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    5 Jokes your Mom Won't Stop Giggling Over
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    06 July 2015

    5 Jokes your Mom Won't Stop Giggling Over

    3 mins read
    for Moms
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    There's nothing like sharing a laugh with mom to keep your bond going strong. However, some jokes for mothers might be downright inappropriate. Maintain a fine balance with some jokes that will have your old girl double up with mirth.


    Who doesn't like a good laugh? After a long day at work, your mom is sure to enjoy a joke or two. However, the next time you send a joke to your mom on her phone, make sure it is to her taste and not vulgar. To help you steer clear of confusion in this mom jokes sending department, here are some jokes that are appropriate to tell (or send) your mom.

    Funny Jokes to tell Your Mom

    1. The Classic Chicken Joke With A Twist

      Your mother will definitely enjoy the classic ‘why did the chicken cross the road?’ joke. However, the real twist comes with the reply.
      Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
      Answer (for moms): I would not know, go ask your father.
      She will surely love the twist. Plus, it will give you all something funny to laugh about at the next family reunion. LOL all the way!
    2. For The Tech-Savvy Mom

      Some moms adore tech humour and appreciate a good joke related to all things digital. Here’s a good joke you could send your tech-savvy mom.
      Q: Why are computers so smart?
      A: That’s because they always listen to their motherboards.
      She is sure to crack up and send back a smiley emoticon to tell you how much she enjoyed it.
    3. The Old Mom Proverb

      One of the best mom jokes revolves around an old proverb that now comes with a new twist. The joke goes something like this:
      Cook a man a fish and you help feed him for a day.
      Teach him to fish, and you can have the entire weekend on your own.
      This classic proverb rebooted will be appreciated by your mom for sure. She might even relate to it. All moms deserve a break from household chores (as well as their husbands) once in a while!
    5. Laundry Instructions

      Another funny joke you could send your mom revolves around laundry instructions that come attached to the label on your clothes.
      While most instructions spell out the treatment required for the piece of clothing, there is one instruction that has remained true all through the years.
      The Instruction reads: Give it to your mom to wash; she would know what to do.
      Mothers surely know best, you see!
    6. The Age-Old Adage

      There is an old adage that goes: If at first you don’t succeed, try again. However, the mom-centric twist goes like this:
      If at first you don’t succeed, try doing it the way mom told you at the start.
      Be warned though, your mom might have the last laugh at your expense. There's a lot of truth in the statement after all.
    Knowing jokes to tell your mom is a great way to beat stress and bond much better too. Plus, sending these jokes for mothers really lets her know, in a humorous way, how indispensable she is to the entire family.

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