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    50 Kids’ Fancy Dress Costume Ideas for Every Occasion!
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    08 August 2017

    50 Kids’ Fancy Dress Costume Ideas for Every Occasion!

    16 mins read
    for Pre-schoolers, Pre-teen
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    Pick from these super-cute costumes for little kids and watch your little one steal the show!


    Dressing up children in cute clothes is something most moms look forward to, and when the occasion demands a special costume, it’s all the more exciting to find the right one. From Halloween to a Janmashtami, there’s a ton of occasions for your little one to express himself through costumes.

    You can pick just the right fancy dress costume for your little star with our list of unique fancy dress ideas!


    Profession-Based Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

    Fancy Dress Ideas for Famous International Personalities

    Fancy Dress Costumes of Famous Indian National Heroes

    Disney Character Themed Fancy Dress Costumes

    TV/Movie and Book-themed Characters for Fancy Dress

    Fancy Dress Costumes of Mythological Characters

    Animal Themed Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

    Fancy Dress Costumes of Superheros

    Other Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

      I. Profession-Based Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

      “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Your child will face this question a number of times as he grows up and with the world as his playground, he’ll have a different answer every time! Let his imagination take over and let him pick from his current favourite profession! We’ve got a few covered for you right here!

    1. Doctor

      A noble profession, the doctor is a favourite among both - the parents and the kids! A doctor’s costume is simple to create too - you just need a white lab coat and a stethoscope - a toy stethoscope will do too!
    2. Firefighter

      Firefighters fighting fires and saving lives with their fire-stations and firetrucks make for an exciting profession in a child’s imagination. It is a favourite for fancy dress costumes too!
    3. Pilots

      Kids love planes and the idea of flying a real one is appealing to most kids, which makes a pilot a favourite answer for most kids when asked what they want to be. You’ll love to see your child’s eyes light up as he wears his pilot costume!

    4. Soldier

      Soldiers are the ultimate sacrificing do-gooders and in the eyes of children; they can do no wrong. Dressing up your child like a soldier will have him beaming with pride and eagerly shouting ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’! This costume is a good fancy dress idea for Independence Day as well!
    5. Policeman

      The Policeman is an intimidating and awe-inspiring figure for a child with his authority and demeanour. Bollywood films have provided an added 'hero' aura to this profession making it even more desirable for a child. With the Policeman as his costume, you'll 'aww-ing' over your child's attempts to be the disciplined saviour.

    6. Lawyer

      Layers with their flowy black robes that are reminiscent of a superhero's cape are an excellent choice for your little one. He'll be excited to swish around in his robes all day in this fancy dress costume.
    7. Chef

      As your child looks at you manage the house and the kitchen, he'll be sure to imitate the Home Chef and try his hand at cooking! Encourage this interest with a little Chef costume - all you need is a set of black pants, a Chef's coat and a Chef's hat!

    8. Air Hostess

      An Air Hostess is an excellent choice for your little girl - the grace and patience of an air hostess is something to aspire for and your little one will be super cute in a little air hostess uniform! Easy to put together with a variety of uniforms available, your child will feel all grown up in this fancy dress costume!
    9. Cricketer

      Cricket is a religion in India and there's a little cricketer in every other house, aspiring to be the next Tendulkar or Dhoni. A cricketer as a Fancy dress costume is an excellent idea that will surely be appreciated. The best part – it's easy to put together too - your little one's cricket kit will suffice!

    10. Magician

      Let your aspiring magician explore the world of magic with a magician's costume that will have a couple of tricks hidden up its sleeve – literally! The magician costume is extremely elegant too and the other kids will love the magical tricks your little one pulls!

    11. This might be a good time to discuss your child's career with your partner, and with your child too! Read 'Building Your Child's Career The Right Way' to know how.

      II. Fancy Dress Ideas for Famous International Personalities

      Having a role model is very important for every child as having high moral standards to aim for inspires them to strive hard to imbibe these values. A fancy dress costume is an interesting way to introduce them to a range of international personalities who can prove to be excellent role models.

