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    22 Amazing Breakfast Recipes Under 400 Calories
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    11 March 2016

    22 Amazing Breakfast Recipes Under 400 Calories

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    Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. It is what you start out with and should ideally keep you feeling full till lunch. But how many calories should your breakfast have to feel just right? More importantly, what recipes can you cook that help you and your family have energy-packed mornings?


    When you're trying to figure out the ideal breakfast calorie counter, remember the magic number– 400. Whether you're on a weight loss diet or just trying to keep fit, the 400 calorie rule applies to you. According to many dieticians, eating four 400-calorie meals a day speeds up your metabolism and also keeps you feeling full for a longer time. But hey, how can you cook a breakfast that contains 400 calories or less?

    To make things easier for you, we have curated a set of 22 wholesome and delicious recipes that can make breakfast the most eagerly awaited meal for you and the kids as well! And of course, they are all under 400 calories so there's no more worrying about extra weight!

    Delicious Breakfast Foods Under 400 Calories

    1. Wheat Pancakes

      When you are trying to include whole grains in your kid's diet, try this recipe that turns whole wheat flour into pancakes. They are also easy and quick-to-make aside from being light on the stomach.

      Ghaavan / Dhirde (Wheat Pancakes) Recipe
      Wheat Pancakes Recipe
    2. Falafel Sandwich

      Falafels made from chick peas make a yummy filling for a sandwich. This fills your child's tummy with a nutritious protein and carb combo. You can now be assured about your child's attention at school!

      Falafel Sandwich Recipe
      Falafel Sandwich Recipe
    3. Fresh Green Spinach Thalipeeth

      Thalipeeth introduces your child to a variety of grains and pulses. You can include a variety of flours like ragi flour, bajra flour, etc. to bring in variety. Guess what, you can also also sneak in spinach leaves and make a fresh green thalipeeth to serve with bottlegourd peel chutney.

      Spinach Thalipeeth Recipe
      Fresh Green Spinach Thalipeeth Recipe
    4. Black Bean Burrito

      A protein packed whole wheat burrito is what fits in best with your fitness plan. Pack it further with veggies of choice to make it more nutritious. This Mexican food has captured hearts across the world and we are sure it will win your family over too!

      Black bean Burrito Recipe
      Black Bean Burrito Recipe
    5. Baked Beans on Toast

      Baked beans are a staple convenience food in the UK, often eaten as part of the modern full English breakfast. Baked beans, as the name suggests, is a dish containing beans - sometimes baked - but, despite the name, usually stewed, in a sauce. Try out this recipe and have a wholesome breakfast to start your day with zest.

      Baked Beans Recipe
      Baked Beans on Toast Recipe
    6. Mix Sprout Coriander Dosa With Peanut Chutney

      This dosa is a more nutritious take on the traditional rice-urad dal combo. Add sprouts and coriander to your regular dosa to prepare this delicious recipe. Serve it with protein-rich peanut chutney.

      Mix Sprout Coriander Dosa With Peanut Chutney
      Mix Sprout Coriander Dosa Recipe
    7. Tofu, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich

      This sandwich is a vegetarian version of the traditional non-vegetarian bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwich. Though tofu replaces bacon here, this sandwich fares no less in the taste department!

      Tofu Lettuce Tomato Sandwich  Recipe
      Tofu, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich Recipe
    8. Paushtik Paratha

      Rightly called paushtik (or nutritious), these parathas are a wholesome recipe your kids are bound to love. Sneak in as many veggies as you like. Make sure you serve a bowl of curd alongside to enrich these nutrient-rich parathas with protein and calcium too.

      Mix-Veg Paratha Recipe
      Mix Veg Paratha Recipe
    9. Rajma Corn Sandwich

      This is a very easy, filling, nutritious and protein rich sandwich. Serve it to your kids with a glass of milk or juice and you are sure their breakfast will satisfy around 30% of the day's requirement of necessary nutrients.

      Rajma Corn Sandwich Recipe
      Rajma Corn Sandwich Recipe
    10. Peaches and Overnight Oats

      Do you tend to skip breakfast most of the times, since you don't have time to make it? Well, you can prepare your oats a night before with a fruit of your choice. No more missing out!

