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    10 Guaranteed Ways to Make Your Baby Stop Crying and Start Smiling!
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    Crying baby
    08 October 2014

    10 Guaranteed Ways to Make Your Baby Stop Crying and Start Smiling!

    5 mins read
    for New Born
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    Your newborn baby is bound to cry a few times in a day (actually, more than just a few times!) as it is the baby’s only mode of communication. Babies can convey a range of feelings like hunger, discomfort, fear, tiredness, and loneliness through these crying spells. And no matter how much you try to keep your baby cheerful, there will be times when a baby is cranky and teary eyed, making you feel horrible! So, what can you do at these times?


    It is easier to calm a baby down if you know the reason behind his crying. But how can you be sure? While moms have strong intution that guides them along, your baby can sometimes be quite a confusing little human being! Don't worry though, for we have collected for you 10 of the most common reasons babies cry, along with excellent ways to resolve them. Trust us, this will not just calm your crying baby but actually cheer him up!

    1. Drowsy Baby:

      Your little one needs a lot more sleep (16-17 hours/ day) than grown-ups. There may be times when you want to play with your little one but the baby is either tired or deep in slumber. If you try to wake the baby, it may make the baby cry due to drowsiness and exhaustion. If your newborn is yawning or turning his head away from you, try to put the baby to sleep and wait for him to wake up and play.
    2. Hungry Baby:

      Babies need to be fed every two-three hours during a day. Any delay in feeding your baby when he is hungry can make them irritable. It may be a good idea to monitor the baby’s feeding time to plan feeding a baby before it turns hungry. Your baby will also start showing signs of hunger much before he starts crying, by sucking his fingers and moving his head towards your hands when you pat his cheeks. You can avoid the crying spells by picking up these signs early on.
    3. Diaper Problems:

      Your child may be crying because of a dirty or wet diaper. This problem is easy to identify and can be solved within minutes. It is important to keep your baby clean and dry by changing his diapers every 3-4 hours or as often as necessary.
    4. Cuddling Time:

      The feeling of loneliness can cause your baby to break down and cry. This happens quite often as he starts recognizing you or the people closest to him by their facial features, voice and their unique scent. In such a case, all the baby needs is a warm embrace to make him feel secure and at ease. This may also reduce the crying for the baby needs attention. ||
    5. Over-stimulated Baby:

      Loud noises, bright lights and plenty of people around can be too much new information for your baby to handle. Do not burden him with too many activities. Be slow and steady and give him his space to assimilate new things. Many parents depend on a tried-and-trusted way to calm a crying baby after a long day is by swaddling him in a comfortable blanket or baby sheet.
    6. Stomach Problems:

      Babies can feel discomfort due to gas being trapped in their tummy and intestines which may lead to long spells of crying. This sort of weeping usually takes place after you feed the baby. Remember to burp a baby after feeding sessions to prevent the gassiness and try to soothe him by gently patting his back, massaging his tummy and moving his legs in a cycling motion in the air.
    7. Too Hot or Too Cold:

      If your baby is feeling too cold or too warm, he may express his distress by crying. Don’t cover your baby with too many layers or wraps during the summer, and keep him nicely warm and cosy during the winters with the help of caps, mittens and socks along with a baby quilt.
    8. Bored Baby:

      If your baby has been lying in his crib for too long, he might start crying to tell you that he is bored. Try to entertain him by giving him a toy, playing and talking to him, or taking him out for a stroll.
    9. Unwell Baby:

      A baby could be crying simply because he is ill and feeling unwell. You would be able to distinguish this sort of crying as it is weaker than usual, and sometimes it is loud and painful. Take the baby to a paediatrician if you suspect any illness, fever or if the baby is not wetting the usual number of diapers in a normal day.
    10. Distressed Baby:

      There are so many little things that can bother your little one just like a grown up. A fold in a blanket pricking the baby under his back or his sides, an unreachable toy in the baby’s sight, or an uncomfortably placed tag of clothing, and even a housefly hovering over the baby’s face can distress a child and make him irritable.

    3 tricks that (nearly) always work:

    • Swinging the baby:

      Gentle swinging has a rhythm which can calm down a baby and put him at ease
    • Sucking:

      Allow your baby to suck and nurse on your breasts. Some parents also use a pacifier to soothe the baby.
    • Swaddling:

      Modern day swaddling is all about using a well-balanced and roomy swaddle to comfort a colicky baby. Swaddling a baby has been met with controversy from different schools of thought. When you swaddle the baby, do not put the baby to sleep on the sides. Try to lay the baby on the back.

    Remember that your baby will respond to your calmness and timely response to his crying. Firstm try and understand what your baby is trying to tell you and solve the problem to make him smile again. Strolling, swaddling, singing and other techniques can be used alternately to find out the one that works best for your baby. All the best!

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