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    400 Unique Indian Baby Boy Names with Meanings
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    Indian baby boy names with meaning
    23 February 2016

    400 Unique Indian Baby Boy Names with Meanings

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    Choosing the right name for your newborn is a momentous decision, something which parents start thinking about as soon as the pregnancy test turns positive! Here are some of the most meaningful and unique baby boy names to consider.


    In this article

    Indian Baby Boy Names With Spiritual Meaning
    Hindu Baby Boy Names Based on Gods
    Unique Baby Boy Names Based on Personal Qualities
    Uncommon Boy Names on Powerful Symbols
    Nature Inspired Unusual Baby Boy Names

    Naming your baby is a major decision; after all, it’s something that’s going to be with him forever! Parents consider factors like siblings’ names or quirky combination of the parents’ names. However, nearly all parents would like their baby boy's name to be different from run-of-the-mill baby names, and to have some kind of positive meaning. So today, we have a list of unique baby boy names with meanings for you to consider for your little prince!

    As parents, you may have your own ideas and beliefs about naming your baby. You may even be tempted to turn to Bollywood Celebrity kids' names for inspiration. However, to make the decision easier for you, we’ve sorted all the baby boy names into categories so that you can choose the one that fits best for your baby.

    Indian Baby Boy Names With Spiritual Meaning

    • Angelic Names For Your Darling:

      We often refer to our babies as our little angels, so why not choose names after them? These baby boy names meaning angels can guide you.
      Devdoot, Mikhail, Gabriel, Angelo, Michael, Malaik, Arael, Irin, Aurel
    • Baby Boy Names Meaning Answered Prayer:

      Our children are without doubt, prayers that were answered in the most delightful way. The names below reflect this beautifully.
      Darshal, Samuel, Saul, Lian, Simon, Nathan, Nate, Aahnik, Zachary, Zac
    • Baby Boy Names Meaning Blessings from God:

      Your little bundle of joy is undoubtedly a precious blessing from God and can have the following blessed names which are aptly reflected by the following baby boy names meaning Blessing from God.
      Aarul, Marzuq, Nathaniel, Sean, Ian, Johan, Shaun, Ashish, Ansel, Asher
    • Baby Boy Names Meaning Gift of God:

      Your baby is the most precious gift you’ll ever receive in your life and these names are perfect for your bundle of joy.
      Aayan, Ayansh, Daivik, Devdan, Matthew, Mathias, Theodore, Zane, Evan, Ramdatt
    • Baby Boy Names Meaning Miracle of God:

      The birth of a baby is no less than a miracle. The names below will always remind the parents of the big miracle their little one is.
      Ejaz, Avishkar, Nissin, Thaddeus, Benedict, Boone, Ivan, Eijaz, Karamat, Milagro

    Hindu Baby Boy Names Based on Gods:

    • Lord Ganesha Names For Boys:

      Lord Ganesh is generally associated with wisdom and achieving goals regardless of obstacles. Give your son one of the many baby boy names meaning Lord Ganesha to reflect these qualities.
      Akurath, Vinayak, Ekadanta, Gajanand, Gajrup, Gaurik, Manomay, Nandan, Atharv, Advait
    • Baby Boy Names Related to Lord Hanuman:

      Lord Hanuman is known for his utmost dedication and faith, and persistence to see his goals through. Give your son a name that resonates these features.
      Surarchit, Vajranakh, Mahadhyut, Prabhav, Mahavir, Shoora, Shrimat, Yogin, Anjan, Iraj
    • Names of Lord Krishna for Baby Boys:

      Considered one of the most playful Gods, Lord Krishna has many facets to his personality, and many names to match! You can take your pick from the following baby boy names meaning Lord Krishna. Adidev, Madhav, Devesh, Shyamal, Mayur, Niranjan, Anaadih, Arijit, Avyukt, Darsh
    • Baby Boy Names Meaning Lord Rama:

      Often referred to as ‘Mahapurush’, Lord Ram is considered the ultimate epitome of a good human. His various names also reflect his characteristics.
      Mahodar, Parag, Raghuvir, Raghav, Yuvram, Vashisht, Dilip, Raman, Ramith, Siyaram
    • Baby Boy Names Meaning Lord Shiva:

      Lord Shiva is called Mahadev or the lord of all lords, and the title is because of his qualities like great wisdom, sacrifice and a keen sense of justice. Name your son with one of these options so he is inspired by the same qualities.
      Mahadev, Rishik, Gauresh, Krithik, Rishabh, Sarvad, Sagan, Shiven, Aniket, Nandish
    • Lord Venkateswara Names for Baby Boys:

      The stories about Lord Venkateswara talk volumes about his dedication, mercy and generosity. Let your son receive his blessings by naming him with any of these.
      Bala, Srini, Keshav, Srinivas, Venkat, Vibhav, Ananta, Narain, Mukund, Ananthaksh
    • Lord Vishnu Names For Your Son:

      Known as the preserver and the protector, Lord Vishnu has several qualities and his many avatars are reflected in his names. Choose one which aptly describes your little avatar from these baby boy names meaning Lord Vishnu.
      Ishaan, Reyansh, Anay, Achint, Dhurya, Pratihit, Nahush, Kshitish, Dharesh, Adhaat


    Unique Baby Boy Names Based on Personal Qualities

    • Brave Names For Your Little Braveheart:

