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    15 Early Signs of Pregnancy Before Missed Periods
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    signs of pregnancy before missed period
    22 December 2015

    15 Early Signs of Pregnancy Before Missed Periods

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    A missed period is one of the earliest, tell-tale signs that you may have conceived. But how to tell if you are pregnant before missed period? The following early signs of pregnancy can help you find out!


    Early pregnancy symptoms are very often similar to PMS symptoms. Moreover, they also vary across women based on factors such as age, body type and regularity of menstrual cycle. This could leave you confused. Just remember that pregnancy symptoms are likely to be more intense than when you're expecting your monthly flow. Check below to see if the symptoms you are experiencing could be indicators of pregnancy.

    Tell Tale Signs of Early Pregnancy

    Here is how your body changes during early pregnancy, week by week. This table will help you track the changes that you are going through.

    Signs and symptoms

    Number of Weeks from Conception

    Cramps and Spotting Up to week 4
    Missed Period Week 4
    Fatigue and Exhaustion Week 4 -5 
    Nausea and Restlessness Week 4-6
    Soreness and Tingling of Breasts Week 4-6
    Frequent Urination Week 4-6
    Bloating  Week 4-6 
    Motion Sickness and Headaches Week 5-6
    Mood Swings Week 6
    Increase in Basal Body Temperature Week 6
    Increased Blood Pressure Week 8
    Heartburn Week 9
    Rapid Heartbeats Week 8-10
    Breast Shape and Nipple Changes Week 11
    Acne and Dark Spots Week 11
    Significant Weight Gain Week 11
    Pregnancy Glow  Week 12

    Sometimes missing a period is not your only cue to determine if you are pregnant. Here are 15 other signs to watch out for to be sure. How many have you checked off from the list?
    1. Abdominal cramping:

      Abdominal Cramps 

      While cramping is a common part of PMS, it could also indicate that you have conceived. In early pregnancy, the uterus adjusts itself to make space for the baby.
    2. Tenderness of Breasts

      Increased Breast Sensitivity 

      This is because your body produces higher levels of estrogen and progesterone when you're pregnant – the same hormones that also cause breast tenderness when you are PMSing. You may also notice darker areolas (dark brown) than usual.
    3. Fatigue and Exhaustion

      Unusual Tiredness 

      Pregnancy increases the progesterone levels that can make you feel fatigued. 

    4. Watch: What Gynaecologists Say About Fatigue and Pregnancy

    5. Mood Swings

      Mood Swings 

      You're likely to feel more sensitive and emotional in early pregnancy. This could be more heightened than your mood swings before your period.
    6. Bloating


      This is similar to the bloating you feel during PMS, but usually more so. Bloating is a result of thickening uterine lining.
    7. Backaches:


      Yet again, this is similar to your PMS symptoms. However, a backache could also be due to the stretching and growing of the uterus during early pregnancy.
    8. Nausea


      Morning sickness before missed period is not really common since it sets in around six weeks of pregnancy. However, some women can start feeling nauseous really early.
    9. Frequent Urination

      Frequent urination 

      This is because your blood volume increases during pregnancy and your kidneys need to work harder to process the extra fluids. As a result, you also feel thirstier than usual.
    10. Issues with Digestion

      Digestive Troubles 

      This is because of the impact that hormonal changes have on your digestive system, slowing it down. In fact, your appetite could also be affected negatively. Some women report having a metallic taste in the mouth – probably due to fluctuating hormones.
    11. Increased Vaginal Discharge

      Vaginal Discharge 

      A high volume of creamy and yellowish discharge could be a symptom of pregnancy. This is caused by estrogen changes when you're pregnant.

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      Vaginal Discharge: Causes, Treatment & Types

    12. Headaches


      Changing blood volume during pregnancy can take a toll on your body, giving you a headache.
    13. Increased Basal Body Temperature

      Basal Body Temperature 

      This is because progesterone levels cause body temperatures to rise. This is one of the very early signs of pregnancy before missed period. You can track this using a BBT (basal body temperature) thermometer.
    14. Spotting

      Spotting Colour 

      While you may think this signals the start of your period, it could be implantation bleeding instead. It typically occurs a few days before your period is supposed to start. However, this is not a very common symptom.
    15. Increased Sensitivity to Smells 

      Sensitive to Smell 

      A heightened sense of smell in early pregnancy is still a subject of research. This is usually attributed to an increase in estrogen levels and other hormonal changes.
    16. Changed Tastes

      Change in taste 

      There is a good possibility one morning you may not like the taste of your daily cuppa and will be craving for a glass of fruit juice instead! Sudden cravings and change in tastes is an indicator of pregnancy.

    If you’ve been experiencing some or all of these symptoms, it could indicate early pregnancy. When you are closer to having a late period, take a home pregnancy test and keep your fingers crossed. Remember that the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone (HCG) levels could take a while to rise. Your pregnancy test, therefore, is likelier to accurate if you wait for a few days after the day your menstrual cycle was due. All the best!

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