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    30 Nutritious But Delicious Snack Recipes For Kids!
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    Simple snack recipes for kids
    11 January 2016

    30 Nutritious But Delicious Snack Recipes For Kids!

    8 mins read
    Food & Nutrition
    for Pre-schoolers, Pre-teen
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    These simple snack recipes for kids will help you give them a nutritious, filling, and incredibly yummy dish to munch on!


    It's early evening and the hunger bells are ringing! Lunch was hours ago, and it's too early yet to give children their dinner. At a time like this, the classic glass of milk isn't enough to revive their spirits – they need something more!

    Before your kids run off to play their games or complete their homework, they need something that revitalizes their body and mind. Whip up some delicious, quick and easy snacks to quell their hunger pangs and spark their imaginations. We are here to help with some innovative snack recipes that are exotic enough to please picky eaters but also filling enough to last them until the next big meal.

    Easy Baked Treats

    A delicious pizza or some yummy biscuits, the outcome of baking is always something that every kid loves. What’s even better is that you can involve them in the process, and believe us, these little sous-chefs can be very helpful!

    1. Double Decker Bread Pizza: By Team WOM

      Double Decker Bread Pizza


      You can include your little tots in preparing this nutritious snack for kids. Give the kids a free hand with the ingredients and toppings. After they are done, you just place the pizza in the oven and voila! Your kiddo’s first pizza is ready!

    2. Puppy Face Biscuits: By Team WOM

      Puppy Face Biscuits


      If you like to bake, Mommy, then this recipe is perfect for you! Make sure your cookie jar never gets empty with these innovative, and not to mention, delicious, recipes!

    3. Pizza Muffins: By Mommy Pooja

      Pizza Muffins


      What’s better than a muffin? A pizza that comes in it! When Italian meets English, it becomes a tasty alliance that your little one will definitely love. Bake these goodies up and enjoy as an evening snack with your child.

    4. Spinach Corn Mushrooms on Brown Bread Pizza: By Mommy Manjiri

      Spinach Corn Mushrooms on Brown Bread Pizza:


      A healthier alternative than the standard pizza, these mushroom brown bread pizzas are very easy to make. They make for a perfect snack when your kid isn’t too hungry or too full.

    5. Carrot Corn Pasta in Creamy Cashew Sauce: By Team WOM

      Carrot Corn Pasta in Creamy Cashew Sauce


      Creamy and delicious, this tasty snack recipe for kids is sure to be a favourite! You can even tweak this recipe as per your taste and experiment with different veggies and meats to create your own signature flavour!

    Soupy/ Steamed Snacks

    Nothing beats a warm bowl of soup, or some steamed goodies, especially during winters or rainy days. These are healthy, tasty and easy on the tummy too. Did we say, easy to make?
    1. Carrot Moong Dal Soup: By Mommy Eram

      Carrot Moong Dal Soup: By Mommy Eram


      May sound boring, but this soup is packed with nutrients that nourish your child. It is light on the stomach and quite tasty too!

    2. Tomato Basil Soup: By Mommy Debbie

      Tomato Basil Soup


      A warm bowl of tomato soup is perfect to build an appetite for the next meal. This one is not only loved by kids but adults too. Add a dollop of cream to enhance the taste.

    3. Easy Vegetable Idli: By Team WOM

      Easy Vegetable Idli


      How do you get your little one to get sufficient nutrition in one meal without elaborate cooking? The answer is our recipe of the Vegetable Idli!

    Delish Fried Tit-Bits

    It is a universal truth that even the most boring vegetable can turn delicious when fried! Pan fried, shallow fried or deep fried- there is something for everyone!
    1. Cauliflower Fritters: By Mommy Tanuja

      Cauliflower Fritters


      If your child runs away from the aloo-gobhi dinner days, here is a perfect way to get some veggies in his belly!

    2. Crunchy Potato Wedges: By Mommy Priti

      Crunchy Potato Wedges


      Feeding a fussy eater will definitely become easy with this one. Golden, crisp, fried potatoes are every kid’s favourite!

    3. Broken Wheat and Veg Croquettes: By Mommy Suchita

      Broken Wheat and Veg Croquettes


      Here’s another trick to feed some veggies and daliya! Turn them into these beautiful croquettes and believe us, your little one will wipe the plate clean in minutes!

    4. Oats and Rajma Cutlets: By Archana

      Oats and Rajma Cutlets


      Filled with the goodness of oats and loaded with protein-packed rajma, these scrumptious cutlets are the perfect after-school snack for children.

