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    5 Pasta Recipes For Kids
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    pasta recipes for kids
    02 January 2016

    5 Pasta Recipes For Kids

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    Food & Nutrition
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    Yummy, protein-packed pasta recipes for dinner – sounds wow, right? Pasta is a much loved food of Italian origin that has now become a part and parcel of many homes across India. Not only is it a delectable food that kids finish within minutes, but it is also packed with wholesome proteins much needed for physical and mental growth. Which are the kid friendly pasta recipes you absolutely must make for your little ones?


    Pasta is the new rage in the food industry. Also in households across the country! Soft, mushy, flavourful and often accompanied with yummy sauces, pasta has the potential to become a full meal. It is also perfect for when you are feeling tired out but still want to whip up a nutritious, delicious meal for your kids.

    We bring you 5 pasta recipes that we swear will become your favourite. So, which one will you be making for your protein-fix today?

    Lipsmacking-ly Easy Pasta Recipes For Kids

    1. Lemon Pasta With Peas

      A slight tinge of lemon to scrumptious pasta is the perfect answer to hunger pangs! For a protein punch, you can add chicken to this light and lemony pasta, or you could add more vegetables to your liking.  [See Lemon Pasta With Peas Recipe Here]
    2. Pasta Primavera

      There's a subtle charm about cooking exotic food in your kitchen. And it is very easy with this pasta recipe! There are lots of healthy veggies, the goodness of olive oil (though you can use butter toop), herbs, and of course, the succulence of pasta. Your kids are going to start calling you Chef Mommy![See Pasta Primavera Recipe Here]
    3. Pasta And Bean Soup

      If you're looking to make some pasta but don't want to make the dish very heavy, here's perfect balance for you. This soup has the protein goodness of beans combined with the filling nature of pasta. Ideal for an evening snack when dinner is still some time away and the kids are going crazy! This is also one of those pasta recipes for toddlers that they will find no reason to fuss about finishing![See Pasta And Bean Soup Recipe Here]
    4. Carrot Corn Pasta In Creamy Cashew Sauce

      Pasta can also be a lunchbox item! This quick pasta recipe has peas, broccoli, mushrooms and corn – enough to keep him energised through the day. Additionally, you also have the assurance that the dabba isn't going to come back home unfinished. Worth the effort then, right? Carrot Corn Pasta In Creamy Cashew Sauce Recipe Here]
    5. Prawn Pasta / Noodles

      If your kids love seafood, this prawn pasta will be devoured in no time! Prawns are a great source of high quality protein and also contain healthy cholesterol. Apart from this, they are packed with essential vitamins and minerals your kids need for better growth and development. Talk about a tasty route to health![See Prawn Pasta / Noodles Recipe Here]

    Do you make pasta at home? Which is your favourite? Share with us your quick pasta recipes for kids and we'll feature you!

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