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    20 Most Comfortable Ways To Have Sex When Pregnant
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    12 January 2016

    20 Most Comfortable Ways To Have Sex When Pregnant

    7 mins read
    for Pregnancy
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    Many women feel that a big baby bump will put a dampener on their marital love life. But this couldn't be more untrue!


    Sex during pregnancy is safe and can be a lot of fun! Of course, you need to acquaint yourself with the necessary safety precautions, and adjustments, but ultimately your sex life doesn't come to an end just because there's a baby is on the way! In fact, increased blood flow to the pelvic area during pregnancy can even heighten the sensation during sex.

    Yes, it seems scary and uncomfortable to imagine sex during pregnancy. Myths and false anecdotes on TV can give you the feeling that having sex while pregnant is a no-no, and even increase the fear that it could be harmful to the baby. However, none of this is true, and with the following tips, you and your hubby can continue to enjoy the beautiful perks of being married!

    Safe Sex Positions During Pregnancy - Explained!

    1. Doggy Style:

      As being on her belly will obviously be difficult, if not impossible for a pregnant woman, the crouching position in doggy style is the best way to have sex when pregnant. Here the woman will kneel on all fours with the man taking position behind her for a rear entry.
    2. Woman On Top:

      This position is both more comfortable for a woman with a baby bump, and it also gives her more control. Here the woman straddles on top of her partner and can lean forward or backwards to manage the pace and thrust.
    3. Reverse Cowgirl:

      Many women feel too shy or embarrassed to reveal their baby bump during sex. In cases like these, the reverse cowgirl is the best method. Here too, the woman is on top, except she faces away from her partner.
    4. Lap Top:

      This position is almost exactly like the reverse cowgirl. Only in this case, instead of lying down, the man sits upright on a chair and supports his partner while she sits on his lap, with her back to his face. Here too, the woman can take control of the pace and thrust.
    5. Edge of the Bed:

      Here, the male partner should kneel outside the bed while the woman is lying down on the edge of the bed with her legs down. This way the male partner can thrust in the kneeling position, without putting any weight or pressure on the baby bump.
    6. On a Chair:

      Similar to the edge of the bed, this is the easiest pregnancy sex positions for the third trimester. Here the woman can sit on the chair while the man kneels in front of her. Ideally, position the chair a little higher than your guy, so he's pushing upwards instead of putting pressure on the baby bump.
    7. Spooning:

      You may be familiar with spooning – that's what you do when you cuddle with hubby in bed! Spooning is also a comfortable way to have sex when pregnant because there's no pressure on the baby bump and the woman gets lots of scope for movement. Here the male partner positions himself behind the woman at different angles to allow for penetration.
    8. Side by Side:

      This position only differs from spooning in that the woman should keep her legs at a 90-degree angle, to form an L-shape with her torso, while facing away from the partner. This position allows the male partner to take greater control of the situation.
    9. Scissoring:

      The scissors position is often recommended to pregnant women as it is very comfortable, and allows for gentle and slow penetration. In this position, the couple lie facing each other, with the woman’s top leg over the guy’s hip. The man can hold on to the woman's hips and she can hold his waist with her bottom leg pressing against his legs. Both partners have their legs opened like a pair of scissors, hence the name.
    10. Policeman Frisk Position:

      This position derives its name from the way policeman make you stand against a wall while they frisk you for weapons! This is a kind of standing position, where the woman stands facing the wall, with her hands on the wall, feet apart, bending slightly forward and the man can then penetrate from behind. This one of the best pregnancy sex positions for the third trimester, as there is no pressure on her belly.
    11. ||

    12. Leap Frog:

      Similar to the doggy-style position, here the male and female partners will both be resting on their knees. During later stages of pregnancy, the belly can be placed on pillows for more support. Also, here the man can hold a pillow between him and the woman's back to make the penetration process gentler and slower.
    13. The Spider Position:

      The spider position both makes it comfortable for a pregnant woman to have sex and also adds a bit of spice to the bedroom! In this position, both partners lie on the bed with their legs pointing towards one another, supporting their own weight on their back. The couple can then move towards each other with the woman's legs spread and positioned on the man's hips, allowing for penetration. Here speed and thrust can be controlled by both partners.
    14. Missionary Side-by-Side:

      This is the opposite of spooning, and a take on the traditional missionary position. Here both partners face each other, and the man can slip his legs over the woman’s and enter her from an angle. However, to facilitate penetration, the man should position himself a bit lower than the woman.
    15. Missionary Propped Up On Pillows:

      If you prefer traditional methods to the more exotic ones listed above, then this position is for you! The original missionary position can be difficult and painful if the woman has been told not to lie on her back. Add a few pillows to the equation and make it one of the most comfortable sex positions during pregnancy!
    16. Couch Potato:

      After your second trimester, even simply lying down on the bed can be uncomfortable – so why include the bed in your sex life at all! This position is a variation on doggy style with some extra cushiony support. Kneel on a couch with your belly facing the back of it; use your arms for support while your husband enters from behind.
    17. Standing Proud:

      Here the female partner can stand with her back facing the man. Lifting one of her legs and resting the foot on a chair can make it easier for the man to penetrate from the rear. The male partner can also support the woman's weight by holding her waist and hips.
    18. Mattress Hold:

      This position is another variation on the doggy style – with the woman crouched against the foot of the bed. Traditional doggy style while pregnant may get uncomfortable for a woman in her third trimester, as she would have to support her own weight as well as that of the baby bump with her arms. This position allows the woman to rest her arms and head on the mattress so that she doesn't have to hold up all the belly weight with her arms.
    19. Prop it Up:

      Here the woman can prop herself up into a sitting position on the kitchen counter, or on the counter of her bathroom sink. This way it raises her to the man's level without any actual props or discomfort, making for easier penetration.
    20. Oral Stimulation: While this is not exactly a “position”, oral sex is still sex after all! Just because the baby bump prevents you from comfortably having sex in the traditional way, doesn't mean it should stop you from indulging yourself with your husband!

    21. Mutual Masturbation:

      The title should explain it all! Though this is another one that's not an actual position, this is one way to ensure that your sex life with hubby doesn't take a backseat during your pregnancy!
    Being pregnant doesn't mean you should refrain from having sex. Use this time to explore newer ways to get intimate with the love of your life.

    If you have tried these sex positions during pregnancy out, let us know what you think in the comments! design (2)

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