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    15 Photoshoot Ideas You Must Try For Your Little One!
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    photoshoot ideas for kids
    09 June 2016

    15 Photoshoot Ideas You Must Try For Your Little One!

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    One of the biggest joys of parenting is clicking pictures of your children! Pictures help preserve memories for a lifetime. Years down the line, when your kids are grown up, these baby pictures will tug at your heartstrings and recreate the magic of their childhood. But how can you click the perfect picture at home? Is a beautiful photo-shoot possible without expenditure?


    Professional photo-shoots can be very expensive. But what if we tell you it is entirely possible to ditch the photographer, grab your smartphone, and take adorable photos of your children? No, there's no blowing your budget involved!

    Check out our list of 15 adorable and affordable photo shoot ideas for your little darlings. We promise you won't be able to resist looking at the final pictures again and again!

    1. Little Krishna
      Little Krishna

      If like most kids, your child is enchanted by Lord Krishna, why not dress them up as little Krishna? Get a soft and comfortable dhoti kurta that comes with a peacock feather, a crown and a flute. Your little one will most certainly look the part. For a touch of authenticity, you could even opt for child-safe blue body paint.

      Source: Pinterest
    2. Baby Owl
      Baby Owl

      What do human babies and baby owls have in common? Both are adorable – and both live in the nest! The best part is that all you need is a designer owl cap and a fake nest to turn your little darling into a cuddly baby owl.

      Source: Etsy
    3. Mermaid/Merman

      Which child isn't fascinated by fish? Delight your baby by dressing them up as a mermaid or merman. Just throw on this tail and a darling little headband and watch them transform.

      Source: Enfemenino
    4. Mealtime with Dad
      Mealtime with Dad

      How about capturing a little dose of reality with dad feeding the baby? Mealtime is often code for messy-time, so the more the mess, the more natural the photo will be!

      Source: The Berry
    5. Busy Bee Or Baby?
      Busy Bee Or Baby?

      If you thought bees aren't even remotely cute, seeing your baby in this cute bumble bee outfit will definitely change your mind. Soft and comfortable, you will be tempted to keep on this outfit all day.

      Source: Max and Riley
    6. It's Picnic Time
      It's Picnic Time

      Capture the bond between your kids with this simple yet heartwarming picnic shoot. To give your photo a magical touch, place a couple of adorable grass heads around your kids. You could also opt for a fun shapes basket instead of a plain wooden one.

      Source: My Modern Met
    7. Meet My Pet
      Meet My Pet

      Kids love pets and pets love them right back! Capture the love forever by shooting your kid and pet playing, blissfully unaware of anyone and anything else. To up the cuteness, dress your kid to look like your pet or any other animal. You could do this by selecting from one of these really cute animal costumes. Why not try dressing your kid in similar colours as your pet? Both baby and pet will be super pleased!

      Source: My Modern Met
    8. Mom and Her Angel
      Mom and Her Angel

      Most kids like to dress up like adults, particularly their own parents. Make your child feel like a mini-you by dressing him or her up exactly like you.

      Source: Ebay
    9. Santa's In Town
      Santa's In Town

      Who said you have to wait for Santa until December 25? Let Christmas come early this year – with a little Santa right in your home!

      Source: Alie Express
    10. Me Pirate
      Me Pirate

      A hat, a sword and an eye patch - if your child doesn't already love pirates, they will surely fall in love with them now! Team this cute pirate outfit with a pair of white leggings, and your little angel is ready for a memorable photo shoot!

      Source: Pinterest
    11. Meet The Chef
      Meet The Chef

      If your kid loves food, you have to get them this chef costume. This outfit is as real as it gets with a chef jacket, a chef hat, an oven mitt, and a name tag that can be personalized.

      Source: Pinterest
    12. Hello, Fairy
      Hello, Fairy

      With a sparkling tiara, a beautiful wand and a lovely frock, your little girl will glow like an actual fairy! What's more, you can also reuse this outfit as a birthday party dress, or for any other special occasion.

      Source: Pinterest
    13. The Little Eskimo
      The Little Eskimo

      Love snow? How about a little Eskimo photoshoot? All you need to put together the traditional Eskimo outfit is a fur jacket, a fur cap and fur boots.

      Source: Eslamoda
    14. My Soft Toys & Me
      My Soft Toys & Me

      This theme is perfect for babies who love to play with their soft toys. It is up to you to create the perfect scene, and depending on your creativity, this can either be simple or complicated. Either way, you'll forever treasure the cuteness!

      Source: The Awesome Daily
    15. The Doctor Is In
      The Doctor Is In

      Turn the apple of your eye into a professional doctor with a white coat, a stethoscope and a doctor's bag. Not only will they look adorable, playing with the tools in the bag might reduce their fear of going to the doctor's office.

      Source: Pics Hype

    Which of these photoshoot ideas will you be recreating? Do share your photos – we would love to see your little ones all dressed up!

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