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    4 Fun Chores to Keep Your Kids Engaged During Diwali Vacations
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    How to keep kids engaged in diwali vacations
    28 October 2015

    4 Fun Chores to Keep Your Kids Engaged During Diwali Vacations

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    Before celebrations, come preparations! Therefore the days leading up to Diwali are full of frenzied shopping sprees, extensively planned menus, an overhaul of your entire home and extremely frazzled nerves! Add excited kids on their Diwali vacation to that list and the insanity intensifies! You have so many things on your Diwali to-do list, so why not enlist your kids to help you out?


    Both working and stay-at-home moms understand the sheer struggle of getting the house and the family Diwali-ready! Your Diwali chores are piled higher than the dishes in the sink and you don't even know where to begin! But luckily you have your secret weapon – the happy little helpers that absolutely love being involved with all the "important jobs" they see their parents rushing around to do!  But remember, if any of the chores involve paint, or glue or even rangoli – make sure you've spread newspapers on the floors and other surfaces, and your kids are wearing old clothes that you wouldn't mind getting dirty!

    Fun Ways To Keep Children Engaged During Diwali Vacations

    • Accesorizing the house:

      While cleaning the house for Diwali might be a chore that leaves them groaning and complaining, decorating is one chore they'd love to do! Ask them to decide the colours of the new bedsheets and cushion covers so the house gets a unified color scheme. Tell them to use their imaginations to arrange flowers, fairy lights and streamers in the house for a festive and radiant look for your home!
    • Decorating the diyas:

      Is there any boy or girl in the world who wouldn't enjoy this particular 'chore'? In fact this may even be the task they are very familiar with already, as most schools will have conducted diya decorating contests or activities as part of their Diwali celebrations. Set up the scene for your kids - stack the glitter and chamki chamki packets, get the paint out in little bowls, give your kids a dozen or so diyas and they're good to go! It would be smarter to conduct this activity a couple of days before Diwali though, to ensure your diyas have enough time to dry.
    • Rangeele Rangolis:

      Creating a flawless Rangoli needs a firm hand and utmost confidence. But when your kids are the creators – every Rangoli seems flawless! Let them watch an online tutorial for some basic Rangolis first to get their creative juices flowing – and then tell them that their best efforts will win them a special mithai treat! What's more, once they are done you get to brag to the neighbours about your little Picasso!
    • Wrapping up the presents:

      Diwali shopping is such a rush – a present for every brother, sister, parent, parent-in-law, aunty, uncle and neighbour too! Sometimes there are even mulitple presents for one person! What's more, it’s all in the packaging nowadays! Here's where your kids come in. Equip them with sellotape, glossy wrapping paper, ribbons etc, and get them to help you wrap up the gift boxes and may be even create unique gift baskets filled with sweets and dry fruits!
    Kids love Diwali, and they'll love it even more when they feel like an important part of the preparations! You can turn these fun ways to keep children engaged during Diwali vacations into some amazing activities for your kids' play dates. You can even spin them into a neighbourhood activity – with the entire brood chipping in for Diwali chores in a different house each day! Diwali is a time for fun and frolic – but this way your kids' get a taste of some responsibility too! Happy Diwali!

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