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    10 Guaranteed Signs That Show Your Baby Is Both Healthy and Happy!
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    signs of happy baby
    21 June 2016

    10 Guaranteed Signs That Show Your Baby Is Both Healthy and Happy!

    7 mins read
    Socio-Emotional Development
    for Baby
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    It's easy to tell when a baby is upset – he will burst into tears and won't stop crying until you calm him down. But how can you tell if your baby is happy? As a mother, you can take all necessary measures to ensure that your baby is well-fed and safe but there is always a lurking doubt of whether he/she is really healthy...


    Have you been wondering whether your baby is happy? Comfortable? Satisfied? Well, since babies cannot emote like adults, their wellness and happiness can be a bit tricky to ascertain. This is where child development comes in with a solution – signs that indicate your baby is just fine! Yes, your baby may not be able to use words to express, but he surely shows many signals of his well-being - signals you only have to spot!

    Here are the 10 signs of health and happiness in little ones. Trust us, these signals are rarely wrong!

    Sureshot Signs of Happy Baby

    1. You Know How To Calm Your Baby When He's Crying

      A baby can cry for a number of reasons – he is hungry, sick, wants to be held, wants you to change his diaper, or is simply being fussy. Over time, you are the only one who knows exactly why baby is crying, and know how to make him feel comfortable again. Baby knows this, which is why he feels happy and secure in your presence. Check out this brilliant method to calm your crying baby INSTANTLY!
    2. You Are Changing 8-10 Diapers Per Day

      They say if the digestive system is working fine, everything else will be fine too! So, how do you ensure if your baby is feeding well? The proof is in their wet diapers! If your baby is wetting his diaper frequently and pooping well, he is utilising the nutrients of his feed thoroughly. Although a frequent visit to your paediatrician is a must, the optimum number of diaper changing sessions can be a trusted indicator of his health in his early years.

      This also means that you shouldn't worry about the amount of milk your baby is consuming as long as his poop cycle is in place. You will also be able to notice a significant weight gain in your baby. Another reason to fret less!
    3. Baby Settles Down In Your Arms

      When you hold your baby, does he wriggle around and arch his back, or does he lie flat on his back? When a baby is more or less still in your arms, it's one of the surest content baby signs. And why won't he be? You have taken care of his needs like feeding, changing diapers, and soothing him when he is upset, and that's all he needs for now.
    4. Baby Is Able To Hold Himself Up

      Formative ages of babies are always crucial for their overall development. It is noticed that by the end of 3 months, babies are able to hold their head up properly and swing their arms. This is indicative of their muscle growth. To facilitate their muscle development, allow babies to spend time out of their prams and have a tummy roll on the floor. It is the baby version of exercise!
    5. Baby Looks Into Your Eyes

      A newborn can't express himself – all he can do is either cry or not cry. So when you smile, look at your baby and talk to him lovingly, all you will get is a silent stare. Your baby looking back at you with a peaceful expression on his face is a sign that he is happy. If he weren't happy, he would be crying. However, if your baby looks away from you, do not feel rejected. Baby loves to make eye contact with you, but will look away when he feels overwhelmed and needs a break.
    6. Baby Giggles, Laughs and Smiles At You

      Newborns smile when they feel comfortable, such as when they are sleeping, or have passed gas. At the one month mark, babies learn to smile in response to something, such as when you smile at them or cuddle them. So when your baby smiles at you, know that he does it because he is a happy baby. As they grow, their smiles will evolve into laughter and giggles. Funny noises, tickles and funny faces will amuse him greatly. And if laughter isn't a sign of happiness, then what is? For raising a happy baby, cultivate baby's sense of humour by making him laugh as often as you can. As baby grows, you will notice that he will try to make you laugh as well.
    7. ||
    8. Baby Observes Colours, Patterns And Movements

      How to ensure if your baby's eyesight and brain development are on track? Notice how observant they are to colours, patterns and various everyday movements. Sometimes, babies tend to zone out or look at one particular thing for a very long time. This is nothing but a sign of developmental progress. At the time of birth, babies possess an eyesight of 20/100 and are able to look only 8-12 inches away. The distance and their abilities gradually increase with every passing month and by the time they turn 2 months old, most babies are able to track bright colours, fan movements and other patterns. If such things are catching their attention, their brain development progress is just fine.
    9. Baby Talks To You

      At about 4-7 months, baby will begin to “talk” to you. Before they learn to actually speak, babies communicate via gurgles and coos. They pick up on these noises by listening to you talk. You can understand how baby is feeling by listening to the tone of his voice. Let him know you are listening to him by replying in the same way. This will make your baby feel loved, and may also amuse him.
    10. Baby Responds To Surrounding Sounds

      A baby is able to hear from the time he is born but takes time to filter noises. The differentiation of sounds that interests them develops overtime. If you notice your baby is quieting down to a particular sound (such as your laughter) or starts staring at the source from where music is playing, they are trying to say 'Mumma, my sensory responses are getting better!' They are able to optimally use their brains to discern sounds.
    11. Baby's Crying Reduces And They Sleep Better

      Finally, as your baby grows older, if you are able to notice a slight change in their sleeping schedule, it is a great sign! In fact, it is one of those signs of a happy toddler that indicates that his nervous system is getting accustomed to developmental changes and is adapting. Your baby will take several naps in a day in conjunction with their feeding cycles. Some babies are able to adapt to this stage quickly, and some take up to 4 months to get accustomed to this. They cry a little less, and sleep a lot more. Ah, this such an amazing feeling for all mothers!
    So, here's to a healthy happy baby who brings you so much joy! Consult your paediatrician to see if baby is meeting developmental milestones like weight and height. Also, ensure that he is eating well, is protected from common illnesses, and is getting plenty of sleep.

    There, how many signs of a happy and a healthy baby can you see in your little one? Several, we are sure! However, if you think something is off and this is worrying you, consult the doctor. He will able to figure out if there is an underlying reason that’s making your baby unhappy.

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