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    32 Breakfast Recipes For a Protein-Packed Morning!
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    Protein rich breakfast recipes
    02 May 2016

    32 Breakfast Recipes For a Protein-Packed Morning!

    7 mins read
    Food & Nutrition
    for Pre-schoolers
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    Is protein really all that important for children? Aren't they getting enough through the day? Perhaps not! Growing kids need protein to build and repair cells as this is the age when their body is undergoing several changes. There's a reason proteins are called the building blocks of our body! So how can you ensure your kids are getting the adequate amount? Start off your day with a rich and delicious breakfast!


    Check out our assortment of 32 protein breakfasts that will ensure your children have a fantastic start to their day. There are vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian options to choose from based on your family's eating habits. Protein, here we come!

    Protein-Rich Breakfast Options For Vegetarians

    1. Baked Beans

      Baked beans on toast is one of the most sought-after English breakfasts. The kidney beans impart the required protein boost for a hectic day ahead.
      Baked Beans Recipe
    2. Moong Dal Parathas

      For all those fussy lentil-eaters, this is a good variant to try out and we bet it will work! Your kids won’t know what you have packed in these parathas and in it goes!
      Moong Dal Parathas Recipe
    3. Moong Dal & Spinach Appe

      These round green balls will soon become your child’s favourite! These appe are rich in iron and fibre, aside from the protein-rich and easy-to-digest moong dal.
      Moong Dal & Spinach Appe Recipe
    4. Grilled Paneer Sandwich

      Paneer, being a milk derivative, is high in good-quality proteins. Make a quick sandwich with whole wheat bread and you can even pack it for your child to take to his summer hobby class.
      Grilled Paneer Sandwich Recipe
    5. Stuffed Moong Dal Cheela
      The moong dal and paneer stuffing make this recipe protein-packed from inside-out! These chelas can actually be enjoyed anytime of the day. However, we highly recommend consuming them for breakfast considering how delicious they are!
      Stuffed Moong Dal Cheela Recipe
    6. Mix Dal Dosa

      This mommy-chef recipe fits best in the menus of all health-seekers. Made with a variety of protein-rich dals, it imparts the required protein punch that children need during their high-energy (and high-naughtiness!) summer break.
      Mix Dal Dosa Recipe
    7. Rajma Corn Sandwich

      This sandwich is an epitome of health and deliciousness. Stuff the rajma-corn filling in whole-wheat bread slices and you will be among those lucky moms whose kids always finish breakfast!
      Rajma Corn Sandwich Recipe
    8. Paneer Frankie

      Plug in your kid’s favourite paneer with veggies and masalas of your choice and make a quick paneer frankie. We are sure it’s going to turn out superb if you use this mommy chef recipe.
      Paneer Frankie Recipe
    9. Tofu Lettuce Tomato Sandwich

      This wholesome TLT sandwich has the low calorie, high-protein tofu to fulfill the daily quota of your protein requirements. It's also very light on the stomach.
      Tofu Lettuce Tomato Sandwich Recipe
    10. Palak Dosa

      What's the ideal proportion of cereal (rice) to pulse (urad dal) in a dosa batter? 3:1! If you loved this pop-quiz, you'll love how you can sneak in your child’s not-so-favourite spinach into this dosa!
      Palak Dosa Recipe
    11. Paneer Bhurji Grilled Sandwich

      These on-the-go sandwiches are the best for kids who are always in a hurry and want to grab a bite real quick; the bear shape also helps, we agree!
      Paneer Bhurji Grilled Sandwich Recipe
    12. Moong Dal Cheela With Peas Filling

      This mommy chef made these yummy, appetizing cheelas using peas as the core ingredient. Smart, isn't that? Peas and moong dal make it a superb protein-rich recipe for growing kids.
      Moong Dal Cheela With Peas Filling Recipe
    13. Mix Dal Masala Idli

      Yet another mommy chef speciality, this mix-dal masala idli may just turn out to be your kid’s favourite breakfast when on the go.
      Mix Dal Masala Idli Recipe
    14. Soy Stuff Paratha

      An exceptional vegetarian protein source, soy makes a recipe not just protein-rich but satisfying too!
      Soy Stuff Paratha Recipe
    15. Carrot and Paneer Toast

      What an unconventional pair, right? But also yummy! This mommy chef recipe is bound to become a hit among all fussy kids and mums will love it since it's super quick to make.
      Carrot and Paneer Toast Recipe
    16. Black Bean Burrito

      Burritos can make a wholesome breakfast or even a main course dish for a brunch day. You can use your favourite cooked beans to replace the canned black beans.

