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    25 Foods That Cause & Relieve Constipation in Babies
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    foods that causes constipation in babies
    30 March 2016

    25 Foods That Cause & Relieve Constipation in Babies

    6 mins read
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    Babies often suffer from constipation. In most cases, your baby’s food is responsible for that hard poop. Prolonged constipation can lead to serious health problems. It's important to look a closer look at your baby’s diet at the first signs of constipation to find out what foods cause constipation in babies.


    In this article

    Is Your Baby's Poop Too Hard?
    List of Foods that Cause Constipation in Babies
    List of Foods that Relieve Constipation in Babies

    Is Your Baby's Poop Too Hard?

    Did you know that there are different colours and textures of baby poop? It is very indicative of your baby's diet; and since you may feel alarmed at the sight of something completely different than you were expecting, it's good to know the various types:
    • If your baby's poop is any of the following colours - green-brown, yellow, green-black, or brown - and of a regular texture, then you have nothing to worry about!
    • However, if you find that the stools are hard and pebbly, irregular, and that your baby is finding it quite difficult to poop, then he may be constipated.
    It can be disheartening for parents to see their baby in difficulty and pain with regard to their bowel movements. Don't lose heart as a probable cure lies in just tweaking your baby’s diet chart.

    Constipation in newborns is comparatively rare due to the all-liquid nature of their food during the initial months. It's more common when your baby is introduced to solid food. Here we provide a list of 12 foods that cause constipation in babies and also a list of  baby foods that help with constipation.

    List of Foods that Cause Constipation in Babies

    This is a comprehensive list of foods that constipate babies. Are these foods included in your baby's diet chart?

    1. Milk Protein
      Milk protein

      Exclusively breastfed children might develop an allergy towards protein in breast milk, in turn, causing constipation.
    2. Formula Food
      Formula food

      A formula-food only diet can cause constipation in very small babies. Certain ingredients present in formula feed can be difficult to digest and harden your baby’s poop beyond normalcy.
    3. Rice Cereal
      Rice cereal

      Rice is a binding grain and hence, it might constipate babies. It's best to avoid rice if your baby shows sign of constipation.
    4. Unripe Bananas
      Unripe bananas

      They are also binding in nature which in turn can cause constipation in your little one.
    5. Cooked Carrots
      Cooked carrots

      Once cooked, carrots lose their fibre content, thereby causing constipation.
    6. Applesauce

      Applesauce/puree contains pectin which hardens poop. It’s best to avoid such foods that constipate babies.
    7. Cheese

      Cheese is a low fibre food and among the top foods that cause constipation in babies if taken in large quantities.
    8. Yoghurt

      This dairy product is low in fibre and also has food binding effect which might promote constipation. It's best to restrict to 2 servings a day.
    9. White Bread
      White bread

      Yet another food low in fibre is white bread. It is greatly discouraged to avoid constipation in babies.
    10. Pasta

      This falls in the white food category and is low in fibre content. It may lead to constipation if eaten in large amounts.
    11. Potato

      Tubers like potatoes have been found to induce constipation when taken in large quantities.
    12. Fried Foods
      Fried foods

      Limit intake of fried foods as fats stimulate the release of some intestinal hormones. These slow down the digestive process.

    List of Foods that Relieve Constipation in Babies

    Now that you have identified the foods that cause constipation let us look at the ways of easing baby constipation with the right food. Know what to give babies for relieving constipation. Here are 12 foods that help baby poop.
    1. Soy Products
      Soy products

      For babies who are allergic to milk protein in breast milk, make a change in the mother’s diet. Try replacing dairy with soy products.
    2. Formula Food
      Formula food

      Yes, formula food features here too. Babies react to formula differently. In case your baby is on formula feed, you can consult your doctor and go for a different alternative.
    3. Prunes

      Prunes are high in fibre and a natural laxative. It can be had whole or as juice and ice pops. It is by far the best food to help baby poop.
    4. Beans

      Beans of any kind have a great mixture of soluble and insoluble fibre both of which help in digestion and maintain regular bowel movements.
    5. Sweet Potatoes
      Sweet potatoes

      Though it has the word potato attached to it, these are actually roots full of vitamins and not tubers like our regular potatoes. Rich in fibre, it’s best to have them with the skin on.
    6. Pears, Plums, and Apples
      Pears and apples

      These are all rich in fibre. They need to be consumed with the skin on to curb constipation.
    7. Berries

      Whether it’s strawberries or blueberries, they are all loaded with fibre and help relieve constipation. They are also super delicious - an added perk!
    8. Flaxseed

      This is a great source of fibre, antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids. A great all-rounder when you want to control constipation.
    9. Oatmeal

      Oatmeal is high in fibre content and eases constipation. Moreover, it is also a great source of energy!
    10. Whole Grain Bread
      Whole grain bread

      This is a good alternative for white bread and is rich in fibre with lower binding properties.
    11. Nuts

      They are a powerhouse of fibre which is great for your child's nutrition system. But feed them in moderation as they are also high in fat.
    12. Papaya

      Papaya is an age-old remedy for constipation. If your baby is suffering from constipation, feed him ripe papaya in mashed form. Papayas contain an enzyme called papain that helps in digesting complex protein molecules. Papaya is also rich in dietary fibres which helps regulate a baby's bowel movement and provide relief from constipation.
    13. Water
      A glass of water

      This is by far one of the most important foods to keep your baby's stool soft and easy to pass. Make your baby have adequate quantities of water at intervals and also as juices and purees to keep his colon hydrated. Remember that babies younger than 6 months don't need water and that the milk or formula you feed him should be enough to keep him well hydrated.
    These small diet changes can make your baby feel better by getting the bowels moving smoothly. Ensure that your baby has enough fluids and fibre included in her daily diet. A proper and timely diet schedule with a little exercise can ensure a smooth poop regime for your baby.

    Watch: A Doctor's Advice to Treat Constipation in Babies

    Key Takeaways:

    Specialists from the popular TV show, The Doctors, discuss remedies for constipation in babies:
    • The doctor mentions that an incidence of infrequent stools which are of a regular texture is slightly different than regular constipation. In constipation, the stools are quite hard.
    • Sometimes, a switch between breastmilk and formula milk can cause constipation in babies. Mothers can try cutting dairy from their diet, which has shown favourable results. Additionally, massaging your baby's tummy during a warm bath can also help him pass stools.

    Has your baby ever suffered from constipation? What foods caused constipation and what foods helped relieve constipation in your baby?

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    Jessica Caroline
    Wondering how to handle constipation in your toddler? Check out our expert's views on what causes the problem and how to help your child feel better.
    profile pic
    Mannat Ghumman
    You should add papaya to the list of foods that relieve constipation in baby also, it really helps



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