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    14 Ways To Confirm Pregnancy Without Taking a Test
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    How to confirm pregnancy without test
    12 January 2016

    14 Ways To Confirm Pregnancy Without Taking a Test

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    It's easy to get excited over a missed period when you can't wait to start your new life as a mom! But most pre pregnancy symptoms before missed period can also strike you as PMS symptoms. For women who just can't wait to be a mom, taking the medical pregnancy test again and again can be quite a chore – and not to mention, an added expense! Luckily we know the best way how to confirm pregnancy without test kit – all you need are the ingredients in your home!


    In this article

    How to Test Pregnancy at Home Without a Kit?
    The Role of hCG in Confirming Pregnancy
    How Accurate Are Home Pregnancy Tests?
    How to Increase the Accuracy of Home Pregnancy Tests?

    Soreness, nausea and lethargy can be symptoms of pregnancy – but also of your body's hormonal reaction to delayed periods. Hence it isn't wise to put your faith in pregnancy symptoms after a missed period. While medical pregnancy tests are the most reliable option short of going to your doctor, sometimes financial constraints and unavailability can stand in the way. Here are some homemade pregnancy tests for moms to be.

    How to Test Pregnancy at Home Without a Kit?

    Here are most reliable homemade pregnancy test that will confirm if you are a mom to be. These tests can be done using simple ingredients that are easily available in your house.

    1. The Sugar Pregnancy Test:

      Collect a sample of your urine first thing in the morning when you wake up. Take 1 tbsp of sugar in a bowl and pour 1 tbsp of urine onto it. Wait for few minutes to observe the reaction of sugar in the urine. If you are pregnant, then the presence of the hCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) in the urine does not allow the sugar to get dissolved in the urine. Therefore:
      • If the sugar has dissolved in the urine that means that you are not pregnant.
      • If the sugar has clumped up in the urine, then the result is positive, and you are pregnant.

    2. The Toothpaste Pregnancy Test:

      Take a small amount of toothpaste in a bowl and the same quantity of your urine sample to it. If the toothpaste turns blue or frothy, it means that the result is positive. However, this test is not reliable as toothpaste could also become frothy if the urine is a little acidic. 

    3. The Soap Pregnancy Test:

      Take half a cup of urine that is collected in the morning. Bring it in contact with any soap. If the soap froths up or bubbles, then the result could be positive.

    4. The Mustard Powder Test:

      Mustard powder is an age-old remedy to induce periods when they have been delayed. So if you are wondering if it's merely a missed period, or if you are indeed pregnant, then a soak in a tub of mustard powder and hot water would not go amiss. Add one bowl of mustard powder to a bathtub of hot water and soak in it for 30-40 minutes. If it does not induce your period after a day or two, then you may be pregnant!

    5. The Tuna Juice and Vinegar Pregnancy Test:

      Now this combination may sound gross, but it is a fairly efficient way to deduce whether you are pregnant. Take a quarter of a cup of tuna juice (the juice that collects on top of the meat in a regular can of tuna) along with a quarter of a cup of vinegar and mix it well. Pour your urine sample into the mixture and observe for a few minutes for a colour change. If the mixture changes colour to orange-yellowish, then the result is negative, but if the mixture becomes slight green, then you have a positive result!

      Tuna Juice and Vinegar
    6. The Vinegar Test for Pregnancy:

      For vegetarian mommies-to-be who will not have any use for canned tuna, the above test works well enough with simple vinegar as well. Add morning urine to a cup of white vinegar and once again wait for a colour change as a positive indicator of pregnancy.

    7. The Wheat and Barley Pregnancy Test:

      An ancient Egyptian method to confirm pregnancy, the wheat and barley test was also scientifically proven to have 70% accurate results. Here, you must pour your urine sample on wheat and barley seeds over the course of several days; if the wheat sprouts, then you will have a baby girl, and if the barley sprouts, a boy. If neither sprouts, then you aren't pregnant!

