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    14 Thoughtful & Unique Diwali Gifts for All Your Loved Ones
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    12 October 2018

    14 Thoughtful & Unique Diwali Gifts for All Your Loved Ones

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    Diwali is around the corner, and it is high time that you go Diwali shopping and buy gifts for your family members, relatives, and kids. But don't buy the same old gifts, this Diwali gift something unique, as well as useful to your friends and relatives - something they could always cherish. Here are 14 thoughtful Diwali gift suggestions for your family, relatives, and kids.


    Diwali brings a lot of fun and fervour. Less than a month from now, the five fabulous days of Diwali will be here and you will be lighting your home with diyas, making rangoli at your doorstep, and enjoying the precious family moments. But before the most-awaited festival dawns, there are a lot of preparations that need to be done. White-washing, cleaning, decorating, buying diyas, making sweets, shopping for new clothes for Diwali, deciding what to buy for ‘Dhanteras’, the list is endless. While all this list is ticked off in the stipulated time, the ever-present dilemma of buying unique, useful, outstanding GIFTS for your friends, relatives, and family keeps you awake at the wee hours of the night.

    We know buying gifts for those whom you love but can’t visit on a regular basis because of your tedious routine can be a daunting task (since you don’t know their likes and dislikes and the wide range of options available out there for every single product baffles you). In the end, you go for the safest options - cash, sweets, or a box of chocolates. But you don’t have to gift these same items every other year, this year buy unique gifts for your kids and relatives. They will treasure it.

    Gifts for Diwali

    14 Thoughtful Diwali Gifts for Relatives and Kids

    Gifts are a medium to convey our heartfelt emotions to the people we love. If you are tired of giving the same conventional gifts to your close ones, then explore this list of gift suggestions. Your relatives will be thrilled on receiving them.

    For Relatives and Friends

    1. Self-care Products

      Five years ago, the thought of giving self-care products and grooming kits to your relatives and friends may have seemed ludicrous to you but that ain’t the situation now. The idea of self-care, pampering our skin, or giving priority to yourself, is finally (though slowly) sinking in the minds of people. Take a step ahead to make your friends and relatives feel loved and cared for. After all, everyone deserves to be showered with luxuries once in a while.

      For Women

      Cosmetics and self-care products are a woman’s best friends and receiving expensive and branded beauty products as gifts is every woman’s dream. To those lovely women in your life, gift beauty and personal care products. When it comes to buying beauty hampers for women, the options are endless. Besides make-up kit and hair-care products, you can gift them travel kits, a spa-at-home set, pack of essential oils, or luxurious soap set. You can also gift organic and natural beauty hampers. Top brands offer these kits at reasonable prices, particularly during festive seasons, so this Diwali splurge a little more and strengthen the bond with your favourite ladies.
      Make-up kit for women

      For Men

      You don’t need to gift just perfumes, deodorants, or wallets to men. The increasing awareness for self-care among men has given the top brands an opportunity to venture into men’s personal care products, too. Yes, perfume sets will always be the top and safest choice, but hair styling products, shaving kits, bath and shower gels, and grooming kits can also be meaningful gifts for men. Take your pick and make the men in your life feel special.
      Gift hamper for men
    2. Subscription to Different Channels

      You must have grown up in the times when going to theatres was a big deal and you had to satisfy yourself with 6 in 1 pirated DVDs to watch the latest movies and TV shows (which were not latest by the time you got them). But that’s not the case anymore. If your relatives or friends enjoy watching movies and TV shows but don’t have the gift of time, then give them the ‘gift of entertainment’. You can give them a year’s worth subscription of the major entertainment service providers, like Netflix or Amazon Prime. You can even buy gift cards of these media service providers. They’ll be grateful for hours of good entertainment, courtesy, you!
    3. Health and Wellness Products

      If you have health conscious relatives and friends, surprise them with gourmet products. The idea of healthy living and healthy eating is no more a foreign term and people are becoming health conscious with each passing day. Take ahead this idea of healthy living by gifting your relatives and friends a box of dried fruits and nuts, a basket of exotic fruits, or healthy breakfast products like muesli, oats, quinoa seeds, etc. They will love it and they will love you even more. Today, people are also switching from their conventional ‘cup of chai’ to the wondrous drink ‘green tea’, provided the various health benefits it offers. You can even make a gift hamper of green tea by mixing different brands and flavours of it and gift it to ‘Tea lovers’. This Diwali, gift ‘good health’ to your dear ones.
      Health and Wellness Products
    4. Gift Cards and Vouchers

      Gift cards are the safest and most convenient gifts that you can give to your relatives and friends. The availability of gift cards and vouchers in every space, whether it is fashion, clothing, digital products, food and beverages, or even books, have made our lives simpler. You can give your relatives gift cards of the amount you prefer and save yourself from the indecision of ‘to buy or not to buy’. Give your relatives the freedom of choice and let them buy something they actually like.
    5. Homemade Sweets and Handwritten Letters