    12. Albert Einstein

      Albert Einstein was not only a genius but also a genius with a distinctive style. His crazy hairdo is recognizable even today and your little one will look adorable as a mini Einstein! The rest of the costume is easy to pull off too. A set of formals with a black sweater will suffice!
    13. Mother Teresa

      Mother Teresa was a charitable figure who was awarded numerous awards like the Nobel peace prize for her work in India and other countries around the world. Her simple yet distinctive blue and white sari makes for an excellent costume and will also be an excellent way to teach your child about Mother Teresa and inspire her.

    14. Michael Jackson

      Considered to be one of the greatest dancers of all time, Michael Jackson's 'rags-to-riches' story is an inspiration for your little one to work hard for his dreams! The cool dance moves are an added bonus that your child will love to imitate.
    15. Charlie Chaplin

      Charlie Chaplin, the man behind some of the most iconic films, is a notable icon and his 'perfectionist' personality combined with his mastery of the art of cinema is an aspiration to strive for. Additionally, the peculiar style that he adopted for his alternative persona 'The Tramp' is easy to recreate as a fancy dress costume!

    16. III. Fancy Dress Costumes of Famous Indian National Heroes

      In additional to international personalities to look up to, we also need to take a look closer home for role models. With India's rich history of the Independence struggle, Indian National Heroes are perfect for fancy dress ideas, especially for Independence day and Republic day celebrations.

    17. Bhagat Singh

      Bhagat Singh was a revolutionary freedom fighter who gave up his life for the freedom movement. His self-sacrificing story is something our children can learn from. A fancy dress costume would be a good start to introduce his story to your kids.
      bhagat singh

    18. Sarojini Naidu

      The nightingale of India was a fierce patriot and took part in the freedom movement with all her heart. She was also an accomplished poet and politician who brought about great reforms about ideas regarding women's empowerment, literature and nationalism. Her representation as a contributor to the nation's progress in a time of turmoil is exemplary, and what better place to teach kids about her than with a fancy dress costume?
    19. Mahatma Gandhi

      The man who needs no introduction, Mahatma Gandhi is the father of the nation and his simple style also makes for a simple yet classic fancy dress costume idea! A simple stick, wig and dhoti are all you need!

    20. Jawaharlal Nehru

      Jawaharlal Nehru, or Chacha Nehru as he is known, is not only an important figure in the history of Independence but also a fashion icon! Believe it or not, he was featured in magazines like Vogue back in the day for his classic style. The Nehru jacket is a classic staple of his wardrobe with a simple rose completing the look for a fancy dress costume!

    21. Jhansi Ki Rani

      Jhansi Ki Rani was a fearless Queen who was also one of the leaders of the Indian Rebellion of 1857. She became an icon of resistance with her dialogue “Main Apni Jhansi Nahi Dungi”! A simple sari, a toy sword and a baby doll tied on the back with a shawl are all you need to get the costume for this inspiring woman ready.

    22. While preparing for your child's fancy dress costume on India's Independence struggle, you can also take The World Of Moms Independence Day Quiz!

      IV. Disney Character Themed Fancy Dress Costumes

      DISNEY! Don't we all just love Disney movies and the magic of those many beautiful worlds? Dressing up like Disney characters will give your kids a chance to live that magic.

    23. Aladdin and Jasmine

      The most famous brown-skinned Disney characters are beloved to us as Indians and it is easy for our little ones to play the part naturally. The best part is, Aladdin and Jasmine costumes are super easy to create using salwars, dupattas and a little craft work here and there. Cost effective and super cute too!
    24. Princess Elsa

      Frozen has taken over the costume market, with every little girl wanting to be Princess Elsa and don that beautiful icy blue gown! This demand has costume manufacturers stocking up on Elsa outfits, so finding one will be a breeze.
    25. Tinkerbell/ Fairy

      With a little green dress and a cute bun on her head, your little girl will make the prettiest fairy ever. Add some light wings to her look and you'll have the cutest pint-sized fairy ever!f you want, you could add some glittery make-up to the look to make it more magical
    26. Moana

      We love Moana! Bet your child will love dressing up like her too. With a thick curly mane and that cute Hawaiian costume, your little girl will steal the show, we're sure.

