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    05 May 2016

    33 Psychological Tricks That Will Help You Lose Weight

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    At some point in life, unless we are blessed with an excellent, faultless metabolism, we all think about losing weight. Weight gain is a very common problem for women, which only aggravates after they give birth. So, how can you lose weight? Exercise, sleep, go on a diet, drink more water - wait, don't we all know all that by heart? This is why we have brought you a set of TOTALLY NEW weight loss tips that are all research-backed, rather strange, but sure to work!


    Sometimes, all you need to do to lose weight and stay fit is change your spot at the dining table. Or the colour of your walls. Sounds too good to be true? Well, science agrees with us, and so will you when you've been through the list. Happy fitness!

    33 Tips to Lose Weight Without Exercise or Diet

    1. Sit At The End Of The Table

      Where do you sit at a party? If you're closer to the centre of the table, chances are all your favourite dishes will be accessible and you will end up over-eating. Try sitting toward the end and see the difference!
    2. Massage Your Earlobes

      Use gentle finger pressure to massage the area above the ear lobe and in front of the ear canal. This is an appetite suppressant point! Research believes that energy imbalances cause unhealthy food cravings - something that this massage will cure.
    3. Smell your Food Before Eating

      It’s said that stronger the smell, smaller the bite! Add aromatic seasonings to meals, like fresh ginger, basil, cinnamon, or rosemary, to enhance the sensory experience. The smells will satiate you!
    4. Tell a Joke More Often

      Try laughing away even if you don't find the punch line funny. A minimum of 15 minutes of laughter daily will contract your abdominal muscles, build them up, and shape your six-pack. Wow!
    5. Eat in Silence

      Avoid eating in a noisy environment. It will make you overeat as you tend to eat faster. A silent place ensures that your brain is not distracted and easily knows when you are full.
    6. Eat With Fit People

      Won't this alienate your friends? Um, you need to forbid the friends you consider overweight from sharing a meal with you to cut down your chances of choosing unhealthy foods. Just tell your pals that you're on a strict mission. We are sure they will join it to give you company!
    7. Paint Your Nails

      Pick up some nail polish and paint your nails the next time you're tempted to grab a handful of potato chips. A quick manicure can distract you from your cravings on snacks as you wait for your nail paint to dry up.
    8. Tighten Your Belt

      A tight belt around your waist will remind you to stop eating before you're uncomfortably full. Your belly will hit your belt and prevent you from over-indulging, telling you that it's time to put down the fork.
    9. Wear Tight Clothes To Dinner

      Experts say you should always wear something tight when eating. This reminds you that you have had enough! You can also try hanging skinny jeans in your kitchen or dining area to remember your weight loss goals. clothesSource:
    10. Clench Your Muscles

      The next time you're tempted by a fattening treat, try clenching your muscles. Weight-loss seekers tend to be more likely to choose a healthy apple over a diet-derailing chocolate mousse when they clenched a muscle and then made their decision.
    11. Sit With Your Back to the Buffet

      Just seeing the lavish buffet spread encourages you to eat more! Plus, you often end up way more than your appetite which ultimately leads to bloating. Face away from the tables of food to divert yourself.
    12. Watch Less TV

      There's a reason they call TV addicts couch potatoes! You tend to burn more calories per day if you spend less time watching TV. You automatically feel more inclined to get some physical activity happening!
    13. Eat Off Small Plates

      A full, albeit small, plate can be very appetising and still keep your weight in check. You will eat less with smaller bowls and plates. So try down-sizing your plate, and your stomach will follow suit!
    14. Add This Spice To Your Food

      Guess what will happen if you add half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a bowl of soup? Studies say that you will eat 60 calories lesser at the next meal on an average! Cayenne seems to pep up your metabolism and that is the hidden trick here.
    15. Sleep in a Cold Room

      A chilly bedroom could improve both your sleep and your metabolism. Sleeping in a chillier room is a great way to force your body to burn calories and heat itself up for hours. The next bedtime, keep that AC temperature down and snuggle up.
    16. Smell Peppermint

      Peppermint, a powerful spice in your kitchen, is beneficial when it comes to dental care, nail care, digestion, immune system improvement, skin care, hair care, and blood circulation. So, what's the secret? Try drinking peppermint tea or smell some peppermint before meals - and hey presto, you'll start losing weight!
    17. Have Tidy Spaces

