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    11 Traditional and Healthy Fasting Recipes For Mahashivratri
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    04 March 2016

    11 Traditional and Healthy Fasting Recipes For Mahashivratri

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    Maha Shivaratri, a Hindu festival celebrated in the reverence of Lord Shiva, signifies the day Lord Shiva was married to Goddess Parvati. Mahashivratri is celebrated on the 6th night of the month of Phalgun, which comes in the months of February or March every year. Devotees fast for the whole day and eat only one meal during the day which may be restricted to evenings. So, this year on Feb 24th, what are some of the best recipes for Shivaratri you must try out?


    Fasting is a kind of ritual meant to purify the body and the mind. It shows your sincerity and resolve and is a way to express gratitude to your Almighty. Devout Hindus observe fasting on several occasions as a mark of respect to their gods or as a part of their penance. On certain occasions, they even do not consume food for days together.

    There are surely some hard and fast rules for fasting. These rules differ based on regions and practices followed across communities. Some people completely abstain from food, others just have milk and fruits, while some others eat only permitted foods during a fast. Check out our list of recipes you can eat during your Mahashivratri fast. We have both the traditional and the traditional with a healthy twist!

    Shivaratri Vrat Recipes With a Healthy Twist

    Let's start off with these healthy, lean and fit fast recipes that will let you use the occasion as an excuse to adapt to better eating habits! This set of recipes combines fruits and milk or dairy products, and is therefore rich in fruit sugar (fructose) and milk sugar (lactose). These will not just give you a lot of simple carbs but also gift you with loads of fibre and provide bulk to your diet. Psst, this is the time when you can even go all out with high calories fruits like bananas as that's going to be your only source of energy!
    1. Fruit Smoothie:

      A combination which has the protein-packed yoghurt and the goodness of fresh fruits. We bet this is also going to be a treat, albeit a healthy one, for your taste buds. Check out this banana smoothie and layered fruit smoothie to start off.

      Layered Fruit Smoothie RecipeFruit Smoothie
    2. Dryfruits Laddoo:

      You can have 1 or 2 of these as a snack on your fast day. Dry fruits have plenty of nutritious value and keep you energised. But do not overeat as these laddoos are rich in calories.

      Dry Fruits Laddoo Recipe Dryfruits Laddoo
    3. Apple and Dates Milkshake:

      This delicious milkshake is packed with nutrients and stands as a healthy beverage option on fasting days. There's no need of adding extra sugar as the dates in it impart a lot of sweet flavour to it.

      Apple Cinnamon Milkshake Recipe Apple and Dates Milkshake
    4. Fruit Punch:

      Use your days of fast as days to detox your body and soul with the help of fruits. Give your tummy a break from all the heavy-to-digest food items. Try this recipe and cleanse yourself. Punch
    5. Fruit and Yoghurt Swirl:

      A combination of fresh fruit, nuts and yoghurt provides you all the nutrition you require for the day. Take a sip of the swirl and munch on the nuts too.

      Fruit & Yoghurt Swirl  Recipe Fruit and Yoghurt Swirl
    6. Fruit Yoghurt or Shrikhand:

      A simple and quick recipe to indulge in, this one has chunks of your favourite fresh fruits. While this one uses strawberry, you can also use other fruits of your liking. Fresh fruit chunks ensure you get a lot of fibre. Yoghurt


    Delicious Maha Shivaratri Fasting Food Recipes

    But hey, what if you or the kids are craving for some good old, traditional Shivratri food that is a yearly ritual? Fret not; we have those options ready for you as well!
    1. Sago Khichdi:

      Sago, being rich in sugar, is an ideal food for keeping you boosted throughout the day. It is also a calorie-dense option as you make it in ghee, add groundnut powder and potatoes. Sago khichdi is consumed at breakfast or snack times.

      Sabudana (Sago) Khichdi RecipeSago Khichdi
    2. Farali Pattice:

      This is another recipe that is simply a treat for the taste buds of people who are fasting. It can be served as a snack and you can quickly bite onto 2-3 patties at one go!  Farali Pattice
    3. Dahi Aloo with Singhade ki Poori:

      Singhada flour easily replaces rice flour on days of fast. Singhada poori tastes yummy especially when clubbed with dahi aloo. Aloo with Singhade ki Poori
    4. Shakarkand ka Halwa:

      Sweet potato, known as Shakarkand in Hindi, acts as a good carb provider and hence contributes to quick energy during fasting. This root vegetable makes a delicious halwa which can be eaten as a dessert on fasting days.

      #Fasting&feasting #Shakarkand  ka Halwa(Also known as Sweet Potato) RecipeShakarkand ka Halwa
    5. Sabudana Thalipeeth:

      Sabudana or sago can also be used to make a pancake, or a thalipeeth, as they call it in Maharashtra. This thalipeeth is not so difficult to make if you follow this recipe. And definitely worth the effort! Thalipeeth

    Try this list of food for Shivaratri fast and have a guilt free fast. Do tell us about your experience and what you treated your taste buds with!

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