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    10 Healthy Tiffin-Box Ideas Your Child Is Sure To Love
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    09 March 2016

    10 Healthy Tiffin-Box Ideas Your Child Is Sure To Love

    4 mins read
    Food & Nutrition
    for Toddlers, Pre-schoolers, Pre-teen
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    Tiffin time is no easy challenge for moms! What should you pack in your child's lunch-box to ensure he loves it, finishes it up, but also receives the healthy punch that you want him to get?


    If your child has started going to school or preschool, be prepared to face one of the biggest challenges of school-life– the tiffin-box! No matter what you pack in the dabba, many kids just can't seem to finish it. It's hard to balance healthy food with taste, and when it comes to children, they are renowned for fussing over food! In this situation of limited time in the morning and the mad rush of getting everyone ready for the day, what recipes can you prepare for your child's dabba?

    Presenting 10 diverse lunch-box recipes, ranging from the traditional paranthas and wraps to fancy pastas and cookies. There's one unifying factor across all of them – tons of rich nutrition!

    Kids' Lunchbox Ideas That Pack in Both Nutrition and Delight

    1. Apple Fried Rice:

      An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This recipe inspired from this popular saying incorporates a fruity route to good health. Children love the slightly nutty taste of this rice and are sure to lap it all up.

      Apple Fried Rice Recipe
      Apple Fried Rice Recipe
    2. Masala Spagetti:

      This spaghetti is a customised version of the typical Italian spaghetti. It suits our Indian taste buds as it's just the right degree of spicy. It is bound to win your child's heart. But guess what, you can sneak in a lot of veggies to make this a super healthy tiffin time food!

      Masala Spaghetti Recipe
      Masala Spagetti Recipe
    3. Cashewnut Cookies:

      These cookies will help you be in a win-win situation as far as tiffin time goes. Add them to your kid's tiffin, coupled with a sandwich or a paratha. Your child is bound to relish the yummy taste of these nutty munchies.

      Cashew Nut Cookies Recipe
      Cashewnut Cookies Recipe
    4. Cheesy Sweet Corn Paneer Wrap:

      Here's an excellent way to ensure your child has a significant chunk of his daily dose of calcium and proteins through dairy products. Children love cheese. When packed into this paneer wrap, it's going to be irresistible for your fussy eater!

      Cheesy Sweet Corn Paneer Wrap Recipe
      Cheesy Sweet Corn Paneer Wrap Recipe
    5. Stuffed Aloo Paratha:

      This one requires you to prepare a little bit in advance. But once done, these parathas can be a quick-to-make recipe in the morning rush hours. Potatoes are calorie dense, and most kids love them. Pack them for your child in his tiffin to ensure he has enough calories to keep him pepped up during school hours.

      Stuffed Aloo Parathas Recipe
      Stuffed Aloo Paratha Recipe
    6. Semolina Oats Veggie Appe:

      Never tried giving oats to your kid and are unsure whether she will like it? Well, try sneaking oats into your child's favourite instant semolina appe and don't forget to add vegetables to it.

      Semolina Oats Veggie Appe Recipe
      Semolina Oats Veggie Appe Recipe
    7. Thalipeeth:

      Is your child bored of eating rice and chapati? Do you want to include other grains in your child's diet? Try the thalipeeth recipe that uses a mix of flours. You can go all out and include a variety of flours like ragi flour, bajra flour, etc.

      Mixed flour Roti- Thalipeeth Recipe
      Thalipeeth Recipe
    8. Carrot Corn Pasta In Cashew Sauce:

      When you give your child pasta in his tiffin box, he'll jump from his seat to finish it before his classmates do! The corn and the cashew give it an incredibly creamy texture, while carrots provide beta carotene required for your child's eyesight.

      Carrot Corn Pasta in Creamy Cashew Sauce Recipe
      Carrot Corn Pasta In Cashew Sauce Recipe
    9. Rajma Corn Sandwich:

      Rajma is a nutrient-dense pulse, rich in calories and proteins - two essential nutrients needed for your child's age-appropriate growth. Corn and bread provide the necessary carbohydrates. Ensure you grab a whole grain bread, rich in fibre.

      Rajma Corn Sandwich Recipe
      Rajma Corn Sandwich Recipe
    10. Sattu ke Parathe:

      Sattu, a nutrient-rich flour, chiefly made from wheat, can make a whole range of recipes like porridges, halwa, parathas, etc. You can prepare the sattu mix in advance, add in the stuffing of choice, and make these parathas quickly in the morning. You can be as creative as possible in making them by adding a variety of fillings. One of the simplest, quickest and protein-rich fillings is included in this recipe.

      Sattu Ke Parathe Recipe
      Sattu ke Parathe Recipe

    So, Mom, what's in the dabba today? Do share pictures of your child's lunchbox with us! We will feature the best ones!

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