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    3 Important Babywearing Safety Tips that Keep Him Out of Danger & Dos and Don’ts of Babywearing
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    21 November 2014

    3 Important Babywearing Safety Tips that Keep Him Out of Danger & Dos and Don’ts of Babywearing

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    Babywearing allows parents to continue with their daily work, keeping their hands free. After your child is born, you will want to hold him all the time, but that's not possible. This is where baby sling wraps come to picture. Using an appropriate carrier, you can comfortably carry your baby around. But of course, there are certain points you must keep in mind before using a baby carrier sling.


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    Benefits of Babywearing for Parents
    Benefits of Babywearing for Babies
    Dos of Babywearing
    Don’ts of Babywearing
    Babywearing Safety Tips

    We all love kids, they have this amazing smile that draws us towards them, don’t they? “You go to a party and meet your close relative who asks you to hold her baby while she enjoys her dinner in peace, and you happily agree to it. Oh! you love that cutie’s smile. You play with her, dazzle her with quirky tricks, and make funny faces while she wonder’s what is wrong with you...soon enough she is bored with you and her cries begin; you curse yourself for agreeing to such a thing.”

    We all have been through this phase and after a point we get bored holding a baby. But the time when you actually embrace motherhood is when you understand the fuss about it. When your baby arrives in this world, you see life through her eyes and you welcome a new side of yourself that you thought never existed.

    When you become a mother, your instinct is to hold your baby all the time to protect her from any possible dangers. However, due to busy lives, it is hard to do it as much as you would like to. This is where babywearing comes into play. Babywearing allows you to get on with your work in your busy schedule and still be close to your baby. It saves the mother from the uncomfortable posture of holding the baby in one arm and the constant fear of baby slipping out from your hold. If you are tired of constantly tossing your baby from one arm to the other, it is high time you invest in a baby sling wrap. Babywearing is a more natural way of carrying a baby.


    Benefits of Babywearing for Parents

    Babywearing has a lot of positives that make it useful for parents. Here are some of the benefits it brings for parents:
    • When you put on a baby slip wrap, you are constantly in touch with your child. This strengthens the bond between the parent and the child. The parent’s f heartbeat is also soothing to the child.
    • When you carry your baby in a sling wrap, your hands are free. So, you can use your hands to perform basic household tasks.
    • Babywearing is also used to practice elimination communication or toilet-training. When you carry your baby in a baby carrier sling, you get in tune with his needs and understand when she needs to go to the toilet.

    Benefits of Babywearing for Babies

    This is one trend that has no drawbacks or downsides. Babywearing benefits babies in a number of ways.
    • Babies that are carried in a sling, cry far lesser than the babies who aren’t.
    • They have lesser chances of developing flat spots in their skulls or developing hip dysplasia.
    • Children who are worn use muscles to stay upright; therefore, they get stronger.
    Parents are advised to consult a local babywearing educator or join a local babywearing group to get assistance on how to carry your baby in a baby sling wrap.
    WATCH: How to Front Wrap Cross Carry Your Baby?

    Key Takeaway:
    Learn how to front wrap cross carry your baby in a sling. While carrying your baby, make sure his knees are up and bottom down. Also, make sure that your baby is able to breathe properly. Snuggle him close but it should not make him feel uncomfortable.

    Dos of Babywearing

    Once you decide to carry around your baby in a baby sling wrap, here are a few things you need to do:
    • Make sure you can always see your baby. The closer your baby is to you, the easier it will be on your body. Keeping the weight close makes it lighter. So, pick a carrier that is suitable to your height and which can manage your baby’s weight comfortably.
    • Make sure your baby is naturally placed in the carrier, as far as possible with no contortions.
    • The baby should not be close enough to kiss. She should not be in a lying-down position and her weight should be distributed evenly around the wearer.
    • The carrier should allow the baby to have an open airway (chin away from the chest). The baby should be in a seated position; knees in level of her seat or higher than the seat.
    • The baby should not be in a hanging position; she shouldn't be leaning forward when the carrier leans forward. A baby should be snuggled against the wearer’s body as much as possible.
    • When buying a sling make sure the fabric isn’t stretchable. Check the weight limits of the sling when buying it.
    • You shouldn’t have to brush aside any fabric to see your baby. If your baby is on the back carrier, you should be able to look over your shoulder and see her. Never cover your baby’s head in fabric.
    • The baby sling should be of breathable fabric; make your baby wear comfortable clothes, she should not feel too hot or too cold.
    • Check for proper positioning of the baby’s head, especially for newborns.
    • Walk around when wearing your baby – the motion keeps your little one calm and helps her fall asleep.

    Don’ts of Babywearing

    Here are certain points to keep in mind while you carry your baby in a sling wrap:
    • Don’t use a cloth to keep the baby warm. The aim of the carrier should be security and then comfort.
    • Allow the baby to get used to being worn. The earlier you begin, the easier it is for the baby to get adapted to being worn.
    • Don’t cook or drive when wearing the baby. Running and sprinting is also a strict no-no.
    • Don’t go near the places where your baby can grab something dangerous.
    • The child’s face shouldn’t be covered in cloth – this could lead to breathing problems.
    • Don’t wear the baby when you are about to go to sleep.
    • Don’t allow your baby’s chin to tuck into the chest. This again could lead to breathing issues.
    • Don’t let your baby’s legs to dangle without support. They should be slightly bent at knees and hugging your body.

    Carrying a baby in sling wrap

    Babywearing Safety Tips

    Babywearing has simplified the life of parents. Not having to hold your baby in arms all the time must be a relief to you and your aching arms. However, if you don’t use this baby career sling in the right manner, you can put your baby’s life at risk. Therefore, here are some safety tips to keep in mind to carry your baby without causing her trouble.
    1. Support Head and Neck:

      Babies are too delicate and in the first few months after birth, their strength is in a developing stage. If your baby is unable to keep her head and neck in an upright position, she needs support. So, until she has the strength to hold her head up, do not carry her in a baby sling wrap in a front carry facing out position. Also, refrain from carrying her on your back as you won’t be able to see her. A back carry position is recommended for babies older than 6 months.
    2. Protect Your Baby’s Hips:

      Without a doubt, babywearing has made it easy for you to carry your baby. But, that does not mean you carry her all the time. A baby needs to move her arms, hips, and legs for proper development. Make sure you free her from the sling and give her the time to move around. Also, a baby’s positioning on the sling decides the health of her hips. A baby’s hips should be stable and her legs should be spread and supported. If there is constant pressure on the hip joints, it may cause hip dysplasia.
    3. Maintain Your Baby’s Airway:

      Pay attention while carrying your baby in a baby sling wrap. Make her sit in an upright position. While holding her, make sure that her chin is off your chest. Your baby’s face should be clearly visible when babywearing. Also, her chin and nose should not be blocked by any piece of fabric.

    If you have never used a baby sling before, start off with ring slings or pouch slings, and then proceed to wraps and more sophisticated carriers as your baby grows. You can safely carry your baby this way till he is 2 years old. Some carriers are easy to use while others take some instruction and know-how. Never create your own method of wrapping a baby. Never wing it, as it is your baby’s life in question.

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