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    400 Unique Indian Baby Girl Names with their Meanings
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    Indian baby girl names with meaning
    18 January 2016

    400 Unique Indian Baby Girl Names with their Meanings

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    Choosing the right name for your newborn is a momentous decision, something which parents start thinking about as soon as the pregnancy test turns positive! Here are some of the most meaningful and unique baby girl names to consider.


    In this article

    How We Created This Baby Girl Names List
    Unique Baby Girl Names Denoting Human Emotions
    Religious and Unique Hindu Baby Girl Names
    Names Signifying Personal Qualities
    Nature Inspired Cute Baby Names For Girls
    Royal Names For The Queen of Your Heart
     Unusual Baby Girl Names Meaning Gift or Miracle

    What's in a name? Quite a lot! A name becomes your baby's identity and the meaning behind the name is attributed to her personality traits. This is why the name you choose should be unique but relevant, modern yet close home.

    We present a set of 400 and more names, sorted by meanings, which you can pick for your bundle of joy. Let's get naming!

    How We Created This Baby Girl Names List

    So many names, yet so hard to find the right one! We decided to do what we can to help you out with this immense and all-important task for new parents. And why look any further when we have fantastic moms right here, with lovely names for their children? We used inputs from moms registered with us, and added to it three key aspects – a relevant meaning behind the name, true to Indian tradition, and most importantly, beautiful. We promise you will not be disappointed with this detailed list of christian, muslim and hindu baby girl names.

    Unique Baby Girl Names Denoting Human Emotions

    • Calm Names For Your Darling:

      A calm nature is what you hope your girl will grow up to have. You want her to be serene, strong and have a peaceful life. Give her one of these baby girl names meaning calm.
      Sajia, Tanaymee, Iqamat, Maalia, Rasina, Nipeksha, Sakinah, Satvika, Talika, Timita
    • Baby Girl Names Meaning Happiness:

      One of the best things to name your girl after is also one of the rarest. Happiness. Let her name be her strength and remind her that happiness must come from within to be truly long lasting.
      Arshika, Amoda, Bhagya, Hana, Hanit, Harshala, Harshika, Muskan, Shadmani, Tusti
    • Joyous Baby Names For Your Angel:

      Joy, cheer and celebration – your baby brings you all that and more! This is why giving her one of the best baby girl names meaning joy is a fantastic idea to keep the happiness intact for ever.
      Jovita, Mudita, Amodini, Harshi, Ranvitha, Yema, Ranjana, Hasamathi, Anandini, Harshitha
    • Baby Girl Names Meaning Love:

      Love is forever. Just like the bond you share with your daughter, these names also remain lovely forever. Baby girl names meaning love also work for another reason – they are a stunning way to seal the love you share with your husband!
      Anumita, Ashna, Alika, Divani, Lovely, Haemah, Hitee, Hetvi, Maariya, Moulika
    • Baby Girl Names Meaning Thankful:

      Here are some names signifying the emotion of gratitude. Since this is the top emotion in your mind when it comes to thanking the heavens for your baby, this list is sure to appeal to you!
      Bakshi, Bandita, Ashvi, Danyata, Chaitali, Dhanyasree, Anjika, Anjini, Farkhanda, Rubina
    • Baby Girl Names Meaning Freedom:

      This one needs no introduction. With the increasing emphasis on women liberation, you have every reason to name your daughter after freedom. Encourage her to think freely and have her own opinion– and also the courage to admit her mistakes.
      Mukti, Nejat, Swetcha, Adhithi, Mukthi, Gatleen, Sweccha, Adithi, Hurriya, Anaya

    Religious and Unique Hindu Baby Girl Names

    • Goddess Durga Names For Girls:

      If you are looking for names that have a religious connotation, you may want to name your daughter after the brave Goddess Durga who demolished the demons and saved the world. These baby girl names meaning Durga should help you out here.
      Aryahi, Ambika, Anika, Pragalbha, Ishi, Shibani, Shuddhi, Ekaa, Bhargavi, Rima
    • Goddess Laxmi Names For Babies:

      If you live in a Hindu household, these hindu baby girl names meaning Laxmi will definitely appeal to your tradition and culture setting. Plus, girls are said to be embodiments of Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth, thus making these names even more charming!
      Anagha, Amrutha, Harini, Deepa, Bhaskari, Prabha, Prakurti, Karuna, Jaya, Indusheetala, Jaylakshmi, Bhagyasree, Ambuja, Amrutha, Chakrika, Deetya, Hamsi, SreeLekshmi, Manushri
    • Baby Girl Names Meaning Lord Shiva:

      Naming children after the calm and powerful Lord Shiva has always been a trend in Hindu households. If you have a daughter, you can still name her after the mighty God who lives in Kailash:
      Maheswari, Shivada, Sushila, Niranjana, Nabhya, Mrigasya, Lavitra, Eeshana, Mahamani, Shankari
    • Christian Names With “M” For Girls:

