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    10 Healthy Pancake Recipes For Energetic Kids
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    02 March 2016

    10 Healthy Pancake Recipes For Energetic Kids

    4 mins read
    Food & Nutrition
    for Pre-schoolers, Pre-teen
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    Pancakes are every mom's favourite! They are quick to whip up and quick to gobble down! Which are the pancake recipes kids love the most?


    Kids need a lot of energy to do all they do each day. There's running and playing around, homework to finish, tantrums to throw and questions to ask! How can you make sure they have enough energy to get along just fine?

    Check out our list of pancake recipes that are sure to be a hit in your household. They are low on empty calories but high on energy. The best part is that they are packed with so much flavour you don't need to top them with tons of unhealthy toppings. Try them out and share with us your yummy experiences!

    Perfect Pancakes Your Kids Will Want Second Helpings Of

    1. Beetroot Pancake

      Pancake or red-velvet cake? These beet-red pancakes add so much colour to your breakfast table that there is no more fuss over finishing meals quickly! They are made of whole wheat flour and honey, so rest assured you're packing your kids a healthy punch in the morning. Pancake Recipe
    2. Pirate Pancake with Strawberry Jam

      Say goodbye to the ordinary with this spectacular pirate pancake! Just some simple redecoration and creativity can help you invite this dreaded pirate home. He will tempt the kids into completing every last morsel of breaskfast – more with awe than with fear though! Pancake with Strawberry Jam Recipe
    3. Blueberry and Vanilla Cream Pancakes

      If you're looking for the perfect fruit that boasts of healthy benefits but is also loved by children, here's your answer. Blueberries are good sources of Vitamin C and help strengthen your kids' immune systems. Whip up these pancakes with blueberries, top with fruits and vanilla cream and voila, that's gourmet heaven for you! Blueberry and Vanilla Cream Pancakes Recipe
    4. Pancake Monkey

      Help, there's a monkey in the house! And no, we don't mean your naughty toddler! Regular pancakes can be given this fun twist and still come out just right – like they say, fluffy, light and delicious! The decoration is really your baby; you can even go all out and add some bananas for the monkeys to eat! Pancake Monkey
    5. Pancake Fruit Kebabs

      If you're shaking your head complaining kebabs take too long to complete, wait. These fruit kebabs are your answer to quick deliciousness! The pancakes are made with whole wheat flour and have the goodness of nutritious fruits like banana, kiwi and strawberries. Wow! Fruit Kebabs
    6. Cinnamon Pancake Pops

      Who says pancakes need to be flat and boring? They can be even more fun than lollies! Kids will love holding these pancake pops in cute wooden skewers and psst, they are actually eating something healthy. This is a great idea for an evening snack or even a party starter. Pancake Pops
    7. Chocolate Pancakes

      Yes, chocolate pops up everywhere, even in a pancake! This gorgeous-looking chocolate pancake or dosa is among the healthiest things you can cook with chocolate and not feel guilty about. It pairs wonderfully with maple syrup – yum, yum. Pancakes
    8. Lauki Oats Besan Chila

      Presenting an Indian twist to the pancake – the Chila! This is a highly versatile item and can be a good lunchbox as well as snack food. It successfully hides the much-detested lauki in its confines; it's just so tasty! Just make sure you manage to keep this a secret from your kids as well! Lauki Oats Besan Chila Recipe
    9. Veggie Oats Dosa

      Our Mommy Chef shows us how to make this delicious dosa that packs in health benefits from a wide assortment of foods – oats, spinach, carrots and bananas. This is a perfect food to help maintain your family's blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Oats Dosa Recipe
    10. Malabar Pathiri

      Finally, check out the Pathiri - a traditional dish among the Muslims in Kerala and also an intrinsic part of Malabar cuisine. This desi twist to the pancake uses rice flour, and let us warn you, tastes phenomenally good with chicken curry. You can surprise your children and husband with this exotic pancake for dinner tonight, what say? Malabar Pathiri Recipe

    Which is your favourite pancake recipe? Tell us in the comments and we'll add it to our list!

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