    27. Mickey and Minnie Mouse

      Disney's classic characters Mickey and Minnie Mouse never go out of fashion! Imagine your little one sporting those cutesy black ears and drawn-on whiskers- cute isn't it?

    28. V. TV/Movie and Book-themed Characters for Fancy Dress

      You can even turn to a lot of kids' movies, books, and TV series to look for inspiration! Here are some famous characters you can turn into fancy dress costume ideas for your child.

    29. Minions

      Minions are the new fascination for most kids today and everything about them is exciting for kids. So why not take this fascination further with a minion costume? All you need is a pair of overalls and T-shirt in the shade of 'Minion Yellow'. Be ready to get everyone cooing over your little one's simple yet popular costume!
    30. Harry Potter/Hermione Granger/Ronald Weasley

      The Boy Wizard and his magical world are popular even after 20 years of release. Even the costumes have become a classic costume idea for a fancy dress! The best part – the Hogwarts robes, the house colours and the wand are suitable for each of the three main characters – so that investment in the costume is worth it for sure!

    31. If your child is a Harry Potter fan, you can also look at some Harry Potter Birthday Celebration Ideas for his next birthday!

    32. Dumbledore/Gandalf

      Dumbledore and Gandalf are popular figures from two of the most popular fantasy book series in the last century. Their attire too is very easy to put together and thus, is an excellent choice for a fancy dress costume. A long white beard and long flowing robes are the keys to nail the look!
    33. Chhota Bheem

      Chhota Bheem is a popular cartoon character and most kids love his antics and adventures. Time to let your little one experience these adventures with a Chhota Bheem costume. An orange dhoti and a thin necklace with some tilak are easily put together with stuff you'll find at home!
    34. Shinchan

      Shinchan too is a popular cartoon character that is simple to put together – all you need is a long sleeved plain red t-shirt, plain yellow shorts and dark eyebrows drawn over the face! The best part – this character is easily recognizable too!

    35. VI. Fancy Dress Costumes of Mythological Characters 

      Indian Mythology is rich with diverse characters and the costumes come in handy for not only fancy dress competitions but also for festival celebrations like Janmashtami and Diwali.

    36. Lord Ganesh

      No task, no deed, no auspicious occasion or event can ever be performed without first remembering The Remover of Obstacles - Lord Ganesh. He is indeed one of the most widely known and worshipped Gods in India, making this a good fancy dress costume idea for kids.
    37. Lord Krishna

      Lord Krishna is a crowd favourite and your little one dressed up as the naughty little Krishna will have you reaching for the tissues! Krishna is a perfect costume for fancy dress and can be used as a costume during Janmashtami as well!

      We even have a step by step guide on how to dress your little one in a Krishna costume!
    38. Radha

      Krishna needs his Radha! All you need for this fancy dress idea is a simple lehenga-choli with an earthen pot or 'Matki'; it will transform your little doll into a beautiful Radha with everyone's eyes on her! Perfect for a fancy dress for Janmashtami and even for a Navratri occasion!
    39. Shri Ram

      Shri Ram, the ideal son, is also a popular choice for fancy dress costume. As per the Ramayana, he lived in exile with simple clothing for his daily attire. This makes for an easy costume to create with an orange dhoti, orange cloth to wrap around, a set of bow and arrows, a stick to lean on and a phool-mala band wig.
    40. Sita

      Sita, the companion to Shri Ram, is a popular choice for girls as a fancy dress idea. Similar to Shri Rama, the Sita costume requires an orange sari and a phool-mala as a necklace.
    41. Mirabai

      Mirabai, one of the greatest devotees of Lord Krishna, is celebrated for her poetry and devotion – all for Lord Krishna. She lived a really simple life with a simple attire of a white sari! She carried around a Veena and Kartaal which are easily available in toy versions too – so you have the complete look of Mirabai.

