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    11 Tricks by Experts on How to Make Baby Smart and Intelligent
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    tricks to boost intelligence in babies
    26 May 2017

    11 Tricks by Experts on How to Make Baby Smart and Intelligent

    6 mins read
    Cognitive development
    for New Born, Baby
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    Only genius parents have genius babies - ever heard people tell you this? Well, then here's some news for you: these are mere make-belief conclusions people have drawn over the years. This is NOT true! Yes, not every baby is a child prodigy and nor does he really need to be. However, there are definitely a few things we should do as parents to help sharpen their mental skills and make them smarter. This will help them take on life the best they can and resolve all challenges they meet on the way! Decode tricks to make baby smart and intelligent.


    Every parent wants their little munchkin to also turn into a little Einstein! A baby's formative months are extremely crucial for his/her brain and cognitive development. And whatever you do to aid this development at this point in their life will definitely reap results.

    It is important to understand that every baby is different and genetics as well as environmental factors will impact their IQ. However, it is also true that a loving and a nurturing environment plays a huge role in developing optimal intelligence! Doctors suggest that there are some brain stimulating tricks that really helps make your baby smart.

    11 Tips By Experts On How to Make Your Baby Smart and Intelligent 

    We have compiled for you 11 tricks to boost your baby's intelligence. They are doctor-tested and totally natural - try them out!


    1. Make Sure Your Baby Gets Enough Sleep

    Did you know that according to some studies in child development, every ONE less hour of sleep a night can potentially cut down TWO cognitive years in a baby? A baby's brain development works at a rapid pace during active sleep as the neuronal connections build well at this time. Also, during the night sleep, the link between the two hemispheres of the brain strengthen. Therefore, for better language, attention and impulse control, you must ensure your baby gets the required amount of sleep.

    If your baby is facing sleep problems, refer to this guide on how to resolve sleep issues in babies. If the problems persist, you should see the paediatrician to rule out a sleeping disorder or other illness.

    2. Expose Your Baby To Soothing Music

    Expose Your Baby To Soothing Music

    Music and cognition have a very strong correlation! Experts say that exposing your baby to soothing tunes can facilitate his/her brain development. You can also simply hold your baby close and slow dance to a calming tune as this helps release the 'bonding hormone', better known as oxytocin. Babies who are exposed to good music tend to have a better memory too!

    3. Talk, Talk, Talk!

    It's obvious that your baby can't really talk now. But you can! As per experts, when you talk and communicate with your baby, he is able to grasp lip movements, sounds and pronunciation. This helps in developing his linguistic skills at an early age. One tip: Repeat words and sounds that are easy to grasp such as "Baba" and "Doggie". This will help enhance their memory as well and he'll learn it all from you quickly!

    4. Maintain Healthy Food Habits

    Diet plays a really crucial role in enhancing your baby's brain power. All else will fail if his diet doesn't have the right brain foods! It is very important you include these brain foods in your baby's diet:
    • Nuts and dry fruits
    • Eggs
    • Greens
    • Dairy products
    • Fruits 
    Note: You can refer to the complete list of doctor-recommended brain foods for kids here. Be careful about the time of introduction of a certain food in your baby's diet. Discuss with the doctor when in doubt. Also, try different combinations that will help appeal your little one's taste buds too! 

    5. Organize Play-Dates and Help Them Socialize

    Human interaction is also very important for your baby's cognitive and social development. Let them spend time with their friends and engage in physical activity. Play dates work the best to make this possible. Babies are quick learners and are able to pick up many things from their surroundings and little friends!

    6. Read To Them

    There’s a BIG reason parents are encouraged to read to their kids at bed time. It not only helps in strengthening your bond with the baby, but also helps in quicker linguistic and cognitive development! Several studies have proven that there is marked cognitive difference between babies who were read to as compared to those who weren’t.

    You can start off with some of these mom-tested books and tips for reading to your baby. Additionally, there are special age-appropriate storybooks that are created to aid mental development as well.

    7. Take Them Outdoors

    While we already know that spending time in nature is beneficial for health and physical development, a recent study states that encouraging your child to spend some time outdoors - in green spaces - will help in his cognitive development too! Another reason for you to take the long relaxing walk in the park with your little one!

    Also Watch: Doctor Describes Why Taking Your Baby Outdoors Can Make Your Baby Smart

    8. Breastfeed!

    We all know that a baby should be ideally fed mother’s milk - exclusively - for at least the first six months of life. This is vital for his overall health. However, mother’s milk contains all the nutrients a baby needs not just for physical development but for cognitive development too! It is recommended that when possible, try to breastfeed your baby for as long as you can. There may be challenges along the path, but don't be disheartened as lactation experts can now offer several effective solutions for problems such as low milk production, sore nipples and mastitis. 

    Also Read : Do's and Don’ts of Breastfeeding your Newborn

    9. Give Your Baby Options To Choose From

    We often make choices for our baby as we wish for them to have the best. However, encouraging kids to choose for themselves - between colours, shapes, people, etc. - has been found to boost their intelligence! Instead of forcing them to go along with what you want, engage them in making decisions. This consequently helps in cognitive development as well as in problem solving. 

    10. Use Your Hands To Express

    According to a study by the University of California, make use of your hands to make signs while talking to your baby. This will directly help his IQ and language development too! Bonus: sign language will also help you communicate with your baby more effectively even before he learns to speak!

    11. Cuddle!

    Last, and we love this the best - just cuddle and snuggle! Cuddling and snuggling with your little one is a science-backed way to help him develop a sense of security that lets him know you’ll always meet his needs. Thus, he’ll have the drive to explore more and this consequently helps his cognitive development as well. So, cuddle away and make plenty of eye contact to let your little one know he’s loved!

    Every little step counts in ensuring your baby gets the best of everything. But all said and done, you can’t beat love and care as the most effective trick for your little one’s development! Ultimately, healthy and happy babies grow up to be smart and healthy adults too. Take care.

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