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    10 Quick and Guaranteed Tips to Get Rid of Sagging Skin on the Belly After Pregnancy
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    sagging skin
    21 January 2017

    10 Quick and Guaranteed Tips to Get Rid of Sagging Skin on the Belly After Pregnancy

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    Your colleague is throwing a housewarming party next month. It's going to be the first time you attend a social function after having delivered your baby. But you take one look in the mirror, and decide not to go – not with that sagging post-pregnancy belly! So what do you do?


    Most women now-a-days are positively aware of their health and fitness. Most of us follow some or the other fitness regime and take whatever steps we can to keep ourselves fit. However, pregnancy can completely transform your body. There are the lucky ones who emerge from pregnancy with only a few changes in their bodies. However, most women will observe either of many post pregnancy effects on the body, such as change in shape and/or size of breasts, hair loss, skin colouration, and of course, the post-pregnancy belly fat.

    Before you begin to lose your mind over how to get rid of sagging skin on the belly, take a pause, and realise a few things:

    • You just created life: Your body went through scores of changes to deliver to you the bundle of joy you held in your hands that day at the hospital. Be grateful.

    • Nothing is permanent: There are effective ways to get back your previous form and constitution without killing yourself in the process! Have faith, and don't despair or lose hope.

    • Give 'Time' time: All good things in life take time to happen. Look at your baby! It took nine months to arrive in this world. Have patience.

    While it is best to take proactive steps to prevent the sagging of skin during pregnancy, all is not lost if you were unable to do so. Here are 10 easy tips to help you get rid of that post-pregnancy belly fat.

      Get Fit!

    1. Exercise regularly:

      Perhaps the best way to tighten loose skin on stomach after pregnancy is to start exercising. It is important to get back on track with respect to your exercise routine as soon as the doctor allows you to. Strength training and cardiovascular exercises will both help you lose the excess weight. There are many simple floor-exercises that you can do, which do not need equipment of any kind – plank, crunches, simple yoga techniques, etc. Even if you can dedicate 30 minutes to yourself every day, you'll be on your way to your fab figure real soon!
    2. Lose weight gradually:

      Weight-loss after pregnancy depends on a lot of factors, such as your constitution, Body Mass Ratio, BMI, diet, and the amount of physical activity you are involved in. Your friend, sister, neighbour may have lost her post-baby belly in a month; that does not mean you will lose yours that fast too! Sudden weight loss has a lot of side-effects too. So have patience, and take small steps towards your goal every day. It is not going to happen overnight! The important thing is to stick to it, and not give up.
    3. Consult your doctor:

      There is no point in getting over-ambitious about losing that belly fat. You could hurt yourself or in other ways tax your body. That is not a good idea at all, especially since you have a baby to take care of. Consult a doctor about safe exercises that you can practice. This is especially important if you had a complicated pregnancy, or underwent a C-section, or had any other pregnancy-related problems. Tighten loose belly skin after pregnancy is possible, of course, but you have to approach it with caution.

    4. Eat Right!

    5. Fill Up on Proteins and Vitamins:

      Stock up on these, preferably in natural forms. Include those vegetables and fruits in your daily diet which are high in their Vitamin A, C, E, and K content. In many cases, the sagging belly is a result of sagging muscles instead of belly-fat. In such cases, protein-intake will play a major role in firming your belly. On an average, a woman needs to consume anywhere between 50 to 70grams of proteins on a daily basis (depending on her body weight). Consult a trusted dietician.
    6. Hydrate:

      Did you know a third of your skin is just water? Less water intake affects the elasticity of your skin, causing it to sag. It can also lead to a number of health conditions, and especially plays a big role in weight loss. A useful tip here is: fruit juices count as water too! However, it is best to have natural, home-made fruit juices instead of packed ones. It will also allow you to moderate your sugar intake. Infused water can also work miracles, and keep your feeling fresh through the day.

    7. Groom Yourself!

    8. Massage:

      This is the easiest way to tackle sagging skin after pregnancy. It is important to get the stroke right while massaging the belly. Consult your doctor to find out the correct way to do it. There are a lot of skin-firming lotions and creams available. Pick one that contains collagen, or retinol. Creams that contain Vitamin C are also recommended. It is good practice to massage your belly at least wice a day for best results.
    9. Exfoliate

      : Exfoliation gets rid of the dead-cells layer on the skin. This speeds up the regeneration process and stimulates your body to synthesise healthy, elastic skin. Use a gentle exfoliating scrub and a soft loofah in the shower.
    10. Shapewear:

      While this is not a permanent solution, it definitely aids the process. Shapewear can also work as a quick fix for parties, and allow you to feel confident about slipping on dresses post-pregnancy. Choose a brand that is comfortable and does not sit too tight on the skin. The fabric should allow your skin to breathe too.

    11. Important to Note:

    12. Do not go on crash diet:

      This is the worst mistake you could make in your bid to tighten loose skin after pregnancy. As a new mother, being well-fed should be your primary concern. Your diet should be balanced and healthy, with enough amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, fibres, and all other essential nutrients. Crash diets are not a very good idea even for an ordinary woman, even less so for a pregnant one, or a new mom. Stay away from them!
    13. Refrain from Self-medication:

      A lot of companies will try and lure you into buying medicines or pills that will allow you to shrink those inches within weeks. Such products are never a good idea, and least of all when you've just delivered a baby! If you are still tempted to consider the option, consult your doctor before you do.

    These are some simple, effective, and easy ways to get rid of a sagging post-baby belly. However, they will not work if you quit mid-way. It is easy to become desperate in your pursuit, but nothing good ever came out of desperation. Believe in yourself, include other people to become a part of your journey, and when the going gets tough – just take a long deep breath, and take the next best small step towards your goal. All the best!

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