his response is in monosyllables, - “oh!, okay, really? hmm!” Later when the moment is over and you are your ‘happy self’ again, you wonder if he ever listened to you. Your husband is not the only one with this flaw, all husbands fall into the same category. Believe it or not, there’s a way to change this!

      A man not listening to his wife

      The trick is...
      The next time he prioritizes television over you, dress up, take his credit card, and pretend to go shopping (unless you really want to, of course!). Leave a note somewhere. In about an hour, he will realise that you are not home and call you ASAP. ‘Tell him sweetly that you left a note and have his card’...Boy! will he ever ignore you again? Go ladies, try this. Men get scared when you say the word SHOPPING, especially if it’s his card you’re using. So, try a bit of fun!

    These are some of the most common annoying habits husbands have, that you and fellow wives struggle with. And it’s okay to complain, after all, you are only human. We know the list does not end here and you certainly have more to add. So, come and share with us that habit your man has that you just cannot stand and tell us how you deal with it. Your suggestion can help someone in need of a solution!

    Husband looking at his wife who is taking care of their child


    10 Habits your Husband Finds Very Annoying But Will Never Tell You!

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