      You want your son to grow up to be a brave man, not afraid of speaking the truth or fighting for it. Here are some baby boy names meaning brave and courageous..
      Shaurya, Anvit, Aryaveer, Arshan, Ekbir, Hyder, Daler, Mahir, Parthiv, Qahir,Adalard
    • Baby Boy Names Meaning Gentle:

      In today’s world, it has become increasingly important to cultivate the spirit of gentleness – to fellow humans, animals and nature. Incorporate the gentle streak with the following names.
      Latif, Mridul, Halim, Ninad, Suhail, Karun, Gareth, Wilfred, Kevin, Adiv
    • Handsome Names For Your Little Prince:

      Of course, your little prince is handsome, so it’s only fair that he be named so too! Here are some baby names meaning handsome for your much deserving bundle of joy..
      Sundar, Aarib, Abhiram, Abrar, Arshaq, Darsh, Divyant, Alan, Jumal, Kenit
    • Baby Boy Names Meaning Intelligent:

      An intelligent name might just give your little smarty pants an extra edge later on in life!These are some high IQ names.
      Aadish, Faheem, Izyan, Karan, Shayaan, Tejaswin, Vehant, Najib, Aydin, Galvin
    • Baby Boy Names Meaning Wisdom:

      A lot of people have the knowledge, but not everyone has wisdom. Giving your son a name related to wisdom might inspire him to learn the difference.
      Aarav, Ashar, Danish, Giaan, Nayaj, Pragyan, Sumeer, Alden, Vivek, Laham
    • Love-Filled Names For Your Little Bundle Of Joy:

      Let your son be the torchbearer for a world filled with love and compassion; you can start by giving him one of these baby boy names meaning love.
      Akam, Heet, Hetav, Hruday, Karv, Lavesh, Moh, Nikhael, Pavit, Renesh, Connelly

      Unique Baby Boy Names

    Uncommon Boy Names on Powerful Symbols

    • Baby Boy Names Fit For Your Little King:

      Being a king is associated with being just, honorable and brave. These blue-blooded baby boy names meaning king are ideal for a little boy who just can’t wait to be one!
      Rian, Ryan, Abhiraj, Keyan, Malank, Mahish, Sarfaraz, Shazil, Trishan, Vedant
    • Baby Boy Names Meaning Little Prince:

      Your son is a royal not just at your home, but his grandparents’ as well! Give your prince the perfect name by choosing one among these.
      Amir, Aahil, Dawid, Kanvar, Kavir, Nikul, Raamiz, Sanjar, Shazad, Yuven,Royce
    • Baby Boy Names Denoting Protector:

      While growing up, one needs to learn how to protect not just one’s loved ones, but one’s integrity as well. Choose from these names which are ideal to reflect these values.
      Aditpal, Ahar, Isam, Rakshan, Sanat, Tarak, Ziad, Alec, Alex, Elden
    • Baby Boy Names for the Strong and Powerful:

      Being strong is not only about physical strength but an inner strength as well.These bay boy names meaning strong and powerful can boost your little man’s inner strength.
      Abir, Ashvat, Azaz, Balvir, Dhiren, Ethan, Faridun, Imran, Inesh, Nikit, Edgar
    • Name to Wealth:

      We have no idea what careers our kids will eventually choose, but we sure hope they end up being prosperous and successful– maybe one of the matching baby boy names meaning wealthy will help!
      Aiswara, Jesse, Dhanjit, Dhanish, Hriyaan, Kuber, Nadeep, Nidhan, Sampat, Shreesh, Felix
    • Baby Boy Names Meaning Strong Leader:

      Give your baby boy a name that exudes confidence and leadership, giving him a natural edge in the future.
      Agraj, Azfer, Janesh, Maurya, Naqib, Pranit, Qaid, Yuvin, Sarwar, Narun, Kenric
    • Powerful Names For Your Baby Boy:

      One doesn’t need to be a royal to be strong and powerful; it’s all in the attitude – or in this case, in a name!11 baby boy names meaning powerful to choose from.
      Aziz, Akbar, Aiden, Avadh, Balmeet, Dahak, Kadir, Oorjit, Sahvan, Taraz, Arnold

    Nature Inspired Unusual Baby Boy Names

    • Baby Boy Names Meaning Light:

      Your baby boy has arrived as the brightest light of your life, so he deserves a name that matches!
      Ahan, Aalok, Aaron, Adeep, Aloke, Anwar, Navdip, Nuwair, Saakash, Siraj, Lucian
    • Sunny Names For Your Baby Boy:

      Your son is your ‘sonshine’, so let his name be one that reminds him of it every day!Here are some sunny baby boy names.
      Vivaan, Vihaan, Aditya, Aadi, Aarush, Viraj, Ansh, Prasit, Rajib, Souren, Apollo
    • Baby Boy Names Inspired By The Moon:

      If you feel that it is the gentle light of the moon that suits your son more than the fiery sun, then these names will be perfect for you.Here are some soft and soothing baby boy names meaning Moon to select from.
      Aadhir, Anakh, Aydin, Chaayan, Hilal, Kalp, Mayank, Mehtab, Naksh, Som, Sohail, Jacy

      Unique Baby Boy Names

    With so many names to choose from, you have quite a list here! Pick one that you love and that feels right for your baby– that’s a task only you can do!

    400 unique baby girl names


    400 Unique Indian Baby Girl Names with Meanings

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