      Black Bean Burrito Recipe
    17. Mix Sprout Coriander Dosa

      Dosas are universally loved by kids and health experts alike! Try making them with mixed sprouts to enhance the protein quotient even more.
      Mix Sprout Coriander Dosa Recipe
    18. Paneer Palak Paratha

      For all those fussy spinach non-eaters, adding creamy paneer to the parathas may be just the thing! Plus, this combo is also healthier, richer and more appealing.
      Paneer Palak Paratha Recipe
    19. Cheesy Sweetcorn Paneer Wrap

      Sweet, cheesy and delicious – that's how we describe this wrap! Sweetcorn is a smart nutritive add-on to the classic wrap.
      Cheesy Sweetcorn Paneer Wrap Recipe
    20. Beetroot Paneer Paratha

      As we have established, adding paneer to a picky kid’s breakfast makes things much easier for the mum! Take the trick further and sneak in any other disliked vegetables like beetroot as well.
      Beetroot Paneer Paratha Recipe
    21. Macaroni Cheese Sandwich

      Macaroni and cheese are a pair made in gastronomic heaven; your children couldn't agree more! This recipe is cheesy, protein-rich and also a no-fuss meal for anyone at the table.
      Macaroni Cheese Sandwich Recipe
    22. Yoghurt and Cheese Sandwich

      The best part about this appetizing sandwich is that it will just melt in your mouth! It's also the perfect recipe to start a hot summer morning with as the yoghurt will cool your digestive system.
      Yoghurt and Cheese Sandwich recipe
    23. Cheese-On-Toast Open Sandwich

      Open sandwich with cottage cheese, milk and cream – all that makes this a superb protein-rich combo! If you're worried about the cheese, we assure that it's actually a rich protein source when consumed in moderation.
      Cheese-On-Toast Open Sandwich Recipe
    24. Scrambled Egg With Oatmeal

      Basic and fulfilling, this is an ideal breakfast not just for an adult but for a baby too - sans the egg white. After age 1, you can include egg white too in your child's diet.
      Scrambled Egg With Oatmeal Recipe
    25. Cheesy Scrambled Eggs

      Nothing beats eggs when it comes to protein quality. Add your kiddie’s favourite cheese to scrambled eggs and see what magic it creates! Serve it with toast to make a complete power-packed breakfast.
      Cheesy Scrambled Eggs Recipe
    26. Chicken and Avocado Wrap

      This recipe is good as a main course dish or a quick, healthy breakfast, depending on how hungry the little monkeys are feeling. Chicken is an excellent source of protein and also good for your metabolism.
      Chicken and Avocado Wrap Recipe
    27. Chicken Fajitas

      Put in healthy veggies and the protein-rich chicken into wheat tortillas or left-over chapattis to make a wholesome breakfast for the kids. Mommy is sure to be hailed as a master chef after this one!
      Chicken Fajitas Recipe
    28. Grilled Chicken Sandwich

      Nothing beats a grilled sandwich especially when it comes with chicken! Try these over the weekend or pack them into a picnic nasket for the children.
      Grilled Chicken Sandwich Recipe
    29. Fish Sandwich

      Who says you can't consume fish for breakfast? Fresh, juicy fish made into a patty and sandwiched between bread toast makes this a simply sumptuous breakfast dish that will never disappoint!
      Fish Sandwich Recipe
    30. Egg Omelette with Besan

      When you have picky eaters at home, you always needs to be on the hunt for newer, healthier recipes. This is why we think the double protein mix of eggs and besan (chicpea flour) can be your new best friend.
      Egg Omelette with Besan Recipe
    31. Egg Salad - Chick with Nest Art

      Boiled eggs needn't be boring. We just turned them into fantastic chicks in a carrot nest! You can even involve your kids in the art and they will love to eat it all up too.
      Egg Salad - Chick with Nest Art Recipe
    32. Golden Egg Bread Roll

      These golden eggs are just what stories are made of. Always a success both in the taste and health department.
      Golden Egg Bread Roll Recipe
    Doesn't breakfast seem super exciting now? We understand this is also an exhausting meal for you to prepare, considering there's so much in the household that needs your attention in the morning...

    But here's what you should do - just get your kids to help! You never know, this summer vacation may discover the hidden cook in them!

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