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    10 Life Lessons Your Teen Can Learn From Hostel Life
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    hostel life
    26 June 2015

    10 Life Lessons Your Teen Can Learn From Hostel Life

    3 mins read
    Socio-Emotional Development
    for Teen
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    After you, the school is your child's best teacher. While kids get to learn many lessons from their day schools, their biggest learning comes from living independently. As a responsible mom, you should ensure your teenaged child spends some time in a hostel to imbibe the most crucial lessons of life.


    Hostel life isn't only about midnight snacking and making friends. Time spent living in a hostel goes a long way in shaping a child’s personality and character by being his "mirror to reality.” Make the right decision for your kid by considering these lessons that only hostel life can teach.

    1. Discipline at its Best

      The strict timings of getting up in the morning, getting ready on time, sleeping by 10 P.M. and timely submission of assignments will discipline your child like nothing else can.
    2. Unity in Diversity

      A hostel accommodates students from different cultures and backgrounds. Living under the same roof with other students helps your child be adjusting and respectful to the people around him. He will also be introduced to cultural diversity and learn to celebrate festivals from around the globe.
    3. Independence

      Hostel life will teach your child to be independent and take responsibility for his actions. Without the assurance of your protection and pampering, he will learn to stand on his own feet and take his own decisions. What's more, you can compensate for all the missed pampering in the vacations!
    4. Personality Development

      The biggest advantage of living a hostel life is that your child will not need to enroll for any "personality development" classes. The diverse crowd and challenges in a hostel will groom your little one into a smart and intelligent person with well-honed decision-making abilities.
    5. New Opportunities

      The competitive environment in a hostel will encourage your child to grab the best opportunities to become a better student and individual. Opportunities will come to him in multiple ways – academics, extra-curricular activities and sports.
    6. Focus

      Generally, kids in hostel feels the pressure to clearly chart out their goals and career choices at an early stage. Though this can be initially stressful, it is a great help in the long run. Your child will be sure of what he wants and will leave no stone unturned to fulfill his dreams.
    7. Confidence

      Nothing is more crucial for success than developing excellence and confidence. Hostel life is stellar here. It imparts tremendous confidence to your teen and motivates him to strive for his goals.
    9. Time Management

      Time is that elusive thing almost all of us struggle with and never seem to have. However, one in the hostel has an advantage here. Trying to finish all his tasks in the twenty four hours a day has – and catching up on sleep, of course! - teaches him a valuable lesson in time management.
    10. Homemade Food

      Which mom hasn't had to hush a kid groaning over the “same-old” homemade food? Kids often want something exotic and exclusive to be prepared for meals and this can be taxing. However, living in a hostel makes them understand the importance of homemade food and increases their craving for it.
    11. Good Organizational Skills

      If your child lives in a hostel, don’t be surprised if he starts showing symptoms akin to OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)! Hostel life will teach your child to live an organized life with an eye for perfection and the desire to keep everything in order.
    Sending your little boy or girl away to a hostel will physically distance them from you for a time. However, rest assured the time will be well worth it. Remember that no matter how far, you will still always be there for your children. Go meet them for a surprise visit once in a while and watch them beam with joy!

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