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    11 Breakfast Recipes for Kids
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    Easy breakfast recipes for kids
    07 January 2016

    11 Breakfast Recipes for Kids

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    Breakfast sets the tone for the entire day, thus making it essential for this meal to be healthy, satisfying and nutritious. But what could you make for breakfast that manages to please picky little eaters day after day?


    While you may make do with simple toast and juice for breakfast, not your kids! Children today are often fussy over food, and no wonder. Their taste buds are still developing and they are getting used to new textures and flavours. It is important to fuel their gastronomic journey in such a way that they meet their nutrition quota but love you while doing it! Breakfast is the perfect time to get fitness kicking with our recipes designed for energetic children.

    Check out our list of Indian breakfast recipes that are popular across the country for the ease of preparation and lip-smacking taste. Here's your morning menu for tomorrow jazzed up already!

    Delicious And Quick Breakfast Recipes For Kids

    1. Easy Vegetable Idli:

      There's a reasons idlis are the perennially and universally favourite breakfast – they are so easy to make yet so nutritious! Steamed food is among the healthiest breakfast options you have, and this recipe manages to add to that the goodness of fresh vegetables. Taste, speed and good health – what else could you need when seeking delicious breakfast recipes for kids?

      Easy Vegetable Idli Recipe[ Easy Vegetable Idli Recipe ]
    2. Mix Dal Dosa:

      If your kids are fond of South Indian food, they are going to love this! You can even serve this with green sauce, coconut chutney or peanut chutney instead of the regular sambhar. The pulses in this recipe make sure your kids are getting their protein fix early in the morning. A winner in the set of nutritious breakfast recipes for kids!

      Mix Dal Dosa Recipe[ Mix Dal Dosa Recipe ]
    3. Banana Muffins:

      Breakfast should be the king meal of the day. Bananas are so filling that they will be perfect to keep your kids energised until noon. You can also store them away in the refrigerator or pack them for a takeaway snack if your kids are getting late for the school-bus.

      Banana Muffins Recipe[ Banana Muffins Recipe ]
    4. Chocolate Banana Smoothie:

      It is a fact universally acknowledged – chocolates make children smile! When packed together with bananas in this yum breakfast smoothie, you don't even need to feel guilty about serving chocolate anymore. For special mornings, you can add a dollop of whipped cream, ice cream or some colourful sprinkles. One of the best breakfast recipes for toddlers, especially the picky ones!

      Oreo Chocolate Banana Smoothie Recipe[ Chocolate Banana Smoothie Recipe]
    5. Bread Upma – Stir Fried Bread:

      Mornings can be crazy for moms. There is running around after your kids, making breakfast, getting them ready for school...When you need to whip up a quick meal and only have some extra bread slices, whip up this easy recipe. Jazz up the upma with chillies, ketchup and some garam masala.

      Bread Upma – Stir Fried Bread Recipe[ Bread Upma – Stir Fried Bread Recipe ]
    6. Ghaavan/Dhirde (Wheat Pancakes):

      Pancakes are a popular breakfast option around the world. They are filling, nutritious and healthy, without being heavy on the stomach. This recipe has the added dash of curry leaves and green chillies which impart it a beautiful flavour. Perfect for livening up your kids' mornings!

      Ghaavan / Dhirde (Wheat Pancakes) Recipe[ Ghaavan/Dhirde (Wheat Pancakes) Recipe ]
    7. Hariyali Parathas:

      Talk about an all-rounder breakfast recipe! This paratha uses pureed blanched spinach, is stuffed with fresh paneer, and complimented by yoghurt and mango pickle. You can be assured that the children are going to get ready in time when they see what awaits them at the breakfast table!

      Hariyali Parathas Recipe[ Hariyali Parathas Recipe]
    8. Dhokla Sandwich with Cheese:

      Gujarati breakfast with a difference! You can get the dhokla ready very quickly using ingredients like baking soda or fruit salt. The layer of cheese adds to the yummy quotient of the recipe and pleases fussy eaters both in one go.

      Dhokla Sandwich with Cheese Recipe[ Dhokla Sandwich with Cheese Recipe ]
    9. French Toast:

      This recipe is an all-time favourite in several Indian households – and no, it isn't really very French! Your kids derive the benefits of both eggs and milk and also enjoy a hearty breakfast that doesn't tax mom's energy reserves too much!

      French Toast Recipe[ French Toast Recipe ]
    10. Mixed Berry Milkshake:

      Yet another one in the list of toddler breakfast recipes is the milkshake. A Godsend for breakfast, they require minimal preparation, are much loved, and are also healthy meal options at the same time. You can also use ice cream or vanilla extract to make this recipe the much-in-demand item for lazy Sunday mornings.

      Mixed Berry Milkshake Recipe[ Mixed Berry Milkshake Recipe ]
    11. Veg Kathi Wraps:

      Wraps are a busy mom's best friend! This fusion of vegetables in a chapatin not only looks delectable but is also packed with proteins. This takes up very little time to put together, and is just tailor-made for hungry, busy mornings. Wraps are among the perfectly healthy breakfast recipes for teenagers.

      Veg Kathi Wraps Recipe[ Veg Kathi Wraps Recipe ]

    What does your breakfast comprise? Which is your kid's favourite meal?

    Share with us your yummy breakfast recipes for kids and we'll feature you!

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