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    20 Things To Say To Your Husband To Make Him Feel Great
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    things to say to your husband
    18 January 2017

    20 Things To Say To Your Husband To Make Him Feel Great

    6 mins read
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    In the everyday rush of things, we may often forget to tell each how much we love, value and respect the other. Never forget the importance of communication when it comes to marriage. Here are sweet things to say to your husband that will really boost his confidence and make him feel worth every bit of the man that he is to you!


    Marriage bliss is common but it's definition varies amongst couples. Most couples are comfortable with just co-habitation while some really want to keep dating each other after marriage too. While simply living together and being engrossed in your individual lives is better than heartbreaking issues like infedility, we know that you love a little extra romance every now and then. Well, so does your husband dearest!

    Let's look at how some nice things to say to your husband can boost your man up often. This will help him believe that he is the best man for you and your kids, because you know he deserves it.

    20 Romantic Things To Say To Your Husband

    1. Thanks for doing that. It means so much for me.

      It is easy to overlook the little things our husbands do for us, like keeping out the trash each night or dropping the kids to school. Whether it's a small task or not, it makes your life at least a little easier. Let him know that.
    2. I can't believe how good you are at that.

      Let your husband know that you notive his talents and are awestruck by them. Trust me, you'll be getting some extra love after you boost his ego like that.
    3. I love it when you wear that.

      Does he get your heart racing in thta crisp white shirt or those comfy joggers? Tell him! Men love a compliment just as much as women do.
    4. No matter how badly you mess up, I'll always forgive you.

      Love forgives. You know how angry you get when your husband messes up but the moment he is out of your sight you want him next to you again? That's because love gives numerous chances.
    5. Do you feel comfortable sharing your deepest troubles/ happinness with me?

      Marriage is about companionship. It is good to know if your husband is comfortable enough to share with you what is on his mind. Asking him this will let him know that you can be trusted and will always be there to listen to what may be troubling him.
    6. I made your favourite dish.

      It is true... a way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Watch him light up as you tell him these golden words! A foolproof answer to the age-old question - how to make my husband happy!
    7. You are my best friend.

      Who else sticks with you through all of life's problems, bears your occasional loud snoring or protects you? Your man is the best friend you will ever have and he deserves to know his value in your life.
    8. I forgive you and I won't bring this up again.

      A lot of times unresolved issues come up in fights. Promise your husband that you will not keep a record of the times he lets you down. Everyday should be a new chapter in your lives together. This is among the most positive things to say to your husband.
    9. This song always reminds me of you/us.

      Remember the tingly feeling when you just fell in love? Every love song was relatable and every poem about love felt like it was written for the two of you? When you hear “your” song play, text your husband and tell him you still feel the way you did before.
    10. Our child has definitely inherited these good qualities from you.

      If you have children together, your man will beam with pride when you tell him which of his good traits they have learnt or inherited from him. After all, without him they would have not been in this world. This is really something nice to say to your husband and very true too, right?
    11. I trust you.

      There's nothing that will bring a man down more than a wife that constantly doubts him. Of all the encouraging things to say to your husband, this one is the best. Men love feeling dependable and trustworthy.
    12. I'm so glad you're home.

      Know that feeling where you've missed your husband all day and he finally gets home? Hug him and tell him how much you've missed him.
    13. Let's do it.

      While there are many things you can say or do to get your man in the mood for some intimacy, we chose to say it simply. Men are much simpler than woman and even those three words can get most men excited enough to comply.
    14. You impress me still!

      If there is a particular skill your husband is great at, tell him he is impressive. This is one of those cute things to say to your husband that never grows old! Watch him beam and gush as you point out his talents.
    15. I'm sorry.

      Marriage is just a couple of great forgivers, willing to say I'm sorry when they hurt the other. Just as you forgive your husband, give him a chance to forgive you when you are insensitive about his feelings. Tell him you are sorry and mean it.
    16. Let's go out on a date.

      Just because you are married, who says you need to stop dating, right? Plan a date with your husband and make sure you do something that really helps you bond, whether it is a romantic dinner date or something more adventurous.
    17. I hope you know I respect you so much.

      Respect in so important in relationships. While it is natural to lose your temper now and then, lack of respect is a red flag in relationships. Telling your husband you respect him will reinfornce the respect between both of you.
    18. It is amazing to see the man you have become since we first met.

      When the butterflies in your tummy fade and life together seems mundane, think of this. Both of you have transformed so much individually and together. If that doesn't make you smile already, we don't know what will! Tell your man that you are so happy to see how far he has come along.
    19. You make a great dad.

      Next time you catch your hubby bonding with the kids, tell him what a great father he is. After all he works so hard to be one!
    20. I love you.

      There's no need to explain this one!
    So, which of these lovely things to say to your husband are you going to start with? Tell us too!

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