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    10 Fun Things To Do While Pregnant!
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    16 October 2015

    10 Fun Things To Do While Pregnant!

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    Pregnancy is the best time to connect with yourself and recognize the activities that make you truly happy. If you remain in a positive frame of mind, its impact is evident on your baby too. Therefore, you must know about some fun things to do when pregnant and include them in your daily routine. Keeping your and your baby’s health in mind, here is a list of fun activities for pregnant moms.


    Must Do Fun Activities During Your Pregnancy

    When you are expecting to become a mommy soon, your life is full of excitement and fun! But identifying some fun things to do when pregnant and then incorporating them in your routine could develop a deeper feeling of accomplishment in you. However, what activities to do when pregnant can be a baffling question, especially if you can’t readily identify interest areas which are suitable at this time. While conventionally, fun activities for pregnant moms used to mean sleeping and eating, here is a list of 10 truly fun things to do when you are pregnant:
    • Travel a little:

      Although most mothers become apprehensive about traveling once they start expecting, your second trimester is the safest time to go on a baby-moon. Recapitulate some of the old romance and spend some quality time with your spouse or with yourself. You don’t know when you will get the chance to do this again.
    • Read good literature:

      Which parent doesn’t want their child to be intelligent? We all wish for a prodigy and we all start preparing for that once our kid is old enough to be scolded for not studying enough. Why not make it possible for your kid to be a little genius by reading good literature yourself when you are pregnant? Not only can you spend endless hours indulging your intellect and getting lost in a fantastical world, you can also give your baby some food for thought in the future! ||
    • Connect with your creative side:

      Always wanted to take up that pottery class or paint to your heart’s content? Now is the time to do it. While it is important for you to rest and replenish when you are pregnant, creative activities can satisfy your mind, body and soul.
    • Hang out with your preggy-buddies:

      Undeniably the most fun activity during pregnancy is hanging out with your pregnant buddies. In addition to talking about your experience, you can share your difficulties and find solutions together.
    • Set up a physical regime:

      You may not be quite the exercise buff, but this is the best time to give your body some attention. Take up physical activities like walking, cycling or yoga to spend atleast an hour of relaxing and invigorating time with yourself every day.
    • Watch positive cinema:

      Some of the best works of art have been captured in the cinematic medium and this is the best time to take up movie watching as a hobby. Not only can you enjoy some cinematic genius, but your baby can also experience auditory stimulation which you will have while watching a good movie.
    • Start an experience journal:

      You can set up a blog or start maintaining a scrapbook to capture your pregnant experience, your hopes, your challenges and your dreams. You can effectively de-stress with this activity and later on use this wisdom to guide your friends or future moms to be.
    • Decorate your baby’s room:

      You may think that there will be time to do that later on, but you are wrong. Let your imagination rule your decoration skills and create a beautiful little haven for your little one. Play with colors, shapes and textures to decorate your baby’s room.
    • Go shopping:

      It could be disheartening in the beginning when you start gaining weight at a steady rate. But see it as an opportunity to buy new stuff and shop away! You don’t have to give up your fashion sense while you are waiting for your little angel to arrive.
    • Knit and stitch:

      While you are busy buying cute clothes and accessories for yourself, spare some time to knit and stitch some tiny clothes for your bundle of joy too. It may be a hobby of the generation past, but it can be surprisingly fun and relaxing.
    So don’t wait up and chart a fun filled plan to spend your pregnancy days. Do these fun activities during pregnancy and make the most out of this unique experience.

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