      Did you know this cool mantra - the neater the office is, the healthier the foods you will choose? Remember, junk foods or snack foods are usually linked to messy spaces. Start cleaning up your den to clean up your metabolism.
    18. Eat With Male Companions

      While we are unsure how to react to this one, studies prove that if you are a woman, eating with male companions will make you feel shy while eating too much. Well, true or not, here's more reason to have those romantic dinners every night!
    19. Drink Some Olive Oil

      According to the author Seth Roberts in The Shangri-La Diet, you can lose pounds by drinking 1 to 2 tablespoons of olive oil between meals twice daily. This diet can curb your appetite and lower your body’s weight dramatically. Sounds really crazy, right? But it has been proven to work!
    20. Eat In Front Of a Mirror

      This seems to be a crazy way to lose weight but try it once. Just stay relaxed and watch yourself eating in front of a mirror. This makes you conscious about the quantity of food you consume and how you are eating. Psychology at its best!
    21. Pay By Cash At Restaurants

      This does two things for you - saves money and helps lose weight! Just withdraw enough cash for a day and remember to leave your bank cards at home. Buying food and meals with hard cash and not with a credit card makes you more conscious about how much you're spending, so you're less likely to load up on junk and extra food you don't need.
    22. Fidget, Fidget!

      Do you ever wonder why some people don’t gain weight inspite of eating to their heart's content? It may be because they can’t sit still! Fidgeting increases daily calorie expenditure and prevents weight gain. So what are you waiting for? If you’re sitting still, get moving and fidget yourself thin!
    23. Click Pictures Of Your Food

      Maintaining a food diary is an effective way to keep track of daily calorie intake, but sometimes we forget just how much we eat. Solution - take a quick snap of everything you eat throughout the day and sum it all up at the end!
    24. Publicly Announce Your Meals

      Write your meal plan on a big blackboard for you and everyone else to see. This forces you to be more accountable for choosing healthy meals and feel proud of it.
    25. Go Blue

      With regards to food, blue is not the most appetizing colour. Serve your food on blue plates, use blue napkins and a blue tablecloth, make the walls in your dining area blue. It is the ideal kitchen colour scheme for those trying to lose weight.
    26. Use Chopsticks

      Chopsticks, no matter how cumbersome they can seem, actually love you! They will force you to become mindful as it is too hard to pile too much food between 2 wooden sticks. You will also get tired of eating early!
    27. Eat With Your Less Favoured Hand

      If you are really serious about weight loss, we are sure you will try this - just eat with your non-dominant or opposite hand. Yes, it doesn’t feel natural which is why you are less likely to eat mindlessly.
    28. Sniff Vanilla

      Light a vanilla candle or some vanilla scented perfume and you will stop craving for sweets. It's true! This trick can keep you slim as the smell of vanilla helps reduce your appetite for sweet things.
    29. Eat Slowly

      This French technique asks you to not rush your meals. Slow eating will help you feel fuller longer and it will also cut down the amount consumed. While this can be difficult for moms, at least allow yourself to chew your food instead of gulping it all down! eatingSource:
    30. Never Eat In Your Pyjamas

      The late night snacking, especially when you are wearing loose clothes, maybe a diet killer for you. This is because loose clothing gives you the illusion of being slimmer and lets you think less about calories. Wearing more fitted clothes help you be aware of your figure.
    31. Try The Toothpaste Diet

      Don't worry! You don't need to gulp down toothpaste. Just brush your teeth with a minty toothpaste 2-3 times a day; your brain will tell you that it prefers the clean feeling and this can control your snacking or late-night dessert craving as well as prevent tooth decay.
    32. Eat Veggies In Bigger Chunks

      Keep veggies in big chunks whenever you make a salad, soup, stir-fry or casserole. Chomping down on big pieces of veggies requires more chewing and more effort, which means you will take longer to eat your meal and end up feeling more satisfied. Another bonus - you will spend less time cooking!
    33. Dim The Lights In Your Dining Area

      Dim the lights and the sound of music when eating to enjoy your meal more but eat less. Plants, tablecloths, paintings, fireplaces, and classical music help add to the happiness factor which stops you from craving unhealthy things.
    So, which tip are you going to start acting upon today? None of them require you to take out too much time or energy - rare resources for moms! Just put in some effort to also eat a balanced meal along with these and we foresee a fitter you very soon!

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    I must say the #toothpaste diet tip was really helpful and unique too 18 May 2016
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