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    10 Important Things to Check While Changing Your Baby's Diaper to Keep Him Safe!
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    changing table safety
    08 October 2014

    10 Important Things to Check While Changing Your Baby's Diaper to Keep Him Safe!

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    When you have a baby, changing diapers becomes a part of your daily routine. To make this experience safe and hassle-free, it may be a good idea to get a changing table where you can keep your diaper essentials within easy reach, and yet away from the baby.


    Caring for your little one is a difficult task, and when it comes to changing your baby's diapers, one may need to take extra precautions. Babies should be handled carefully as they can easily roll off a bed or changing table. While you are busy cleaning his cute little bottom, he might grab a sharp object lying close by and it can lead to an accident.

    Tips to Make Diaper Changing Safe and Easy:

    • Make sure to never leave the baby unattended. Keep your newborn safe when you place him on the changing table or in a bed. It is easier for newborns to quickly take a turn and topple off a surface, so keep your mobile phones, doorbells and other distractions at bay while changing your little one. Keep all the essential creams, baby care products, medicines and any sharp objects away from the baby. You never know when the baby might suddenly grab something and put it in his mouth.
    • It is important for the person changing the diaper to wash his/her hands properly before and after changing your baby’s nappy. You do not want to hold the baby with infected hands. A hand-sanitizer can come in handy during emergencies.
    • Do not rely on the ‘safety belt’ completely, and make sure you keep at least one hand on the baby even if you have something urgent to do.
    • Keep everything within your reach and keep a special toy around just to distract the baby during a nappy change.
    • Keep your baby distracted by talking to him or playing some music. This will divert his attention and you can change the diaper easily.
    • Make sure your changing table has sturdy legs and does not shake, as you do not want your child to sustain any injuries. Look for a changing table with a guardrail on all four sides.
    • Once you are done changing the diaper of your baby, clean and disinfect the changing table using wipes and a disinfectant. Your baby can catch germs from the changing table the next time you change his nappy.
    • Wash your baby’s hands once you are done changing his nappy as the baby may have touched the wet/soiled diaper which may cause infection.
    • When you are out with your baby, carry along a changing mat as the changing tables in public restrooms can be infected with germs. Place your baby on the changing mat and change his diaper carefully. 
    • If you can’t find a safe and clean place, you can use the car seat or your baby’s stroller to change his diaper.
    Have fun with your little one during diaper changes as you can use this time for one-to-one chatters with your tiny tot. You can talk and divert his attention by pointing at different things in a room, or by showing him a toy, or sing him a lullaby while changing the diaper. Get inventive on the changing table to keep your little one engaged. Sing your favourite rhyme, and do not forget to cuddle up your little one after you clean him up.

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