    42. VII. Animal Themed Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

      Animals are a fascination for most kids and their cuteness adds to your child's cuteness too! The best part – you don't need to think too much about how to put these together and they're perfectly reuse-able for various occasions!

    43. Panda

      The adorable Panda is a super cute option for a fancy dress costume or theme party and may even be useful for your child's annual day celebrations!
    44. Elephant

      The elephant with its trunk is easily recognisable and makes for an excellent choice as a fancy dress costume!
    45. Cat

      This feline creature will surely get your child a ton of admirers due to its cuteness. It’s an excellent chance to accesorise your little one's costume with cute cat hair bands and whiskers on his nose!
    46. Unicorn

      The imaginary creature is fascinating for most kids with its beautiful tail and shiny horn. Just dress up your kid in a white jumpsuit and white gloves. Complete the look with a horn on his head.
    47. Bunny

      The Bunny with his button nose and long ears will incredibly add to your child's cuteness when he dresses up in this costume for his fancy dress competition. Just hand him a carrot to carry around and nibble on to complete the look.

    48. VIII. Fancy Dress Costumes of Superheros

      Superhero costumes are the most desirable for kids because they get to imagine themselves as people with superpowers! The simple joy of seeing your kid feel fearless and capable of doing anything is heartwarming and completely worth the effort to put a costume together.

    49. Superman/Supergirl

      The classic superheroes, Superman and Supergirl, have a costume that is easily recognizable by their flowing capes and red and blue outfits.
    50. Batman/Catwoman

      Batman needs no introduction, especially after the Dark Knight series that popularized the superhero among today's kids. An all-black outfit and a bat-mask with a cape is the way to go for this one! Similar to Batman, the Catwoman requires a body-hugging jumpsuit in black with a cat mask for the final touch.
    51. Hulk

      The Hulk is the easiest costume to make – all you need is green non-toxic body paint and torn shorts. The best part will be to see your kid get excited over permission to get messy and get paint over his body!
    52. Wolverine

      Wolverine is a comparatively unique idea for a fancy dress costume. Your little one will look like a mini-adult with his cutesy leather jacket and fake beard. Just add some sideburns and fake blades attached to his hands and your costume is complete!
    53. Wonder Woman

      The popular female superhero who has won hearts everywhere is sure to be a hit at every costume event! You'll need a red corset, a blue mini skirt, gold gladiators, belt and headband for this cute costume.

    54. X. Other Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

      If none of the above theme-based ideas appeal to you and/or your child, consider the following random ideas that might just be the ideal ones for your kid!

    55. Mario

      One of the earliest computer games to have become a great hit, Mario will bring a smile not just on the faces of all the children but also the parents in the audience!
    56. Leprechaun

      These cute little shoe-mending creatures have magical properties and can grant wishes! They also have a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Why not make turn your child into a cute little leprechaun.
    57. Angry Birds

      Remember the time when everyone from 8 to 80 years old was playing this game? This is a great throwback idea for a fancy dress costume.
    58. Vegetable/Fruit

      One of the best ways to make kids love their veggies and fruits is to educate them about their benefits! So why not dress your little one as his favourite vegetable or fruit! You can teach them interesting facts about the chose vegetable or fruit too!
    59. SpongeBob SquarePants

      This would be a great idea if your child is interested in marine life! The attractive and bright colours of the character are sure to get your child excited!
    Dress-up's and fancy dress days are so much fun for both parents and kids. Use this opportunity to bond with your child and find out their likes and dislikes and as much as possible,try and make their fantasy world a reality!

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