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    11 Road Safety Rules for Kids and Ways to Teach Them
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    Road safety rules for kids
    13 January 2016

    11 Road Safety Rules for Kids and Ways to Teach Them

    7 mins read

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    Once your kids are old enough to play outdoors and go to school on their own, either by the school bus or by their bicycles – they are exposed to many potentially dangerous situations that you, as a parent cannot control. That's why it's important for you to understand road safety rules for kids and ensure your children follow them no matter where they are.


    A simple game of gully-cricket can have dire consequences if your young bowler or fielder runs across the road to retrieve the ball without checking if a car is coming his way. Similarly, a leisurely drive with the family could be jeopardized if your daughter has not fastened her seat belt. So, to ensure that your little ones remain safe and unhurt on the road, it is imperative that you teach them the importance of road safety.

    So, enlighten yourself with this important information on road safety for kids.

    Road Safety Rules to Teach Your Kids

    Here are some road rules you always need to have your kids prepared with:

    1. Always Hold Hands When Crossing the Street

      Children holding hands

      When your kids are too young to cross the street by themselves, tell them that they must always hold hands of their parents, older siblings, or guardian while crossing a road. The thought of kids crossing a road on their own makes any parent anxious, so it’s better to ensure that they do so under adult supervision.
    2. Avoid Running on the Road

      Parents holding hands of their son

      Running on the roads is a big no for kids. Children get impatient when they see open spaces; they let go of the hands of their guardian and run. But parents should strictly teach their kids to not run on the roads. Set rules for them or tell your kids that if they run on the streets they will get less time to play. Adopting strict ways to protect your child is no harm.  
    3. Always Look Left and Right While Crossing

      Parents looking left before crossing a road

      When your preschoolers become preteens, they can be trusted to cross the street by themselves. But that doesn't mean they can forget the Golden Rule of looking both ways before crossing a street—yes, even if the street is a one way! Also, when kids see a vehicle approaching, they should never cross the road by running. There is no hurry; better late than never!
    4. Cross the Road at the Zebra Crossings Only

      Children at the zebra crossing

      This is a basic road safety rule for kids. They should cross the road at a zebra crossing. By using a zebra crossing, they will get into the habit of opting right way to cross a street. And there could also be a traffic cop around to keep an eye on your tots, so you better teach them right.
      Watch: How Kids Should Cross a Road


      You can teach your kids the following points on crossing a road.

      • First, stop on the pavement.
      • Look both sides.
      • Always cross on a zebra crossing.
      • Listen to the sounds of oncoming vehicles.
      • Do not run, walk swiftly.
      • Watch the traffic lights.

    5. Watch the Lights – Red, Yellow, and Green

      Traffic lights at a signal

      It's imperative to teach your children about the significance of traffic signs. Red light is for 'Stop', Yellow for 'Wait and See' and Green for 'Go'! Following these signs doesn’t mean reaching late but ensuring safety and avoiding chaos.
    6. Walk Only on the Footpath

      Children on a path

      Children learn by examples, so you better set right ones for them. While going somewhere on foot, always take the footpath and do not walk on the street. By observing you, they will get into a habit of taking the footpath. Also, you must avoid taking those roads where footpaths are unavailable. Your kids can also use skates and scooters on the footpath.
    7. Always Face the Traffic

      Girl looking at the approaching traffic

      This is a largely ignored rule, but the one that should be given utmost importance. Teach your children to first look in the direction from where the vehicles are coming their way. When they face the traffic, it becomes easier for them to notice threat and move out of its way. This is one of the traffic rules for kids you must never forget to teach.
    8. Play Within the Boundaries

      Boys playing football roadside

      Make sure your kids understand that they are not allowed to play beyond a certain boundary. Areas with a stream of heavy traffic should be designated as ‘No Playing Zones’. If their toys or ball rolls out into the street, tell them to seek help of an adult instead of going alone.
    9. Always Wear a Helmet

      Girl riding a bicycle while wearing a helmet

      When your kids are old enough to start cycling, they should be encouraged to wear a helmet. Of course, they will complain in the beginning, but let it not stop you from doing what is right. Even if they ride their bikes within their designated play zone, ask them to wear a helmet. Make them understand that wearing a helmet will prevent them in times of danger. Wearing helmets is essential for road safety.
    10. Wear Bright, Reflective Clothes

      Girl about to sit in a car

      Most parents do not allow their kids to go out after dark. However, in instances when it is unavoidable and they must go out, whether on foot or by bicycle, make them wear bright, reflective clothes. By doing so, people sitting in the oncoming vehicles will distinguish them in the dark and will be careful while driving.
    11. Better Safe Than Sorry

      Boys sitting in a car

      Instruct your kids to be super-cautious about everything that they do on the streets. Children should never take road safety rules lightly, as it is a matter of life and death. Even parents should be vigil. While travelling with an infant, try and use a car seat. Tell your children that it's better to be five minutes late instead of crossing the road in peak traffic. You should also stress the importance of not wearing earphones or listening music while walking or riding a bicycle.

    Road Safety Activities and Games for Kids

    To promote road safety among children, particularly in preschoolers, you can adopt fun ways. Children learn things fast practically, so here are few games and activities that will help you to inculcate road safety habits in children:

    1. The Traffic Lights Game

      Let your children run around the house. Call out different colours of traffic signals. On hearing 'red', they should stop; on 'green' they should walk, and on hearing 'yellow', they should walk slowly.
    2. The Traffic Cop Game

      In this game, one kid should be a traffic cop and hold the signboards of 'Stop', 'Slow', and 'Go'. Let other kids walk or ride the bike. On seeing the sign held up by the cop, they should oblige. This is a fun way to learn road safety rules by means of play.
    3. Road Safety Sign Game

      Draw or paste pictures of road safety signs, like traffic lights, speed limit, turns, and pedestrian crossing on a white sheet. Make your child familiar with the same. And keep asking them about these signs at regular intervals so they remember what they have learned.

    We hope these simple fun games shall assist you in teaching road safety traffic rules to children.

    Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe on Road

    As a parent, it is your duty to take care of the safety of your children. So, here are a few tips that will guide you in your mission.

    • Take your kids for cycling or have a walk with them; show them how they should do it. Things learned practically are always remembered!
    • Ask them to avoid using mobile phones and other gadgets while riding a bike or even while walking.
    • Teach your kids to be punctual so that they will avoid rash driving when in hurry. Reaching a bit early is better than reaching damaged.
    • Ask them to be patient while driving. During a traffic jam, unnecessarily honking won’t make the vehicles move ahead. So, it is better to handle the situation calmly.
    • As parents, you should never leave your kids alone in a car. Kids are impulsive and inquisitive. And honestly, you don’t want to know what trouble their curiosity might get them into.
    • Always ensure that kids wear a helmet while riding a bike, and has his seat-belt on while sitting in a car.

    These simple road safety rules for school children, and even for your preschoolers can make a world of difference!

    Furthermore, if you have any other tips that have not been covered in this list, do let us know in the comments!
    Toddler riding a bicycle


    Essential Safety Tips For Toddler Cycling

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    Jessica Caroline
    You should teach your child to stay safe on the road just as you would teach her any other skill. Here are some pointers to impart lessons on road safety to your child.



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