      If you're looking for a baby girl names meaning Mary, you can choose from this set. They are all beautiful names and delicate to call out, apart from keeping their religious background intact.
      Maria, Mariya, Marion, Mayra, Mollie, Molly, Maryam, Mariyan, Mirja, Miria
    • Baby Girl Names Meaning Angel:

      Your girl is your Guardian Angel – she brings you happiness, peace and laughter! Why not give her a name that signifies how you feel about her?
      Angelina, Sariel, Dina, Pari, Nitika, Dara, Angela, Amarangani, Devadai, Gabriel
    • Miraculous Names For Girls:

      What are children if not God's miracles? They are so close to our hearts, so delicate to behold, and they grow up so fast! Baby girl names meaning miracle can bring forth this expression perfectly.
      Kareesha, Karish, Karishma, Aiya, Keemaya, Logavani, Atpudham, Alazne, Karismhma, Karpagapriya

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    Names Signifying Personal Qualities

    • Names Denoting Beauty:

      She's the most beautiful thing you have ever seen – almost too delicate to hold! If you feel this way about your daughter, baby girl names meaning beautiful can be a great idea.
      Lirisha, Mitali, Leisha, Zahra, Vandita, Ishu, Abeela, Aarathana, Aishaanya, Alak, Akurthi
    • Names Signifying Immense Wisdom:

      All parents dream big for their kids. We say choosing baby girl names meaning wise or intelligent can be a great starting point for her journey of life!
      Aqilah, Devisha, Fahima, Elina, Gazala, Hazira, Manasvee, Shalvi, Sumeha, Tejasvini, Dhimahi, Divyasri, Abhigjna, Manishita, Samrithi, Naija, Abhigna, Maitrayee, Medhavi, Zaqaawat
      You can also pick from these baby girl names meaning knowledge: Adra, Apra, Bindhya, Gianpreet, Darshana, Ilmeeyat, Indhumati, Kaivya, Talibah, Veda Sree
    • Baby Girl Names Meaning Warrior:

      Womanhood isn't easy. It is fraught with struggle, pain, endurance – but also great rewards. Teach your girl to become a warrior so nothing can get her down.
      Soor, Zuber, Jangi, Ghaziyah, Avhnipaala, Kanwarjodh, Ghaziya, Waqas, Zerelda
    • Baby Girl Names Meaning Peace:

      Parenting is a beautiful, albeit difficult, journey. But just one glance at your angel sleeping peacefully makes your day. Pick one of these names for the one who brings you tranquility.
      Aaravi, Akanya, Arinya, Arisha, Fenna, Eiliyah, Arianna, Leem, Naimah, Ranim
    • Baby Girl Names Meaning Success:

      When you want the very best for your darling, why not give her a name that stands for success? She will need your support to win her challenges in life. Her name will always remind her of how she is capable of winning in every situation, and also facing defeat with courage when needed.
      Faliha, Asita, Ashita, Faraza, Dhanyata, Sasvika, Vijayanti, Vritika, Raadhi, Yasha
    • Names For Girls With Beautiful Smiles:

      Your smile defines you. Your little one's smile is probably the sweetest you have ever seen! Check out these baby girl names meaning smile. They are sure to bring happiness to you and your child, all your lives.
      Guleen, Aashi, Jaswitha, Charusmitha, Dharahasi, Debasmita, Ashmeet, Misha, Sushmita, Devasmitha
    • Baby Girl Names Meaning Unique:

      Now this one needs no introduction. Your girl is your replica, your creation, your dream. You want her name to be as unique as you feel about her.
      Adveka, Adwita, Ananya, Anupama, Waheeda, Monica, Ekani, Apurva
    • Victorious Names For Little Girls:

      To give your baby a name that stands out but also represents liberation, pick one of these baby girl names meaning victory. Help her along in the battle of life and emerge victorious.
      Abhijita, Jaiman, Fauzia, Fazia, Jayati, Jayit, Jithi, Joyita, Vija, Quahira
    • Hopeful Names For Baby Girls:

      A life without hope is no life at all. Make sure you teach this vital lesson to your girl early in life. Start with giving her one of these baby girl names meaning hope.
      Arzoo, Akangsha, Ashavathi, Nazia, Niriksha, Rajiya, Reja, Zohha, Rajiyah, Amel
    • Lucky Charms Names For Girls:

      Baby girl names meaning lucky are a perennial superhit. They are such a good luck charm that parents across the world names their children after “luck” every year. Definitely a trend you can consider catching on.
      Adhurushta, Afrin, Aiswarya, Bagyam, Bhairavee, Hiza, Jashvita, Bhagwanti, Shriya, Swastika
    • Musical Names For Your Artsy Home:

      If you belong to a musical household, you may be looking for baby girl names meaning music. Here is a list of some melodious choices for you.
      Abhiri, Sangeeta, Devakali, Antara, Isai, Jailaya, Prata, Ragi, Bairavi, Sanghita

    Indian Baby Names, baby names meaning, unique baby names, boy names, girl names,

    Nature Inspired Cute Baby Names For Girls

    • Floral Names For Your Little Love:

