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    11 Home Remedies for Bloated Stomach During Early Pregnancy
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    Bloating during pregnancy
    04 May 2016

    11 Home Remedies for Bloated Stomach During Early Pregnancy

    6 mins read
    Prenatal Health
    for Pregnancy
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    During pregnancy, the production of gas increases. This results in bloating, belching, flatulence, and a general feeling that your stomach might burst – especially after a big meal. Know what causes gas during pregnancy and how to treat a bloated stomach.


    What Causes Gas During Pregnancy?

    Experiencing gas during pregnancy is normal. It may also lead to some embarrassing moments, but gas is a common symptom of pregnancy which you cannot do away with. High levels of the progesterone hormone during pregnancy act as a muscle relaxant. As the muscles relax more and more, it slows down muscular activity—including digestion— resulting in the formation of gas, which thus causes highly irritable pregnancy bloating and flatulence.

    Hormonal changes and a growing uterus crowding your abdominal cavity can cause miserable levels of gas in your system during pregnancy. This is what causes bloating in early pregnancy, and heartburn or constipation can also follow suit.

    WATCH: Bloating During Pregnancy

    Key Takeaway:

    During pregnancy, the hormone progesterone relaxes the smooth muscles of your body, which causes the digestion to slow down. It gives your body the time to absorb more nutrients into your bloodstream, which is good for the baby but you may feel bloated. Know what you can do to avoid bloating during pregnancy:
    • Keep your bowels moving as constipation can cause severe problems.
    • Drink plenty of water, include high-fibre foods in your diet, and make physical activity a part of your routine.
    • Change your eating habits, avoid eating gas-causing foods like cabbage, garlic, onions, and carbonated drinks.
    • Have small meals to not overload your digestive system but eat frequently.
    • Eat slowly so that you don’t swallow air. Also, chew your food slowly.
    • Lastly, don’t lie down after eating as it can cause food to reflux which causes heartburn.

    Foods That Typically Cause Gas in Pregnancy

    In pregnancy, your cravings spike up. One moment you crave for sweet and the other moment you will be asking for a pickle. All this can lead to you eating a lot of foods that can cause gas during pregnancy. Here is a list of foods that causes gas during pregnancy, make sure you don’t eat them.
    1. Potatoes:


      Potatoes are an all-time favourite and giving up them could be hard. But, if you are pregnant, potatoes should be consumed in a limit. Potatoes are full of starch, which slows down the digestion and causes gas. Apart from potatoes, other starchy foods like corn and wheat can also cause gastric problems during pregnancy. So, try and limit the intake of these foods.
    2. Aerated drinks: Aerated drinks should be strictly avoided during pregnancy as it can lead to gastric problems when pregnant.
    3. Cabbage: Cabbage is a common vegetable that is eaten in almost all Indian households. However, not many know that it can cause gas problems, particularly during pregnancy. Eating cabbage slows down the digestion process and it can also lead to heartburn.
    4. Apples:


      It is hard to believe when someone says not to eat apples. Isn't it? Apples are known to aid digestion, but they contain pectin, a carbohydrate, which can lead to gas problems.
    5. Beans: Beans are nutritious foods and are recommended by all. It is safe to consume for pregnant women. However, beans contain raffinose, a complex sugar, which is hard to digest by the body. Although if you want to consume it, soak it in water for about 8 hours then wash it thoroughly.
    6. Processed foods: Consumption of packaged foods like bread, cereals, snacks should also be avoided as these foods cause gas problems. Also, avoid eating fried foods to keep the gastric problems at bay.

    Apart from these, you should also avoid foods like pasta, white rice, and vegetables like onions, broccoli, cauliflower, as these also cause gastric problem during pregnancy.

    11 Home Remedies for Bloated Stomach During Pregnancy

    The following time-tested home remedies can provide much-needed relief and comfort if your stomach feels full or bloated. So, read these home remedies and get rid of bloating in early pregnancy:
    1. Increase Intake of Water and Fruit Juice

      A pregnant woman drinking water

      An extra glass of water and sips of fresh fruit juice at regular intervals will keep you hydrated, help you detox, and prevent bloating or constipation. This is by far the best home remedy for a bloated stomach.
    2. Consume Smaller Meals

      Keep the pressure on your digestive system and gas in check by eating smaller and more frequent meals. Try breaking big meals into smaller portions for instant results.
    3. Slow down

      Eat at a leisurely pace to match the slow pace of your digestive system. Eating slowly also reduces the chances of gulping air with each bite, thereby keeping the gas inside at bay.
    4. Relax

      Anxiousness increases stress, which has been found to increase flatulence. So whether you are having your lunch or completing a daily chore, try and stay relaxed.
    5. Increase Fibre in your Diet

      A pregnant woman eating healthy foods

      Another natural remedy to prevent bloating is to increase the intake of fibre-rich foods like pears, yams, and whole wheat toast. These regularise your bowel movements, making you feel lighter and less bloated.
    6. Avoid Fried and Gas-Inducing Foods

      Foods like onions, cauliflower, and beans are not totally absorbed by our digestive system and can induce gas. Fried foods can release further gas, thus heightening your flatulence. Avoiding such foods figure high in abdominal bloating remedies.
    7. Cut Down on Refined Sugar

      Aerated drinks and packaged juices contain high levels of fructose which increases bloating. Opt for fresh fruit juices instead. Also, stay away from chewing gums and slimming foods as these contain sorbitol, which is gas-inducing.
    8. Exercise Daily

      A pregnant woman exercising

      With your doctor’s permission, exercise daily to stay active and release gases. A sedentary lifestyle will only result in more gas inside your body and increase irritability due to bloating.
    9. Eat Bitter Foods

      Consuming bitter foods prior to meals aid in digestion by stimulating the release of digestive fluids. You can choose from ginger, lemon, neem, bitter gourd, fenugreek soaked in water, etc.
    10. Maintain a Diet Chart

      Nutritionists suggest keeping track of your daily food intake and checking for flatulence, if any. Diet charts help to identify the foods which actually cause bloating, and help you take action accordingly. You can also try anti-bloating lifestyle and see the change yourself. 
    11. Change in Lifestyle

      Quit habits like smoking which is not only harmful to your unborn foetus, but also the root cause of acidity and bloating. Practise yoga, meditation or deep breathing exercises which relax you and keeps acidity, gases and bloating at bay.

    Bloating is normal during pregnancy, but a visit to your doctor might be necessary if your discomfort is beyond tolerable limits. Also, if it is frequently accompanied by abdominal pain and bouts of diarrhoea or bloody stool, you must visit a health expert soon.

    Pregnant woman feeling bloated


    Flatulence or Gas Problem during Pregnancy

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