    5. Paneer Nuggets: By Shilpi

      Paneer Nuggets


      Getting some goodness of dairy in your child’s body was never this simple. Batter up and fry these yummy golden nuggets. You don’t need to get a store-bought packet of nuggets; you can do this in your own kitchen!

    Cheesy Goodies

    Cheesy surprises are something no one ever refuses. Cook these yummy cheesy treats and say cheese to health and yumminess!
    1. Yummy Cheese Pancake: By Mommy Neelima

      Yummy Cheese Pancake


      Who says pancakes are only for breakfast? Loaded with cheese, these pancakes make for an amazing post play-time snack.

    2. Cheese sticks: By Mommy Gurjeet

      Cheese sticks


      Cheesy, sticky, gooey. That’s how we describe this one. A must try when your little one and his friends land up with hungry bellies!

    3. Cheesy Spiral Babycorn: By Mommy Garima

      Cheesy Spiral Babycorn


      Baby corn is not usually considered very appetizing. But we bet your little ones will simply not be able to keep their hands off this twist!
    4. Savoury Veggie Corn Cheese Muffins: By Raskha

      Savoury Veggie Corn Cheese Muffins


      No better way to get veggies in your kid’s belly other than mixing it with some cheese and turning them into beautiful, golden muffins.

    5. Salted Biscuits Canopy: By Reena

      Salted Biscuits Canopy


      Give those boring salted biscuits an innovative twist. Add some cheese, create innovative shapes, and watch those munchies get devoured by kids!

    Non-veg munchies

    Here are some yummy snack ideas for the non-veg lovers. These bite-size treats are the appropriate example of taste meets health.
    1. Homemade Baked Chicken Nuggets: By Mommy Nora

      Homemade Baked Chicken Nuggets


       A healthier alternative to those frozen chicken nuggets. These are super easy to make and the best part? They are baked! Let your bubs eat to their heart’s content.

    2. Oven Baked Fish Fingers

      Oven Baked Fish Fingers


       Fish is not only packed with omega3 fatty acids but is also good for the skin and hair. If your kids run away from the smell of fish, try this recipe. It’s actually finger licking good!

    3. Prawn Pakoda: By Swasthi

      Prawn Pakoda


      Give an Indian twist to the humble prawn. This new take on pakodas is a great mid-afternoon snack.

    For the Sweet Tooth

    Sweet snacks can also be included in your weekly menu. Occasionally, a sweet treat is a great way of sending your little ones off to play!
    1. Bourbon Biscuit Brownie with Vanilla Ice-cream: By Team WOM

      Bourbon Biscuit Brownie with Vanilla Ice-cream


      You'd be hard-pressed to find a child that won't like THIS snack! Brownies with ice-cream make the perfect evening snack as well as a post-meal dessert!

    2. Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies: By Sarah

      Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies


      Chocolates are the perfect sweet tooth treat! Bake them in bulk and store. Serve cookies with a glass of milk. Quite sure the glass will be empty by the end of it!

    3. Pan Fried Cinnamon Bananas

      Pan Fried Cinnamon Bananas


      How to feed fruits to your child? Pan fry with a pinch of cinnamon and oodles of love!

    4. Caramel Bread Pudding

      Caramel Bread Pudding


      This sweet treat has been a favourite for generations! Light, fluffy and yummy - this treat on a plate is a snack your little one deserves when he finishes his homework!

    5. Homemade Mini M&M Granola Bars

      Homemade Mini M&M Granola Bars


      Okay, this one may seem slightly bizarre, but for all those times you’ve refused your child candy, this snack will make up for it! Make sure you don’t eat and finish those M&M’s while cooking!

    Light on the Tummy Delights

    You know that type of hunger where your child wants something yummy, but you know that it’s dinner time soon? This hunger can be tricky! We’ve brought you some snacks that are quick to make, healthy, and easy on the tummy. There, problem solved!
    1. Pretty Pink Delectable Roll: By Mommy Sapna

      Pretty Pink Delectable Roll


      A dish so colourful, your child would simply want to pick it up and gobble it up. Not to forget, it is packed with nutrition.

    2. Bruschettas With Pickled Veggies: By Rehana

      Bruschettas With Pickled Veggies


      Want to experiment with some exotic veggies and cooking? Make sure you try this one. Very light on the tummy, these bruschettas are a delight!

    3. Peach and Tomato Salad: By Mommy Shikha

      Peach and Tomato Salad


      Mix up veggies and fruits, and trust us, there’s a combination your kids will never run away from. A perfect summer salad, this can also be turned into a mid-afternoon snack.

    With this list in place, you will never run out of ideas for snack time. Try out these recipes and tell us what you think! If you have more snack recipes to share with us, do post them in the recipe section!

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