      Daughters are often compared to flowers who bloom in your home and make everything so beautiful. This is why baby girl names meaning flower have always been superhits among parents.
      Aini, Aamara, Atika, Bithi, Champika, Gulnaz, Daisy, Jehaan, Kalpavalli, Kumudha
    • Names Inspired From The Moon:

      For your beautiful daughter, here's a beautiful idea for selecting her name. Look up at the night sky and choose one of these baby girl names meaning moon. She will light up your home and life just like the moon does!
      Aadhira, Athira, Chandhini, Chandrika, Anakha, Badra, Chandraja, Chanda, Aarupa, Ambily
    • Sunny Baby Names For Summer Babies:

      If your girl was born during the summer months, you may consider naming her after the season. After all, she made the summer so much more magical for you! These baby girl names meaning sun convey the emotion beautifully.
      Adritya, Anshumali, Akrita, Jyoti, Afsa, Avika, Aarashi, Ina, Laina, Ayukta
    • Baby Names Connected To The Sea:

      Whether you're a sea-lover, live in a coastal town, or want your girl to imbibe the strength of the sea, here's help. Choose from this set of baby girl names meaning ocean or sea.
      Savarna, Sagari, Sagarika, Ambudhi, Payodhi, Lafiza, Tayodhi, Marina, Dillon, Kshitija
    • Names Connected to the Earth:

      Being grounded is one of the best personality traits you can help your daughter imbibe. A great starting point is to give her one of these baby girl names meaning Earth.
      Anshumi, Avanee, Aadvika, Brihati, Avani, Kaalika, Kshithi, Medhinee, Mahika, Ilesha
    • Rainy Season Names For Girls:

      Is your baby a monsoon child? Here are some perfect baby girl names meaning rain that will remind you of the time of her birth always. Relive the magical moments and recount your blessings.
      Dhara, Anumegha, Barkha, Masin, Sathmika, Himavarsha, Varishta, Vrusti, Sumegha, Riham
    • Names Connected to Life and Energy:

      What are children if not lively? They cheer you up after a long day and are all you need to smile! Give your girl one of these baby girl names meaning full of life.
      Ashia, Ayushi, Chaitana, Bhavada, Chethna, Eva, Janya, Jaanvi, Jivantika, Lekisha

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    Royal Names For The Queen of Your Heart

    • Names Fit For a Little Princess:

      She is the queen of your heart and the princess of your home. What more reason do you need to choose one of these baby girl names meaning princess? They are regal, classy and as exquisite as your daughter.
      Amra, Amyra, Azita, Kaur, Jodha, Farhana, Nafisa, Rahni, Sarika, Shaira
    • Baby Girl Names Meaning Precious:

      Precious names for your precious bundle of joy – need we say more? These names have an exotic touch that your daughter will love you for choosing!
      Aasma, Amoli, Aziza, Eliza, Fairooza, Farida, Jaanvhi, Marjana, Minal, Vanchita
    • Queen Names For Your Daughter:

      Now that you are a mom, get ready to welcome the queen home! Your girl will be the life of your household and also make you run around like never before! Select these baby girl names meaning queen to seal this emotion.
      Hakima, Ilisha, Jemisha, Malka, Nayila, Nazia, Reyna, Zanubiya, Vaneesha, Zariyah
    • Baby Girl Names Meaning Jewel:

      She is your most valuable jewel and one you will always hold dear. Convey this sentiment by choosing one of these names for her.
      Jahaira, Gehena, Manimay, Johara, Ratna, Meena, Mena, Zonaira, Jewel, Balamani

    Unusual Baby Girl Names Meaning Gift or Miracle

    • Baby Girl Names Meaning Unexpected Gift:

      Did you have a surprise pregnancy? Or were you spellbinded when you first held your baby in your arms? No matter which scenario applies to you, you're sure to agree to this – daughters are the best gifts ever.
      Deshna, Divena, Upada, Mishka, Vara, Yashmita, Vania, Shridula, Harikrupa, Anhithi
    • Baby Names Denoting Heaven's Gift:

      The heavens have been generous to you and brought you so much happiness. You could give your darling one of these baby girl names meaning gift of God or gift from heaven:
      Annam, Anjusha, Aradya, Blessy, Devina, Khair, Nimah, Tanusha, Unjali, Vashnie, Arshi, Arshia, Arshitha, Dhivja, Diana, Divyani, Anshi, Manna, Saurika, Zahra
    • Treasure- Worthy Names For Baby Girls:

      If you had to describe your baby in one word, we are sure this will come up – treasure! Your baby is your dearest possession. Why not give her one of these baby girl names meaning treasure?
      Maninga, Nidda, Niddhima, Raya, Varya, Nidhi, Shreenidhi, Hazeena, Srinidhi, Upkosha

      Indian Baby Names, baby names meaning, unique baby names, boy names, girl names, 
    Don't these names sound interesting and attractive? By the way - did you know there are over a 100 baby girls nicknames for you to pick from too? Yes! Let us know if you choose a unique name from the above list for your little angel. We will be glad to have played a part! design (8)

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