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    6 Activities To Do With your Kids This Independence Day
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    12 August 2015

    6 Activities To Do With your Kids This Independence Day

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    This 15th August, brush up on some fascinating Independence Day history for kids. After all, children learn best from their parents. Teach your little ones the meaning of Independence Day for kids and why it is more than just another day off from school!


    Spending quality time with kids is essential to teach them important lessons in life. This Independence Day, when the family has a holiday, involve yourself in some fun activities and celebrate the day like a true blue Indian!

    Awesome Independence Day Celebration Ideas

    1. Brush up on your history of Independence day:

      Before you start talking on Independence Day history for kids, brush up on your history first. This year, we celebrate India’s 70th Independence Day. The Indian freedom movement is largely known for the non-violent resistance and civil disobedience movement across the country led by Mahatma Gandhi. You could tell your kids about well-known freedom fighters. Adopt an interesting story-telling method to keep your little ones hooked to your Independence narrative.
    2. Ask your kids how much they know:

      Quizzes can be fun Independence day activities for kids! Do a little competition based on your kid’s age and ask him questions about India’s freedom movement. Shoot questions related to our flag, national anthem and to make things more interesting, reward him with a delicious tri-coloured treat!
    3. Teach them about the flag:

      The Indian national flag was designed by Pingali Venkaya and it was adopted in its present form in 1947. The flag is tri-coloured with the Ashok Chakra - a 24 spoke whee in navy blue at its centre. The saffron colour of our flag represents courage and sacrifice. The white stripe in the middle equals truth and purity, and the green colour symbolises prosperity and growth. Tell your kids these interesting facts about Indian National Flag and show them pictures too. Why not take family pictures dressed up in the tri-colour? Mix and match picks from your wardrobe and get clicking!
    5. Learn and sing patriotic songs:

      India has some of the most patriotic songs penned beautifully by our poets. Look for “Mere Desh Ki Dharti” or “India is the Best” and begin your own jamming session at home with kids. You could also get creative with karaoke and sing your heart out!
    6. Watch patriotic movies:

      Over time, our filmmakers have made some superb movies on patriotism that are kid friendly too. Grab some popcorn and huddle down in front of your TV for some spirited movie watching. You can try “Lagaan” or “Rang De Basanti”. Movies are not just fun but also an entertaining way to teach your kids patriotism.
    7. Take a trip to a historical landmark:

      The freedom movement spread throughout our nation to every little corner. If your are fortunate enough to live near one such great landmark, then just whiz out on a fun drive. Learn the history behind the place beforehand and tell your kids about the place and the significance behind it.
    What is Independence Day for kids these days? Many think of it as a holiday like no other. However, it is a splendid opportunity to take a trip down India's glorious history. As a thoughtful mom, it is your responsibility to pass on to your kids essential knowledge about India. Get going and have a lovely, free Independence Day!

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    Shipra Trivedi
    Even we also need to brush up our history knowledge :) so I did the same on this Independence Day. Watched "Chak De India" and enjoyed kite flying in good Delhi weather.
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