      Wheat and Barley Pregnancy Test
    8. Baking Soda Pregnancy Test:

      The baking soda test has also been proven to yield 70% accurate results. Take the baking soda in a clean bowl, add the urine sample and wait for few minutes. If there is no change visible, then the result is negative. However, if the soda fizzles, then you are officially a mommy-to-be!

      Baking Soda
    9. Dandelion Leaves to Test Your Pregnancy:

      Collect a few dandelion leaves in a container and keep it completely away from sunlight. Pour your urine sample into the container till the leaves are completely submerged. After 10 minutes, check if there are any red bumps on the leaves. If yes, then the result is positive.

    10. The Pine Pregnancy Test:

      A pine tree can help you find out if you are pregnant! To make pine sol, mix different parts of the pine tree, like cones, twigs and needles in a hard plastic container. Pour your urine sample into the mixture and wait for 10 minutes. If the colour of the pine sol changes then the result is positive.

    11. The Bleach Pregnancy Test:

      Pour roughly 2 tbsp each of bleach and urine in a bowl. If the bleach starts forming a foam, then you are pregnant, and if there is no foam, then you have a negative result. Aspiring mommies-to-be should note that this test is best done in a ventilated, open space as inhaling bleach can be harmful to your wellbeing.

    12. The Urine Collection Test:

      If you do not wish to experiment with your kitchen ingredients, this is your most straightforward way of finding out – although it is more time-consuming. Collect your urine in a bottle or jar., rest it on a flat surface and do not touch it for 24 hours. If, after this time, you see a thin white layer on the top of the urine, it is a sign of positive result, which means you are pregnant. If there are no changes, the result is negative.
    13. The Wine Test:

      White wine can also be used to determine pregnancy. You can mix equal amounts of urine and white wine in a clear glass. Do not stir for 10-12 minutes and look for any colour changes. If there are changes in colour, it is an indication of pregnancy.

      White Wine
    14. Paracetamol(Tylenol) and Peroxide Test:

      You can easily find paracetamol, the main compound in pain-killers and peroxide, an antiseptic and disinfectant in local pharmacies. A few drops of peroxide could be added to a powdered paracetamol pill to determine pregnancy. If it turns blue, it indicates pregnancy. 

      Pain Killers

    The Role of hCG in Confirming Pregnancy

    What is it that makes home-made pregnancy tests reliable? It is the results of the reaction of urine with a presence of the hormone hCG with the substances mentioned above. The hormone hCG is present only if implantation has taken place. It is produced by the cells formed in the placenta, which nourishes the egg after it has been fertilised and gets attached to the uterine wall.The detection can take 11-14 days. A urine pregnancy test or a blood test detects this with the most accuracy.

    How Accurate Are Home Pregnancy Tests?

    The accuracy of pregnancy tests depends on how soon you take it and whether you follow it accurately or not. This is because the hormone that determines the possibility of pregnancy, hCG,  is produced and detected only after 11-14 days of conception. If you take a test too soon, the results will be negative. You can take one after the first missed period. Also, its imperative to carry out these tests precisely, since changes in the procedure, missed steps and a change in the ingredients might give faulty results.

    How to Increase the Accuracy of Home Pregnancy Tests?

    It is crucial to follow certain rules to increase the accuracy of your pregnancy tests. All of these involve the use of urine, and most women tend to make mistakes while taking a urine sample.Here are a few guidelines that will help you to increase chances of an accurate result.
    • Use the first urine sample in the morning, since it contains substantial levels of hCG.
    • Use a clean, sterile, plastic container to collect the urine sample.
    • Make sure you collect enough amount of urine since it is difficult to take a test with very little urine.
    • You can repeat the procedure twice or thrice to confirm the result.
    • Follow the procedure correctly and wait for 10-15 minutes before assessing the result.

    While there are no sure signs of pregnancy without a test, short of going to the doctor, these homemade tests for pregnancy are sure to come in handy! Aspiring mommies-to-be, what do you think of our DIY pregnancy tests?

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