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    13 Chocolate Recipes for Kids
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    Chocolate recipes for kids
    14 December 2015

    13 Chocolate Recipes for Kids

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    I want chocolate! Wait, is that your child, or the child in you? Chocolate is a food for all ages and instantly lifts our mood. Dark chocolate, in particular, can be very good for health. Plus, all types of chocolate are good for the soul!


    Presenting our list of 13 chocolaty recipes that are sure to be a hit with audiences of all ages. Whether you're preparing for a party, or just want a special treat for the family, you can experiment with these cakes, cookies, cupcakes, pancakes and dosas – yeah, dosas too!

    All you need to relish chocolate is some creativity, basic ingredients, the willingness to try out new things and mommy magic. And no, baking expertise is definitely not a prerequisite! Oh, just make sure your eager little helpers don't sneak out or eat up all the chocolate before the recipe is complete!

    Chocolicious Foods For The Entire Family

    1. Chocolate Chunk Cookies:

      Delicious chocolate, chunk-ified in cookies to add a touch of magic to the most boring of days! Store them in jars and use them as treats when your toddler keeps his room clean. Chunk Cookies[See Chocolate Chunk Cookies Recipe Here]

    2. Angry Birds Chocolate Mini Cakes:

      Both of your child's favourites in one plate – chocolate and angry birds! Be careful there are no attempts to hit targets with these! Birds Chocolate Mini Cakes[See Angry Birds Chocolate Mini Cakes Recipe Here]

    3. Chocolate Dosa/Pancakes:

      Who says chocolate and breakfast don't get along? These dosas/pancakes are as filling as they are innovative. Let's make breakfast delicious! DosaPancakes [See Chocolate Dosa/Pancakes Recipe Here]

    4. Fruit Kebabs with Chocolate Syrup:

      Chicken, fish, paneer – kebabs needn't be just protein; they can also be happiness! These chocolate kababs are packed with fruit and can never be refused! Kebabs with Chocolate Syrup [See Fruit Kebabs with Chocolate Syrup Recipe Here]

    5. Chocolate Fig and Banana Pancakes:

      When banana meets chocolate, it is magic in the household. This a nutrient-rich dish that your picky little eater can find no excuse to say no to! Fig and Banana Pancakes [See Chocolate Fig and Banana Pancakes Recipe Here]

    6. Double Chocolate Mini Heart Cakes:

      How about little hearts of chocolate for your little darling? A batch gets ready really quickly so you can bake these as surprise treats for surprise guests too! Chocolate Mini Heart Cakes [See Double Chocolate Mini Heart Cakes Recipe Here]

    7. Chocolate Truffles:

      These beauties are perfect for every occasion – a birthday party for your angel, a candlelight dinner with your husband, or even a family lunch. Truffles are creamy, soft and melt in your mouth – delight all the way! Truffles[See Chocolate Truffles Recipe Here]

    8. Chocolate Dipped Frozen Banana Pops:

      Here's a wonderful way to get more bananas into your child's diet. These pops look so pretty that you'll find adults tempted to try them too! Dipped Frozen Banana Pops [See Chocolate Dipped Frozen Banana Pops Recipe Here]

    9. Cream and Chocolate Cheesecake:

      Chocolate and cheese is a perfectly dreamy combination. Make this cheesecake for nights when you need some comfort food. This can be a great Mamma-only treat! and Chocolate Cheesecake [See Cream and Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe Here]

    10. Chocolate Banana Smoothie:

      When mornings are crazier than usual, and the school bus arrives before breakfast is ready, let this smoothie come to your rescue. It is tasty enough to be gulped down quickly, and healthy enough to keep your child going till midday. You can pair this with cereal or slices of bread. Banana Smoothie [See Chocolate Banana Smoothie Recipe Here]

    Our Mommy Chefs Love Chocolate Too!

    1. Dark Chocolate Chip Muffins:

      If your kid loves muffins for breakfast, you can make them more chocolaty for him on occasion. Our Mommy Chef Ankita Patel from Ahmedabad shares this wonderfully easy muffins recipe. Chocolate Chip Muffins [See Dark Chocolate Chip Muffins Recipe Here]

    2. Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins:

      Mommy Chef Ankita also shared with us a variant of the chocolate muffins – this time with banana. Chocolate goes very well with banana as the tastes blend beautifully. Chip Banana Muffins [See Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins Recipe Here]

    3. Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

      A jar full of nutritious, chocolaty cookies – how does that sound? Mommy Chef Resha Kolvalker from Bangalore has a nifty cookies recipe for you to try. Chocolate Chip Cookies [See Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe Here]
    So, mom, which of these will it be tonight? Remember – chocolate is not harmful when eaten in moderation, in fact, it can actually have mood-lifting qualities. What could be better?

    Dig into chocolate together with your kids and tell us the recipes!

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