      Peaches and overnight oats Recipe
      Peaches and Overnight Oats Recipe
    11. Corn Broccoli Sandwich

      The corn and broccoli stir fry packed in these sandwiches can be used in wraps or rolls or as a side dish for rice or chapati. However, when stuffed in toast slices, trust us they taste the best. Replace the creamy cheddar cheese with low-fat feta cheese to remain guilt-free.

      Cheese Corn Broccoli Sandwich Recipe
      Corn Broccoli Sandwich Recipe
    12. Barley Grits Upma

      When clubbed with a variety of vegetables, this recipe becomes a healthy, low calorie breakfast option for weight watchers. You just need to pair it with a high protein source like a glass of milk and you are done with your breakfast.

      Barley Dalia (Grits)Upma Recipe
      Barley Grits Upma Recipe
    13. Fenugreek Moong Dal Paratha With Yoghurt Cucumber Dip

      Moong dal parathas are easy-to-digest and protein packed. When you add vegetables like fenugreek in it, they become healthier and tastier too. Secret tip - couple this paratha with cucumber raita.

      Moong Dal Parathas Recipe
      Fenugreek Moong Dal Paratha Recipe
    14. Eggplant Panini Veg Sandwich

      Whether you're fond of eggplant or not, you are sure to make them over and over again once you make these sandwiches! It is because of the heat of the panini press that these sandwiches get their crunchy, crispy texture.

      Grilled Veg Panini Sandwich Recipe
      Eggplant Panini Veg Sandwich Recipe
    15. Grilled Chicken Sandwich

      This grilled chicken sandwich is not just yum but also a low-fat-protein-packed recipe for all the health watchers. You can grab an extra bite without the anxiety of too many added calories. Plus, we promise there will be absolutely no fuss getting your kids to eat this!

      Grilled Chicken Sandwich  Recipe
      Grilled Chicken Sandwich Recipe
    16. Scrambled Egg On Toast Triangles

      Sometimes, interesting presentation is all we need to jazz up breakfast. Well, your kids certainly agree! If you want to cut down the calories, do not scramble the egg yolk.

      Scrambled egg on toast triangles Recipe
      Scrambled Egg On Toast Triangles Recipe
    17. Egg White Omelette Sandwich

      You can make an egg omelette sandwich with brown bread slices and the calorie count will still be less than 400! Now isn't that a comforting thought for this traditional, yum breakfast?

      Egg white omellette sandwich Recipe
      Egg White Omelette Sandwich Recipe
    18. French Toast With Berries

      Among the most popular egg recipes, French toast is probably the oldest. But this recipe adds the extra zing of berries. There's no beating it!

      French Toast  Recipe
      French Toast With Berries Recipe
    19. Zucchini and Parsley Spread With Toast

      The spread that you use for your toast matters a lot. A tasty, fresh spread packed with vitamins and minerals but without fats and empty calories is ideal. Exactly what this recipe offers.

      Zucchini and parsley spread with toast Recipe
      Zucchini and Parsley Spread With Toast Recipe
    20. Soya Stuff Paratha

      This paratha stands out for being the complete package of good quality protein, carbs and dietary fibre. A fitness lover's definition of perfection.

      Soya stuff paratha Recipe
      Soya Stuff Paratha Recipe
    21. Carrot-Tomato Uttapam

      If you keep the dosa batter handy, this can be a quick recipe to make in the early rush hours. Just add to the health quotient by putting in some fresh veggies.

      Carrot-tomato Uttappam Recipe
       Carrot Tomato Uttapam Recipe
    22. Thepla Pinwheels

      Thepla, a popular recipe from Gujarat, is very popular with kids. Though this rolling version takes a little longer to make than the basic thepla, it provides that very essential change in your routine.

      Thepla Pinwheels Recipe
      Thepla Pinwheels Recipe

    Do you or the kids have a favourite breakfast recipe that is a household staple every other morning?

    Share your healthy breakfast ideas with us!

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