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    10 Breastfeeding Apps For New Moms
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    apps for breastfeeding
    02 January 2016

    10 Breastfeeding Apps For New Moms

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    As a new mom, or a soon-to-be new mom, you must have imagined the beautiful and fulfilling experience of breastfeeding your baby millions of times! The baby mewls with hunger, and as the brand new Supermom, you rush to his rescue, latch him on, and he suckles till he is full! For some moms this is a reality. For others, struggling with milk supply, latching issues or more, here are the 10 best apps for breastfeeding available on iPhone and Android!


    The magic of technology is here to help you with your breastfeeding queries and woes! Don't know what the optimum time is to feed your baby? Wondering how to switch from one breast to the other in a timely fashion? Or are you terrified of the recent emergence of cracked nipples and need to know how to soothe them? These breastfeeding apps are here to save you!



    The Best Breastfeeding Apps For You

    1. latchME

      This free nursing app will help you out with issues like cracked nipples, weight gain or loss in your baby, milk supply, and more through hundreds of helpful articles and videos! Better yet, this app will also allow you to connect with other moms like you to offer their advice and support!
    2. Baby Nursing / Breast Feedingi

      This free iPhone app for breastfeeding allows you to create your own nursing schedule. Keep a track of your most recent nursing, daily averages and the accumulative numbers for the day! Track how long you have been nursing in real time with an in built stopwatch!
    3. LactMed

      Has your doctor prescribed you some medications while you breastfeed? LactMed is a free app where you can look up your medication, and see if the drug will have any possible side effects regarding lactation and breastfeeding. This app will also suggest alternative drugs or supplements whenever appropriate.
    4. Glow Nurture

      Another popular one from the set of free breastfeeding apps Android, Glow Nurture provides daily health tips, a bank of over 200 articles offering postpartum support, as well as a breastfeeding log. You can know exactly when and how often baby is feeding. Here, too, you have access to a community of new moms who you can relate to, and support.
    5. iLetDown

      While this App isn't free, it is perfect for working moms. iLetDown conveniently helps stimulate let-down, or milk-ejection reflex – by displaying photos of your baby, and even playing several sounds of a hungry baby!
    6. Medela

      This free informative app for new moms will give you breastpumping tips, breastmilk storage guidelines, and the benefits of breastmilk. This app can also help you track feeding schedules of up to 6 babies.
    7. Baby Feeding Log

      This FREE no-frills app simply logs breastfeeding, bottle feeding, diaper changes and sleep schedules. It also emails the collected data to the user in spreadsheet format. One of the easiest to use free nursing apps!
    8. Breastfeeding Central

      While this iTunes breastfeeding app is not free, it's a small price to pay for the library of breastfeeding information and support it offers! Created in collaboration with a lactation consultant with years of experience under their belt, this app can help with the most common issues breastfeeding mothers face.
    9. Baby Connect

      This app is a featured app on Apple's Busy Moms. This is an all-in-one app that will track everything related to your baby – right from breastfeeding timings, sleep, diaper changes and even your baby's medication, vaccinations as well as growth and development. This app is a must-have for new moms as you can even add multiple caregivers to it and share your baby's data with your husband, parents, nannies etc!
    10. Nursing Timer

      This is one of the free breastfeeding apps iPhones that will help you track times feeds, pumps, sleep and diaper changes. The interface is simple to use, and it's high functionality is perfect for no-nonsense mommies who are only looking to meet basic tracking needs.
    Being a new mom can be overwhelming, especially if it's your first baby. You will constantly ask yourself worrisome questions and wonder if your baby has eaten enough, if he is healthy, whether you are feeding him right and many others like them. This list of helpful breastfeeding apps will help you ease some of your worries.

    If you have used any of these apps, or want to recommend any others that have been helpful to you, do let us know in the comments!

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    Jessica Caroline
    Check out our expert's Dr Sonali Santhanam tips on how to get breastfeeding off to a great start.



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