      This festive season bring back the tradition of giving homemade goodies and writing letters with a twist. Don’t gift store-bought sweets (which you can’t trust, particularly, during festive season) or traditional snacks and sweets like chakli, gujiya, or anarsa to your relatives. Go healthy and gift baked items. You can bake cakes or biscuits and wrap them up creatively. You can also write a short letter or a note to each relative to give it a personal touch and celebrate just like the old times.
      Homemade Biscuits
    6. Personalised Gifts

      We all love receiving personalised gifts. The thought that someone took the effort to get a gift made for us is enough to make us happy, isn’t it? If you also want to make your dear ones feel special, take out some time and get personalised gifts for them. Other than mugs, you can also gift customised photo coasters, pillows and cushions. Personalised gifts are for keeps, so don’t worry, your friends and relatives will treasure them always.
    7. Candles

      Candles are a low-key and useful gifts. Your relatives will definitely light them on Diwali. You can make candles at home or gift store-bought ones. You will find many varieties of candles - tealight candles, perfumed candles, gel candles, sparkling candles, or cylindrical candles - there are ample options to choose from. You can also gift hollow candles with pictures of Gods and Goddesses on it; once you light them, the pictures will illuminate. A perfect gift for Diwali, right?
      Lord Ganesha Candle

    For Kids

    1. Crafts Supplies

      If your kids enjoy craft activities and are the ‘do-it-yourself’ kind, one of the best gifts to keep them happily engaged for long is craft items. By indulging in craft activities, children get to explore their creative side and their imagination and problem-solving skills develop, too. Get them a box of essential craft supplies consisting of crayons, quilling paper, sand, felt, paint, paint brushes, disposable cups and plates, origami paper, clay, etc. and keep them busy. You never know, a small gift like this can bring out the artist in your child.
      Craft supplies
    2. Magazine Subscription

      Reading is a habit which should be inculcated in kids from an early age. Through books, you can show them the world and beyond. If your kid is a bit older and enjoys reading comics, get him a subscription of his favourite comics. Other than this, you can also subscribe to educational magazines for your kids, like National Geographic Kids Magazine or Reader’s Digest. Let them learn beyond school books, it will help them in the future.
    3. Educational Games

      Games and toys are still great gifts for children even in this generation. This festive occasion, surprise your kids with the board games that were once your favourite past-time. Some educational board games that you can get for your children are Chess, Scrabble, Monopoly, Brainvita, and Puzzles. Games like Chess, Brainvita, or Puzzles improve a child’s problem-solving skills, thereby boosting their brain power. Monopoly can give a child a fair idea of how to manage money, and Scrabble is good for vocabulary development. So, get these games for your kids and let them learn without books in their hands.
      Board games
    4. Mythological DVDs

      You don’t like it when your children are glued to the television, but since the Diwali holidays are coming, you can’t stop them from having fun, right? Of course, you can put a limit to video games and unintelligible cartoons, but you can introduce them to mythological characters in the season of festivity. Kids remember things distinctly through pictures. So get the DVDs of mythologies (in the animated form of course) of the Ramayana, Shri Krishna, Lord Ganesha, Hanumana, and many others. Let your children enjoy and learn about ancient India through these animated movies.
    5. Homemade Chocolates

      If you despise the idea of giving store-bought chocolates to kids, then give them homemade chocolates. It is hard to say ‘No’ to kids when they ask for a bar of chocolate, isn’t it? The good thing is you don’t have to give them an expensive box of chocolates, make them at home and pack it in a nice box and your kiddo will be happy. Homemade and mom-made is always good. Make what you are good at and gift happiness to your kids.
      Homemade chocolates
    6. Enrol Him in a Hobby Class

      We all are born with certain propensities, and as we grow, they become evident. For instance, your child may show an inclination towards music whereas your nephew may show an interest in sports. Find out the talent of your child and help him hone that by getting him enrolled in a class related to that skill. Children should learn and excel at least one extra-curricular activity. It not only helps them develop new skills but also make them better and happy individuals in life. If your kid shows interest in playing the guitar, enrol him in a guitar class. Gift your child a platform to hone his talent; he will forever be grateful to you.
    7. Sports Kit

      Encourage your kids to play outdoors by gifting them a sports kit. If your children show an interest in cricket, gift him a cricket kit. Ask them which sport they enjoy the most and gift necessary supplies related to that particular sport. For instance, if your children show an inclination towards badminton or hockey, you can get them badminton racquets or a hockey stick. Let your children play and enjoy. A nudge from you today will help them achieve their dreams tomorrow.
      Sports kit

    When you love someone, you want to give them the best in the world. Perhaps, this is the reason you take your time to buy precious gifts for your loved ones. But Diwali is not far and if you are still scrounging for gold for the special people in your life with little to no success, then we suggest that you consider the above-mentioned options.
    “Every gift which is given, even though it be small, in reality, is great if it is given with great affection.”, said ‘Pindar’, an ancient Greek poet. Remember these great words and don’t freak out. Whatever you gift them, they will love it because it’s thought that counts...ALWAYS. Have a happy gifting experience and a happy and prosperous Diwali with your family, friends, and relatives.

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