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    11 Surprising Health Benefits of Watermelon During Pregnancy
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    Benefits of watermelon during pregnancy
    12 January 2016

    11 Surprising Health Benefits of Watermelon During Pregnancy

    3 mins read
    Health & Fitness
    for Pregnancy
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    Check out the benefits of watermelon during pregnancy. There are so many and all so fabulous that you need to try it to believe it!


    Pregnancy is a sensitive time for the body. You have the responsibility of a little one who is completely dependent on you for nutrition, shelter and love. But you also need to look after yourself. If you are feeling bogged down by nausea, morning sickness, digestive problems and fatigue, cheer up! Here's a wonder fruit that can really turn things around!

    If you're wondering - "is watermelon safe during pregnancy?" - rest assured. Not only is it safe but also packed with wondrous health benefits that will help you have a happy pregnancy!

    Excellent Benefits Of Watermelon During Pregnancy

    1. Helps Control Morning Sickness:

      Nausea in the morning – this is one of the most dreaded pregnancy symptoms! Watermelon can help you start the day fresher. Its energizing properties help soothe and reduce instances of morning sickness, thus making watermelon in early pregnancy particularly beneficial.
    2. Hydrates Your Skin:

      Dryness of skin is a common symptom during pregnancy, especially dueing the later stages. This also leads to skin itching. Watermelon can give you relief from this condition by keeping your skin hydrated.
    3. Keeps Your Body Cool:

      No matter what the season, pregnancy can contribute to your body heat. This leads to heat rashes that cause irritation and itching. Watermelon helps you out here as it is a natural cooling agent.
    4. Prevents Urinary Tract Infection:

      Many women suffer from UTIs during pregnancy, which can make you feel very uncomfortable. Moreover, you cannot even consume many routinely prescribed medicines at this time. Watermelon helps remove harmful bacteria from your urinary tract, thus keeping you healthy.
    5. Comforts You During Acidity:

      Acidity or heartburn are common conditions during pregnancy. Eating watermelon can help protect you from digestion problems by keeping your food pipe in topnotch order.
    6. Soothes Your Body Pain:

      It is natural to feel fatigued and in pain during pregnancy. You are dealing with extra weight and hormonal changes that can give you muscle-ache. Watermelon has been proven to ease muscle cramps.
    7. Packs In Nutrition For Your Baby:

      Watermelon is rich in Vitamin A, C and B6, and potassium and magnesium. These are the nutrients that help develop your baby's vision, brain, nervous system and immunity. You see why watermelon in pregnancy is great not just for you but for baby too?
    8. Treats Constipation:

      Watermelon is really the wonder food for your digestive system. By cleansing your system and creating pressure for bowels, it protects you from being constipated – an otherwise common condition at this time.
    9. Keeps You From Being Dehydrated:

      During pregnancy, it is critical that you keep drinking plenty of water. Watermelon helps you out here, and deliciously at that. After all, more than 90% of its content is water!
    10. Stops Bloating:

      Do you often feel too full or bloated? Edema is the swelling of feet and hands and is a common water-retention based problem in pregnancy. Watermelon can prevent this condition by clearing the blockages in your veins.
    11. Keeps Your Skin Glowing:

      Now this benefit should really seal the deal! Eating watermelom during pregnancy helps your skin stay smooth and non-pigmented. This is because it smoothens bowel movements and ensures body cleansing, which in turn improves your skin texture.
    There, you now see how watermelon can really be your best friend during pregnancy. Consume it directly, or try out a watermelon and lemon cooler. How about a watermelon pizza?

    Wishing you a happy pregnancy!


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